After a while, Sifa buried the thick branches sharpened by two hunters from Leon and himself, which were collected by Matthew, into the ground and pointed diagonally in the direction of the grass. In this way, the wild wolf who was tripped through the grass either fell into the trap or had to kiss the sharp branch with thick arms with his body.

   After setting up these traps, Xifa felt that the'Hunter' potion seemed to be digested a bit. It was an unspeakable feeling, very strange.

   At this time, a fishy smell faintly floated from the distance of the mountains and forests, and Xifa's keen sense of smell worked again, reminding him to leave quickly.

   Several people continue to descend the mountain and find a suitable position along the way, using the materials on or around them to arrange simple but effective traps.

  Sifah even deliberately left objects with his own smell, such as hats or handkerchiefs, to ensure that the wolves would step into the trap accurately.

And through the feedback of smell and sound, Xifa discovered that with the passage of time, the smell of the wolves gradually faded, and the sound they made became less and less. This indirectly shows that the trap they set up is working, chasing behind the ass. The number of wolves has decreased significantly.

   When Sifa came out of a bush of grass, he saw the dark blue sky at the beginning of the night, and saw the faint lights of the logging field in the distance. They had escaped from Mount Ebury.

   "It succeeded."

   Leon, sweating profusely, panted and laughed, "We got rid of those terrible things."

   Xifa was about to respond, suddenly a strange wind was caught in his ears, and a bad smell of fishy smell wafted in his nose again. Then I saw three dark shadows coming out of the grass not far in front, and a few green flames were added to the fading night.

   Three strange male wolves with green fire wafting in their eyes, spraying heat from their nostrils, and let out a threatening low growl in their mouths, cautiously approaching, surrounding the four of Xifa.


   The bearded man took the shotgun, and before shooting, the wolf who was pointed at by the gun jumped away.

   Under the gaze of the wolf, Xifa felt danger, which made him a little puzzled. It is true that these abnormal beasts pose a great threat to ordinary people, but he is already a ‘hunter’ and he does not think that three wild wolves can pose a threat.

   Where does this feeling of danger come from?

  Sifah secretly noticed and asked Matthew to hold the torch high, holding the revolver, and shaking out the bullet nest, watching the remaining four bullets, he adjusted slightly before raising the gun to the wild wolf next to him.

   A male wolf rushed tentatively, and Leon shot at it. It swiftly jumped horizontally from side to side and escaped two attacks. Finally, Leon and Beard concentrated on fire.

   The remaining two male wolves immediately launched an attack. Xifa defended them early, and through anticipation, after a mistake, Xifa used three bullets to end the lives of the two male wolves.

   And in the final blow, he fired one more shot, but the revolver made a ‘click’, and the bullet was fired at the end, as if the ammunition in the bullet nest had been exhausted.

Just at this time.

   From a group of bushes nearby, a group of black shadows rushed towards Xifa.

   Seeing that he was about to be pounced, Xifa stepped on one step, and then "dangdangdang" backed three steps in a row, pulling the distance away, and letting the thing rush away.

  He didn't have time to study what it was, he only knew that this dark shadow was the culprit that made him feel crisis.

After retreating,    made another rush, pulling closer, and his other hand, which had already been on the handle of the knife, brought out the sharp machete borrowed from Leon. The blade was shining with fire, splitting the evening breeze, throwing out a beautiful arc, hanging on the dark shadow.


   There was a scream in the dark shadow, and the opponent screamed back. Xifa turned and raised his arms, using the rotating motion to increase his strength, using the knife as a spear, and threw it out.

   The dark shadow that had fallen to the ground didn't know what method it used, suddenly changed direction in midair, avoided the machete, fell to the other side, and then rushed over like a cannonball.

   At this time, Sifa calmly raised the revolver and pulled the trigger. The flames from the muzzle lit up a weird face.

   looks young, but the skin on his face is wrinkled, and there are black bristles on the lips and chin.

   This thing seems to have not expected that the revolver that Xifa had already emptied, could still be used, and was caught off guard. It was shot in the chest, splashed with blood, and flew out.

When    fell on the grass, it swept fast, ran like a beast, and disappeared in the direction of Mount Ebury in a flash.

   Until then, Xifa didn't feel a wave of trembling, and a wave of fear surged into his heart.

   This is his first battle, a planned and purposeful battle!

   In this battle, Xifa used a total of three ‘traps’.

   After feeling the danger, Sifa adjusted the order of the bullets in the bullet nest and set up an empty bullet. When he killed the wild wolves, he deliberately fired a fourth shot, making the pistol appear to be empty. This was his first trap.

   This trap successfully led to that thing. Then in the battle, he threw a machete, and gave the opponent the illusion that he had no weapons available, which was the second trap.

   The last trap, UU reading www. was naturally the fourth bullet in the pistol, and it succeeded in injuring something that didn't look like a human being.

   It is a pity that, after all, it was the first time to fight, Xifa was still too nervous and shot without raising his arms to a high enough position. Otherwise, the bullet would not get into the opponent's chest, but into the head.

   Xifa felt that the ‘Hunter’ potion had been digested again, it seemed that he had used the ‘trap’ to his advantage.

   In addition, the movement and figure of the thing just now made Xifa couldn't help but think of the murder that took place in the alley near the memorial square a few days ago. The figure that he swung back with his cane at that time seemed to be the same strange thing just now.

"what is that?"

   Leon came over and looked in the direction the strange thing had left.

  Sifah shook his head, he didn't know. At this time, from the Albury Mountain, there gradually appeared fire, and some hunters escaped.


It was already dinner time when I returned to the town. When I walked into the hall, I saw Dolly's torn coat on Sefa’s body, the mud on his shoes, and saw that although he had scrubbed it, he still left stains. s face.

   Mother Anilu covered her mouth and whispered: "Sifah, where did you go?"

   Xifa coughed dryly: "It's nothing, I'm going hunting."

   "Go clean, and then come to the restaurant for dinner."

   Xifa nodded, and quickly returned to the room with Matthew. After he was cleaned, he put on clean clothes. When he walked into the restaurant, he saw his father Byson talking with his mother.

   "In the afternoon, Hal spit with me. He complained that the "Cereal Act" should not be repealed. This made him have to lower the price of food to compete with the food imported from the southern countries such as Feneport, Massey, and Lumberg."

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