Sure enough, Professor Jack said that he wanted to represent their research institution, the Marine Biology Research Institute of a European university, and wanted to get this big lobster!

Di Xiaolong was taken aback for a moment, and asked, "How do I get it?"

Professor Jack said: I hope that Mr. Ding Zhaotian can communicate with the professors of their college in person, and after they discuss it, they are willing to buy at a price of 1 million yuan!

For scientific research!

Di Xiaolong thought to himself, I can't care about this?

So he said: "This is not managed by me. We are just a live broadcast platform. We can give you Mr. Ding's number and let you communicate with him personally!"

So he gave him two mobile phone numbers of Ding Zhaotian, the most commonly used phone numbers!

In fact, Ding Zhaotian has more than two mobile phone numbers!


All for live broadcast!

Just put down the phone, here again!

It's Zhao Sisi's cell phone. Because the mobile phone number of Zhao Sisi's mobile phone has been announced to the world, and it can be found on the Internet. Enterprises use mobile phones!

So how do you, including foreign institutions, contact Lao Ding?

It must be the first to contact Tianyu APP, or contact the Global Integrated Live Broadcasting Company!

Di Xiaolong took the call again and communicated with him!

It turns out that this person is actually an associate professor at a research institute in a certain university in the United States. He said that he hoped to discuss with Tianyu Live, let Ding Zhaotian donate this large lobster for free, and do scientific research for them at this university in the United States!

Di Xiaolong is a shrewd businessman, of course he thinks it is ridiculous!

Di Xiaolong said straightforwardly: "I can't control it for free, not for free. According to my subordinates, Ding Zhaotian will be auctioned off in their town. Strictly speaking, they will be auctioned off on the beach. If you have the ability, you can buy it at auction. !"

As a result, the associate professor of this university actually got angry at Manager Di in American English, saying that this is an indifference to the science of all mankind, leaving Di Xiaolong speechless!

Di Xiaolong is a gentleman and didn't scold him back.

But I just hung up!

Blocked him!

Then, some people from Dongyang and Korea want to get the number of Lao Ding Ding Zhaotian through the Tianyu website!

In addition, the operator of Global Integrated Broadcasting, Mr. Zeng Riqiang, the manager of Asia, also received a similar call!

Zeng Riqiang manages everything and is busy with other things!

I was dumbfounded when I answered the phone!

Then it was only after communicating in English that I knew what was going on.

Zeng Riqiang said that he could contact Ding Zhaotian for help and ask if he would like to give it out at a discount, a low price, half sold and half free!

Do research for research institutes or what kind of research!

However, no one contacted Ding Zhaotian, why? Because Ding Zhaotian's frequently used mobile phone was turned off!

Too many people called, Ding Zhaotian made a unified reply on the title on the live broadcast software: unified auction after returning to the shore!

But Ding Zhaotian didn't know how many things happened during the day of shutdown! That's why there is the scene that everyone greets when you return to the shore!

Even 200 households in Xiaolong Village were interviewed!

Including the village head, including the matchmaker Aunt Li, as well as Aunt Wang, Old Liu Tou, Old Zhao Tou, etc., have been interviewed by various TV stations in the world!

The village chief is called Wang Yuansheng, and everyone is called village chief Wang. Actually accepted an interview with a European TV station!

The visit lasts for 20 minutes!

Wang Yuansheng bluffed, saying that the people in his village have good luck or something!

In fact, to put it bluntly, Wang Yuansheng, Village Chief Wang, is not familiar with Ding Zhaotian at all!

Just know that Ding Zhaotian was a college student, but there was one thing he recalled, and he described it vividly!

It was the disappearance of Ding Zhaotian's parents and grandfather!

Indeed, this is a mystery, and no one has been able to solve it yet.

Ding Zhaotian used to think that it was nothing more than going to sea, but now, there is a little hope in his heart! Mainly because of the Hai Lingzhu matter, Ding Zhaotian thought that a miracle happened in this world!

With this reasoning, maybe parents and grandfather are just involved in some place, are they still in the world?

As for Mr. Wang, after accepting an interview with a European TV station, he also accepted an interview with a comprehensive TV station in the United States!

Aunt Wang and Aunt Li, the matchmaker, are good girlfriends. They also accepted the interview and answered some things about local customs and seafood, and of course, they had never seen the big lobster.

There is no such big blue lobster in the county records!

When Ding Zhaotian, Fatty, Xiaowu and his group returned with 6 experiencers including Wang Qiang and Li Zishu, everyone was warmly welcomed. Constantly taking pictures, surprised everyone!

At this time, the one who came up to shake hands first was not the boss Sun Dekai, nor Li Youcheng, nor any other boss, but an important person from a scientific research institution in the Oriental Kingdom!

The man passed a certificate from their institute through a Chinese translation.

Then I said, I hope to win this splendid lobster at a certain price instead of auction!

This Splendid Lobster is very awesome, but what did the head researcher of the school of Oriental Land have been surprised to come to China’s Xiaolong Village in person?

This move still aroused everyone's curiosity!

There are too many people gathered around, and the whole shore, the surrounding water can't get through!

This fat man is crazy!

Hurry up, either singing or humming, or swinging and dancing!

Xiaowu, Aniu, and Gu Dali are calmer!

Ding Zhaotian understood the intentions of their group. Immediately, there were two Americans with the same purpose, but they refused to pay. I hope Ding Zhaotian can uphold the principle of friendship and donate it!

The fat man was not angry, and asked, "Why do we Lao Ding catch the beautiful lobsters? Yes, I want to give it to you in vain, you don't have any sincerity!"

The other party said: "This is a contribution to all mankind!" plausibly!

The fat man said: "Contribute a fart, I tell you, contribution can't fill your stomach!"

Then drove the American away!

Xiaowu was very happy to be there!

And Wang Qiang calmly said to Ding Zhaotian: "Later, it will change. It is important to get rid of it early."

Ding Zhaotian nodded and said, "Let's do it, it's 9:14, we are at 10 o'clock, and the auction is officially!"

The translators passed the words on to their bosses, as well as experts and professors from various fields in real time.

At the same time, UU read www.uukanshu. The boss of com Sun Xiaohong is here too!

Coming all the way, squeezed into the crowd!

Ding Zhaotian and Sun Xiaohong have cooperated before, say hello!

Sun Xiaohong nodded faintly!

At this time, Mayor Wu also came!

The car stopped, Mayor Wu came out, the media saw it, and went to interview Mayor Wu!

Mayor Wu is a good piety, and said: "I heard about this. This is the glory of our Linhai Town! It is also the glory of the 200 families in Xiaolong Village. I also want to see it, so I came here on purpose!"

At this time, the chief researcher from the United States stepped forward to shake hands and handed him a work certificate.

Then let the translator tell Mayor Wu that he hopes that Mayor Wu will order Ding Zhaotian to donate to the research of the United States for free, so as to contribute to all mankind!

Mayor Wu frowned, feeling inexplicable!

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