Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 13: Hold the face to brush the lower limit

Chapter 13 holds the face to brush the lower limit

Gu Ning’s pocket money is one hundred per week. Although I don’t see much, it’s good for Gu Ning’s family. Moreover, this hundred dollars is enough for Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning went out, Gu Man gave her a hundred dollars.

Although Gu Ning has money, it can't be exposed now, so I can take care of the pocket money given by Gu Man.

Gu Ning did not take the bus, but went straight to run.

Because Gu Ning's constitution is too weak, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise, so every day, as long as it does not rain, no accident, Gu Ning will run to school.

F City Sangao is the third high school in F City and belongs to ordinary high school.

There are five high schools in F City, except for one high, the others belong to ordinary high schools.

It takes twenty minutes to get to the car, and Gu Ning runs for half an hour.

Gu Ning's physique is really too bad. This half an hour has made her tired enough, and it took a few minutes to get better.

Although Gu Ning wants to be strong, he also knows that he can't eat hot tofu. Therefore, Gu Ning will not be too stressful for himself. When you are embarrassed, you need to relax.

Because Gu Ning went out early, it still took twenty minutes to start reading early, so Gu Ning went to have a breakfast.

Gu Ning bought a steamed buns and cup of soy milk, and while eating, he did not go halfway and finished eating.

"Gu Ning?"

When Gu Ninggang entered the hall of the teaching building, he heard someone calling his name. It was a male voice and it was uncertain.

Gu Ning's brows are slight, because he accepted Gu Ning's memory, so Gu Ning can feel it faintly, this voice is familiar. After thinking about it, I guess who it is, Qin Hao.

Looking at the sound, I saw that it was really Qin.

The height of the Qin dynasty is about one meter and eight meters. It is a white t-shirt. The jeans are below, the five senses are handsome, and the atmosphere of the sun is exhilarating. It is very attractive to girls.

However, his behavior towards Gu Ning is so ugly.

"Is there something?" Gu Ning's voice was flat without any emotion, and his face was very calm, as if he were a stranger.

But it is also true, although she inherited Gu Ning's memory, but she is Tang Aining, except for Gu Man and Gu Qing, others are strangers to Gu Ning.

Even if it is the family of the family, she will not care.

Although the death of Gu Ning was directly contributed by Qin Yu, after all, she was not Gu Ning before, and there was not so much hatred and unwillingness in her heart, so she did not pursue and retaliate against them.

Of course, it is the premise that they are no longer looking for her. If they have nothing to look for, then don't blame her for being mad.

Seeing that it was really Gu Ning, Qin Hao was very surprised. Isn’t she a car accident? And it was quite serious, but now she has nothing to do.

Because I was surprised, I didn’t realize Gu Ning’s attitude and asked, “You, it’s okay!”

Although Qin Lan does not like Gu Ning, but Gu Ning will have a car accident, he also has a responsibility, so my heart is still a bit embarrassing.

"And then!" Gu Ning asked.

“Well?” Qin Zhen did not understand Gu Ning’s meaning: “What then?”

"嗤" Gu Ning couldn't help but laughed and saw Qin Xiao as an idiot. He was ruthlessly ridiculed: "I said Qin Master, you have no eyes! If you don't have anything, you should be able to see me." Here is it! Is it like something to do with me? Or, your IQ is low! IQ is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that IQ is still exposed. Even if you dislike the recent life is too monotonous, don’t use this face. Go to the lower limit! You can brush it, don't pull me!"


Wen Yan, Qin Hao's face brushed down, because of anger and anger, but also very surprised Gu Ning's transformation. Such a fangs, and the former inferiority and incomprehensible Gu Ning are simply two people.

Is it a car accident that has changed the whole person?

Yes, because the soul has changed, the temper has also changed.

"How am I?" Gu Ning installed a stupid question, completely ignoring the human consciousness.

"You said it well!" At this moment, a rather loud female voice came: "Some people use their own faces to brush the lower limit, and build their happiness on the suffering of others. It is obviously shameless. However, it is still proud of TM, it really shines the eyes of everyone!"

The girl in the school uniform, a straight long hair, five features are very delicate, the standard melon face, the eyes are big and round, the nose is small and temperament, two thin lips, some sprouting.

However, her appearance is very dissonant with her behavior, walking and swaying, and speaking is very rude, giving the impression of a bad girl.

There are still ten minutes of early morning reading, so there are a lot of students entering the teaching building. The girl’s words immediately caught the attention of many people.

In the third year of high school, Qin Lan still knows a lot, because he not only grows handsome in the sun, but also learns well. He is also in the top class, and his character is not bad.

Of course, this is only in the eyes of outsiders. He is a person, and only a few friends who have a good relationship with him know that there is Gu Yu.

If he is a good person, he will not agree to her immoral conditions in pursuit of Gu Yu.

However, those people are brothers with some backgrounds and temperament, so they don’t feel immoral about Qin and Gu Ning, but they are interesting and have a watching attitude.

Only Mu Ke will remind Gu Ning.

Except for these people, no one knows about his relationship with Gu Ning, because Qin Yu is not allowed to open the public because it is a game.

If you let people know, he Qin Yu has such a low self-esteem and incomprehension, poor learning, poor condition, this face, can be lost.

"Chu Peihan, you······"

Being humiliated by the public, and seeing the suspicion of everyone, Qin Hao was angry and angry, and his face was ugly.

But I want to refute, but I don't know why.

After all, he also knows that he is not kind and does not care.

However, when she heard the name of Chu Peihan, Gu Ning couldn’t help but sneak a little. This name she had heard and was slightly famous in school.

However, this name is not a good name, late, absenteeism, early leave, and fights, the number of punishments is unclear.

It is reasonable to say that such a student should be expelled, but her grades are very good, and the top ten in the grade.

Moreover, it is said that her family has a relationship with the principal, so even if there are more punishments, it will not be expelled.

"Hey, I didn't name the name. I just want to check in, please don't vent my anger." Chu Peihan disdainfully smiled and couldn't look at it.

(End of this chapter)

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