Xifa walked into the restaurant, and a servant had already pulled a chair for him and served him in a seat.

   He nodded to his parents, then looked at the younger brother and sister next to him and smiled back.

   Byson finished speaking, he looked at his daughter again: "Belle, I heard your mother say, are you learning dance recently?"

   The girl with brilliant blonde hair and bright face slightly chins her head: "I'm learning the most popular'Ancient Elf Dance' in the palace nowadays."

   Byson laughed: "Okay, when you learn, I hope to be the first audience."

  Heliber's face bloomed with a smile: "Okay~"

   Byson said with emotion again: "A friend who served in the navy not long ago told me that not long ago, our Royal Navy had an ironclad ship."

   "This is a steel battleship that can subvert the times. With it, the pirates will have a hard time in the future. Things like the one encountered by Xifa should be reduced a lot in the future."

   "I can feel that the tide of the times is rolling in."

   Xifa raised his wine glass, the red liquid in the glass swayed gently, he smiled and said, "Then my father will definitely stand on the cusp of the times."

   Byson laughed and said, "I hope so."

   He raised his glass and clinked it with Sefa.

The blond girl next to    rolled her eyes, whispered a "flattering", gently wiped her mouth with her napkin, and stood up and said, "I'm done, you can use it slowly."

   The little boy across from Jom also jumped up: "Me too."

   He quickly climbed down the chair and held the second sister's hand at the gate: "Belle, where is my Trojan horse?"

   "It will be delivered tomorrow, but you must promise me one thing if you want this gift."

   Chaum stepped back two steps, and said with a look of fear: "You won’t want me to try the pastries you made again, right?"

  Helibele akimbo: "What is your expression? What happened to the pastries I made!"

   The little boy rushed out: "Your pastry dogs don't eat. If you want me to try it for you, I would rather not have a gift."

   "Chom! You stop me!"

   The angry girl chased it out.

   There was a burst of relaxed laughter in the restaurant.

   Seeing that there were only two parents left, Xifa cleared his throat and said, "Father, I want to discuss something with you."

   Byson cut a small piece of diced meat on the fried lamb chops on the plate and put it in his mouth: "What's the matter."

  Sifah glanced at his mother apologetically before saying: "I went hunting in the afternoon, and I went to Mount Ebury with Leon and the others. We encountered wolves in the mountains."

   "Western France."

   Sure enough, when he heard him doing such a dangerous thing, his mother Ai Nilu cast a reproachful look as he expected: "How can you do such a dangerous thing."

"Feel sorry."

  Sifah knew that her blame was born of concern: "However, so I also found some unusual situations. First of all, the wild wolves, they are larger and more brutal, and those hunters have never seen such beasts."

   "In addition, we are still caught by a thing. Please forgive me for not being able to describe it accurately. Although it shows part of human characteristics, I don't think that face can be called a human being."

  Sifah briefly described what he saw, and then said: "It's a pity that I just repelled it and didn't kill it. That dangerous thing, I think it should be related to the several murders in the town."

   "The'murderer' I encountered near the memorial square the other day is very similar to the monster I encountered tonight."

Bison and his wife exchanged glances quickly, and then said: "Very well, Xifa. After such a thing has happened, you should discuss and discuss with us first, rather than deal with it alone. You have done a good job. ."

   "As for this matter, I hope you stop here. This is not an event the Baron’s son should face, at least not now."

   "Since you suspect that there are monsters in our town, such a thing should be handled by experts. I will visit Kaosi tomorrow and they will take care of it."

   Leave it to the police? Oh, by the way, I remember that every county has a special police force, a squad made up of Extraordinaries, and Desi County must have it too.

   Report this matter to the police department, and then Chief Kaosi will report it to the police station in the county, who will send an ‘expert’ to investigate and deal with it?

   Xifa nodded secretly, this is indeed a good way, and it is also in line with the noble way of handling.

   Ai Nilu suggested: "Sifah, I will go to your sister later, let her draw the appearance of the'murderer', and let your father bring it to Director Kaosi tomorrow."


   Xifa frowned slightly and said, "I am worried that it will scare her."

   Ai Nilu smiled and responded: "Don't worry, she is braver than you think. You will know this soon."


   After dinner, Sifa came to his sister's room, and a sobbing sound came from the door. It seemed that someone was crying?

   Xifa knocked on the door with his fingers: "Belle, are you there?"

   The door opened quickly. It was a girl with black hair and blue eyes, about the same age as Western France, with soft facial features and a little baby fat on her face. She was Hullebelle's personal maid, and Sifa remembered her as Alia.

   "Mr. Sifa." Alia stepped back two steps, "Miss Belle went to see Young Master Chom, but she hasn't come back yet."

   Xifa nodded slightly: "Then I will wait for her here."

   went into the room and sat down on the sofa. Sifa looked at the maid curiously, and found that her eyes were red and there were still tears in the corners of her eyes. I wonder what happened to her.

   Alia asked respectfully: "Mr. Sifa, do you want to drink black tea or coffee?"

   "Black tea bar." Xifa said casually.

   The maid quickly brewed a cup of black tea, but she was so confused that she tripped over the carpet, and both the people and the cup fell out.


   Xifa jumped up on the sofa, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com as a hunter, hugged Alia before she fell.

   Of course, Xifa couldn't take care of that cup of black tea.

   "Are you okay?" Sifa helped her up.

   Before Elia could respond, she heard someone call out: "Sifa, what are you doing here?"

  Helibele came back, her gaze turned back and forth on Sefa and Alia, walked over with a strong step, and pulled away the close-fitting maid who was half a head taller than herself, and protected behind her.

   "Sifa, what do you want to do to Alia!"

   Believe me, sister, I just did a good thing, what bad thoughts can I have... Seeing her look, Xifa knew that his sister had misunderstood.

   There is no way, who makes oneself ‘famous’.

   "Miss Belle, I almost fell down just now, Mr. Sifa just helped me." Alia explained quickly.

  Helibele glanced at her and hummed softly from her nostrils: "It's best to be like this."

   "What are you doing here?" This sentence is for Sifa.

   Xifa smiled and said, "I want to ask you a favor."

   "No! I'm not free!" The blonde girl turned her face away and looked to the side.

   answered so simply... Xifa had no choice but to offer his assassin: "My mother asked me to come, and she hopes you can help me draw a picture."

  Helibele said unexpectedly: "Mom? Then, okay. But you have to do something for me."

   Xifa hurriedly said, "I can promise you anything except trying to eat strange things."

   "Western France!"

   In the room, the noble girl's indignant cry sounded.

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