Chapter 12 Gu Qing Family

When it comes to this matter, Gu Ning looks cold, but it is not aimed at Mu Ke, Mu Ke is concerned about her know.

Therefore, Gu Ning screamed and asked: "Do you think that I am like something?"


Mu Ke is a bit wrong, Gu Ning is like this, it is not like something, no, it is nothing at all, or else she will be able to knock down two big men with two strokes!

"It’s okay, now you have seen his people, so..." Muko wants to let Gu Ning stop having any illusions about Qin Yu, but he also feels that he is saying this. It seems too much! So there are some bad exports.

"No, I have completely died of Qin Hao." Gu Ning naturally saw Mu Ke's thoughts, so he did not mind if he was too much.

"That's good" got Gu Ning's answer, Mu Ke breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s not that Mu Ke has any thoughts on Gu Ning, but he just can’t understand the Qin Yu and bully.

"Time is not early, I will go home first." Gu Ning said.

"Good, goodbye." Mu Ke and Gu Ning said.

Because Gu Ning made money today, he went back directly.

Originally, Gu Ning wanted to buy a mobile phone first, but it was not too early to look at it. It was already five o'clock. If he didn't go back, Gu Man would be worried, so Gu Ning still went home directly.

Really, only halfway through, Gu Man’s phone call came, and Gu Ning still took twenty minutes to arrive.

Because it is playing, so don't take the road to the bus, and the speed is fast, and it is directly from the ring road, so the whole journey takes almost 40 minutes.

It is half the time compared to doing a bus.

When Gu Ning arrived home, it was almost six o'clock, and Gu Man had already cooked the food.

However, in addition to Gu Man, there are other people in the family who are Gu Qing’s family. When they learned that Gu Ning was discharged from the hospital, they came to see her.

Uncle Jiang Xu, cousin Jiang Xinyue.

"Ningning is back"

When Gu Ning came back, Jiang Xu and Gu Qing immediately greeted.

"Two sisters, uncle, heart, please." Gu Ning also shouted politely.

"Sister" Jiang Xinyue also called Gu Ningdao, very embarrassed.

Jiang Xinyue is fifteen years old. She is a junior in the third year. She looks beautiful and has a good personality. It is not too much. However, better than the previous Gu Ning, she does not feel inferior, not lonely, and her academic performance is also in the middle class, and her popularity is not bad.

Among these juniors in the family, Jiang Xinyue only recognizes the cousin of Ning. Others, she is seeing through.

Jiang Xu’s age is only two years old, but he is only forty-five years old, but he looks older. Because of his work, he has to work hard and drive trucks on the construction site.

However, Jiang Xu’s salary for a month is only four or five thousand, and Gu Qing adds up, and there are seven or eight thousand in a month. The conditions are slightly better than that of Gu Man and her mother.

However, their days are still too tight, still can not afford to buy a house, or rent a house to live.

Although F city is a third-tier city, the house price is not low. The suburbs must go to five or six thousand square meters, let alone close to the urban area. It has tens or tens of thousands.

Even in the suburbs, a six-bedroom two-bedroom apartment would cost hundreds of thousands.

Although Jiang Xu is an orphan, there are no parents to support, but there are children who want to study, rent, and they want to live, so they simply can't save money.

So these hundreds of thousands of people can't think about it.

It is good to eat, to wear warm, to afford children to study, for them, it is already very good.

Although their days have not been good, but Gu Xiang mother and daughter usually have any difficulties, they still try their best to help.

Just as this time Gu Ning was hospitalized, no one else from Gu family took a look. Gu Man called to borrow money, and they even made an excuse to refuse.

Only Gu Qing and Jiang Xu have seen Gu Ning, not only to see Gu Ning, I heard that it takes more than 100,000 to do surgery, Gu Qing and Jiang Xu have taken out only 30,000 deposits.

But fortunately, nothing happened in the end.

Gu Ning still does not intend to tell Gu Man what she had earned before, because this money is too little, and nothing can be done. She waited for the money to earn enough to buy a house, enough to do something else, and then told Gu Man.

Of course, Gu Qing and his wife helped Gu Man and her daughter, Gu Ning is developed, and naturally they will not forget them. They will never let them suffer hard again. Absolutely.

Thinking, Gu Ning suddenly said seriously: "Mom, two sisters, uncle, waiting for me to have a good time, will definitely let you live a good life, must."

Everyone heard the words, a glimpse, apparently surprised that Gu Ning would suddenly say such things.

However, regardless of whether Gu Ning has this ability, as long as she has this heart, it is enough for them to be happy.

Moreover, Gu Ning is now just a grown-up, and the days ahead are still long. No one can conclude that she will have a future.

"Okay, okay, we are waiting for you to have a good future, let us live a good life, and we will have a big break in our home."

"That is, we believe in Ningning."

Gu Qing and Jiang Xu said with emotion, and also encouraged Gu Ning.

Gu Man discovered that Gu Ning has changed and become more cheerful than before.

Because of the true affection, the two families had a good meal.

Before going to bed at night, Gu Ning took all the notes he had taken before.

Although the past performance of Gu Ning's academic performance is not bad, but it is only good, not very good. Now Gu Ning's performance is even worse. It is very difficult to get a college. Therefore, Gu Ning must work harder on his studies.

Gu Ning opened the notebook, and looked at it ten times. What she had seen was deeply imprinted in her mind.

I have to say that this jade is really not very powerful.


The next day, Monday.

Because Gu Ning had an accident, Gu Man had already called her class teacher to take time off. Although Gu Ning is fine now, Gu Man is still worried, so she plans to let Gu Ning take a break at home for a few days.

Gu Ning didn't feel that he still needed a break, so he insisted on going to school.

However, Gu Ning, Gu Man also had to compromise.

Of course, there are also reasons because Shao Feifei saw her well yesterday. If she didn't go, the class teacher knew it and thought they were cheating on her!

Gu Ning is not afraid, just wants to provoke right and wrong.

At 6:50 in high school, Gu Ningjia went to the school to take a bus for 20 minutes, so Gu Ning usually went out between 6 o'clock and 6:10.

Gu Man went to work at 8:30, because the factory is not very far, sitting in the bus for half an hour, so Gu Man is usually 7:40 before going out.

Therefore, in order to let Gu Man sleep for a while, Gu Ning never has to worry about making breakfast, and Gu Man will give Gu Ning enough pocket money. Three meals a day are eaten at school, only when I study at the next night. Family.

(End of this chapter)

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