Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 77: European marine biologists

Xiaowu and Wang Qiang have a good mind and know that these are media reporters!

Yang Dawei also noticed it and exclaimed, "It's all the media, right?"

Everyone is shocked!

The fat man was amused and shouted: "People on the shore, are you here to welcome us? Hahaha!"

Everyone is speechless!

Fatty is like this, people are crazy!

It's hard to stop!

Six people including Wang Qiang, Shen Quan, Yang Dawei, and Li Zishu were all emotional!

Because they know that they are going to witness a miracle!

And more importantly, an hour ago, the money was divided among them!

Lao Ding divided 30,000 yuan each, a total of 180,000 yuan!

Then add Xiao Wu, Fatty, A Niu, and Gu Dali, each of them is divided into 30,000, a total of 120,000, plus the 180,000, it is 300,000 yuan!

The money is divided, of course everyone is happy!

Better than how Zhi! I am thirty-four this year, and my monthly salary is only a few thousand yuan!

This time, within a week of going to sea, he was allocated 30,000 yuan. Can he be unhappy?

Plum tree is also very happy!

They saw a large group of media on the shore, and even some blonde foreign reporters and media were there!

Everyone on the boat was amazed!

The ship is docked!

Media reporters swarmed up, a bunch!

A bunch of people!

Old Ding Ding Zhaotian was very calm, and the fat man greeted everyone excitedly!

Others also nodded their heads!

Be friendly.

At this time, someone asked: "Before the auction starts, let everyone know about it?"

Everyone agrees!

I want to open my eyes!

Barrage, Xiao Wu held the camera, and saw that the barrage was swiping the screen quickly!

Most of them are amazed, and some people are guessing what price they will get in the end!

There are 800,000 and 700,000 viewers in the U.S. and Oriental countries, respectively!

The population of Dongyang Country is small, but there are so many people who love seafood!

They are even discussing what it would be like to make sushi with this superb blue lobster, and to make top-quality sushi!

During this period of time, the world seafood industry, and even the biology community, has already had a great reaction!

The famous marine biologist Mr. Jack, through the European Marine Biological Agency, asked for Zhao Sisi's call!

Zhao Sisi also knew about this, only four hours after he got the lobster!

Because Zhao Sisi is busy in meetings, studying countermeasures!

Mainly the opponents next door, whether it is Fighting Bear live broadcast, Douyin live broadcast, Beauty Star live broadcast, or Feiwu live broadcast, these live broadcast platforms have gradually begun to sign some outdoor or even ocean live broadcast anchors!

For example, Douyin Live, they signed an anchor named Zhang Defa, and Zhang Defa has a relative named Ye Xiaolong.

The two of them set up a live broadcast room together. The title is Lao Zhang's Sea Life, which is actually an imitation of Ding Zhaotian's Sea Life.

However, the model is imitation, they never expected that such a big lobster would appear on Lao Ding's side!

The fat man weighed it, and it was thirteen and a half catties!

On the other side of Lao Zhang, he was still fishing by the sea, rushing to catch oysters and so on!

Therefore, it cannot be compared at all!

The popularity is also completely different. They only had 70,000 people at the low point, and only 200,000 people at the peak, such as when they ate seafood banquets in the evening peak!

As for Ding Zhaotian, there are now more than 6 million people!

Ye Xiaolong and Zhang Defa were full of confidence when they first started the live broadcast, that is, when they signed the contract with Douyin, but now they have lost their confidence.

Because Zhang Defa is an old fisherman, he thinks Ding Zhaotian's condition is abnormal!

How can a person have such good **** luck?

Ye Xiaolong also felt abnormal, but when two people observed it, there was nothing to do, and nothing was observed!

Zhao Sisi is in a meeting to discuss the direction of the live broadcast industry with the leader, Manager Di and others!

The meeting lasted for 3 hours, mainly with speeches from various departments, summarizing the profitability and some needs, the next step of financing and so on. Things are more important, it can be regarded as the most important summary meeting in the second half of the year.

But, just like this, Xue Zihan got another person's prompt, and then at the meeting site, he sent photos and videos to Zhao Sisi!

Zhao Sisi was startled when he saw it, and asked, "What is that?"

It's too big to think about the lobster!

I thought it was a monster.

As a result, Xue Zihan said: "Lao Ding caught it three and a half hours ago on the bottom of the sea, saying it was a splendid lobster!"

Manager Di heard it and said, "I'll take a look!"

Then I was shocked when I saw it, and circulated it to high-level people on the spot!

The high-level operators of the official website of Tianyu Live are all surprised!

It's literally, what's the situation?

Some people even doubted and said, "Is that a big lobster? Where is the lobster so big? It must not be a big lobster!"

At this time, Manager Di said: "Hurry up, put up the recommendation position, the best three-way recommendation position, all up!"

Everyone has accepted the instruction, hurry up and recommend it.

Banner recommendation, web homepage recommendation, APP favorites recommendation, three major recommendations, all at the same time!

At this time, there were already 6.9 million people living in the live broadcast of Lao Ding's sea life!

It broke 7 million people in an instant!

Everyone is watching monsters, watching big lobsters!

Some people even sent 20 super rockets directly.

In order to demonstrate their financial resources!

After all, in front of so many people, close to 7 million people, sending 20 super rockets is actually to show off how rich you are, how you don't care about money, etc.!

Of course, there are also sincere ones who give presents to the anchor!

Then, on the second day, Zhao Sisi, watching the total number of people in Europe and the United States in the live broadcast room, has broken 9 million people!

Nearly 10 million people!

At this time, Zhao Sisi received a call from Mr. Jack who claimed to be a European marine biology expert!

Jack asked with a British accent, "Is it Ms. Zhao Sisi? Is it the staff of Tianyu Live?"

Zhao Sisi thought it was amazing and asked, "I am Zhao Sisi, who are you?"

The other party said, UU reading www.uukā said that he is Jack, an expert in European marine life!

Zhao Sisi is a strong woman, fluent in English, but speaks an American accent.

Zhao Sisi said, "Is there anything wrong with you?"

I turned on the hands-free directly, and Manager Di is also there!

Manager Di is Di Xiaolong, the general manager of Tianyu Live!

Manager Di is also a top student and fluent in English. After hearing it, he said loudly, "I am Di Xiaolong, the general manager of Tianyu Live. What do you do?"

Professor Jack said: "I know that you have an anchor named Ding Zhaotian under your banner, right? He got a mysterious and special ticket, the ocean lobster, and it's royal blue! And it weighs 10 kilograms!"

Di Xiaolong smiled and thought to himself, how come the Europeans are all involved?

Thinking about it again, too, the discovery of such a marine creature must have shocked the world.

Not just the seafood industry!

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