Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3798: Brahma

Western Buddhism.

The Buddha Lord Brahma stood on the Maha golden platform at the top of the Maha Wuya Temple, with a golden temple in the shape of a flame behind him, an endless sea of ​​clouds in front of him, and an endless starry sky above his head.

In the starry sky, the Heavenly Court, the Shura Star Pillar Realm, and the World Tree confront each other, and the light and shadow formed are so striking.

The battle more than 10,000 years ago completely intensified the situation in the heavenly universe and the **** world. The most powerful forces on both sides gathered in the starry sky defense line, and the heavens guarded it and the heavens guarded it. So far, there is no sign of evacuation.

If it weren't for the birth of the Thunder Clan, the exile of the Great Emperor Fengdu, and other major events, the two sides would not be able to truce for ten thousand years.

With the destruction of the Thunder Clan, the balance was broken again. As long as there was a fuse, a battle of gods that would affect the entire universe was absolutely inevitable.

This is a situation that Tianzun is difficult to control!

In recent years, major events have occurred one after another, and the conflict has become more and more fierce. Da Brahma has seen signs of restarting the war, and he can't help but sigh.


Behind Da Brahma, a space ripple appeared at the top of the golden temple in the form of flame.

A figure shrouded in black clothes walked out of the space.

The space here is stable, and the gods and gods can't think of free shuttles. It can be seen that the cultivation base of the comers is high and the space attainments are strong.

Da Brahma seemed to know who was coming, so he didn't panic, he squeezed the magic seal in his hand, closed his eyes, and said, "What are you doing here?"

The black figure said with a smile, "The one from the Colorless Realm hopes that you can take action again and help her do the last thing. From now on, you will no longer owe her!"

Da Brahma seemed to be at war between heaven and man in his heart, and after a long silence, he said, "Tell me!"

"Zhang Ruochen left the heavenly court and returned to the Kunlun Realm. Before that, he killed Vinayaka and obtained the Paradise of Elysium, so the person guessed that he would definitely go to the Western Buddhist Realm. At that time, there is hope Brahma can take action and leave him in the Western Buddhist world." The black figure said.

Da Brahma said: "This is impossible! If I do that, the Lord of the Divine Island will definitely come to the door."

"Actually, if you want to keep a person, you don't have to take action. Zhang Ruochen can make a big fuss after refining the mirror platform." The black figure said.

Da Brahma said: "Amitabha! The poor monk does not need anyone to give instructions on how to do things, and your Excellency does not have this qualification."

The black figure carried his hands on his back and walked on the beam of withered flowers at the top of the temple, saying: "Da Brahma really regards himself as a clean and unsullied Buddha Lord and sage? Have you forgotten what happened 100,000 years ago? Some things, once they start, There is no turning back.”

Over the head of the black figure, countless stars flickered.


The aura released by these constellation planets has condensed into a golden handprint that is thousands of miles long, pressing the space to continue to condense, and it looks like it will fall down at any time.

The black figure was not afraid, but seeing that Da Brahma's will was so firm, he took a step back and said, "It seems that Da Brahma is really afraid of the Lord of the God of Death! It's okay, as long as you can leave the Elysium and Mani in Zhang Ruochen's hands. Pearl, it can be regarded as repaying the love of the year."

"Wrong step, wrong step. There are no saints and sages in the world, and nothing is good or evil. All living beings are in the fence, and the Buddha wants to cross others first."

The voice of the black figure is getting louder and louder.

Gradually, it disappeared into this space without a trace.

Only left Brahma standing on the seaside of clouds, reciting unknown scriptures.

Below the Emperor Dust Palace, there is a huge black and white Tai Chi four imprints, constantly jumping in the space.

Every time it appears, it will cross the distant star field.

In the main hall of Dichen Palace, the sundial is placed in the most central position.

Xiuchen Tianshen was wearing a white dress that hung down on the ground, and his body was releasing time-marked light spots all the time.

Although she had a bun on her head, she was as glamorous as ice. She glanced at her sideways and said, "How can it be so simple to break through the realm and be immortal? Have you broken it yourself?"

Zhang Ruochen sat at the top, studying the Taoist platform, and said, "The rules of heaven and earth are loosened. In this era, it is much easier to be indestructible and immeasurable than before. You are a veteran **** who has lived longer than the current god, how can you be right? Have no confidence in yourself?"

"Tell me, I can provide you with whatever resources you want."

With the current cultivation base of Xiuchen Tianshen, it can only support the cultivation of monks under the immortal limitless, which is obviously not acceptable.

Zhang Ruochen had to rely on her to catch up with the first-rank powerhouses in the universe in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, it will take at least hundreds of thousands of years.

How can this wait?

"How can it be done with resources? But..." Xiu Chentian said.

Zhang Ruochen said: "Go on!"

Xiu Chentian said: "If my physical body follows the path of the Heavenly Stone Clan, I can cultivate to the limitless freedom. At that time, the two thoughts of life and death will be combined, and the two bodies will be integrated, and there is a high probability that I can Break into immortality in one fell swoop.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded and asked, "Can Xiu Miao Li's path to life achieve great freedom?"

In the void, Afuya's voice sounded in an unknown place: "It is not difficult, there is no hope in a short time, and it takes more experience."

"Deceiving Kangxi"

"What she lacks is the boundless spiritual will, and she can enter the whirling world to experience." Xiu Chentian said.

"Don't worry! This time I went to the Western Buddhist world, and I originally went to the whirling world."

Then, Zhang Ruochen looked at the twelve stone figures standing on both sides of the hall and said, "You really have no impression of them at all?"

"No! In the sea of ​​consciousness, there is no memory of them." Xiu Chentian said.

Zhang Ruochen said, "Are they really not the Stone Clan?"

"Definitely not the Stone Clan." Xiuchen Tianshen said firmly.

"Okay, you can go back!"

Zhang Ruochen slipped his fingers, and one of the Dao Soul Platforms in his hand turned, and then a tyrannical space gravity was released and spread outward.

Xiuchen Tianshen, who had just walked to the door, was pressed by the sudden gravity of the space, his legs were slightly bent, and he almost fell to his knees.

The entire Emperor Dust Palace made a "squeak" sound, as if it was about to be squeezed into pieces of paper.

Zhang Ruochen quickly restored the Dao Soul Platform to its original position, and said with a smile: "The legend is true. Inside this Dao Soul Platform, there is indeed a substance similar to a blunt hollow stone, which can erupt with extraordinary space gravity."

Xiuchen Tianshen turned around and glared at Zhang Ruochen, but in the end he dared not speak.

Today's Zhang Ruochen is not what it used to be, and she can't beat her at all.



The divine light flickered, and Chi Yao and Fairy Cihang appeared in the hall one after the other.

They have different temperaments, but they all have the beauty of the city, and the demeanor of all beings is reversed.

Zhang Ruochen went straight to the point and said, "If I want to take over the world of Swirling, will Brahma and the Western Buddhist world go to war with me?"

Even though Chi Yao was used to seeing strong winds and waves, and even though Fairy Cihang was demure and sullen, at this moment, subtle changes appeared on their faces, and their eyes were full of surprise.

Chi Yao said: "Anyone who wants to take over the world of the sangha must first destroy the Western Buddhist world."

Fairy Cihang's seventeen- or eighteen-year-old innocent face quickly returned to calm, holding the jade bottle in one hand, and pinching her fingerprints gracefully in the other, with a soft voice, and said, "Dare to ask Di Chen, why do you want to take the whirling world?"

Zhang Ruochen looked directly into her eyes and said, "Because of you! You once said that after the fusion of the whirling world and the blissful world, it is equivalent to the reappearance of the divine world of Kasyapa Buddha. Who can fuse this world with you and Vinayaka? In the world of the gods, whoever can achieve a great leap in cultivation and lay a solid foundation for the future ancestors' avenue."

"I think that as a Buddha of all ages, you are more qualified than Vinayaka. You are not walking the old path of Kasyapa Buddha, but the path of your own ancestor after gathering the merits and knowledge of all ages."

"I'm going to push you!"

Fairy Cihang said: "Just as Queen Chi Yao said, to take the whirling world, it must be accompanied by a killing. I don't want to do it!"

Zhang Ruochen stared at the two of them closely, his eyes became more and more firm, and said, "Yaoyao won't stand by me?"

Chi Yao said: "I believe that Brother Chen will never do this rashly. There must be a surefire way, so let's talk about it first."

"It's very simple! The dharma body of Buddha Kasyapa disappeared without a trace back then, and it is very likely that he transformed into Mingzu. If Mingzu is immortal, he must take the world of whirling. Why don't we do it first?" Zhang Ruochen said.

Chi Yao said: "In the Western Buddhist world, we don't have any chance to win against Brahma. What's more, the gods in the entire heaven will not sit idly by."

"This emperor doesn't agree either. Zhang Ruochen, you are too crazy. What's the difference between you and a robber?"

Xiao Hei walked in from the outside and said: "This emperor knows that your cultivation base has made great progress, and you are titled Emperor Chen, but it is too inflated! As a brother of life and death, this emperor must persuade you not to go your own way. Otherwise, you will have trouble with the tyrant. What's the difference?"

Zhang Ruochen laughed and said, "If Brahma is really a selfless and selfless sage, how could I have such an idea? Just let Fairy Cihang stay in the Western Buddhist world, there is no need to take the whirling world."

"I have heard the story of the Lord of the Desolate Heaven Hall. I don't have much affection for this Brahma. This time, I want to ask him for advice and solve my doubts."

Chi Yao heard the overtones and said, "If this Great Brahma really has a problem, then we can make more preparations."

"What are Yaoyao's thoughts?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Chi Yao said: "You can visit Yuanyi Ancient Buddha first! He is the eldest disciple of the Sixth Patriarch, and the only person in the Western Buddhist world who can contain Brahma."

"Just do as you say." Zhang Ruochen said.

Five days later, Zhang Ruochen, Chi Yao, and Fairy Cihang appeared at the foot of Mount Maha.

They were greeted at the foot of the mountain by an acquaintance.

Qing Emperor "retreat".

Although the cultivation level of Jingxiu is not high, but the identity is there, even Zhang Ruochen and Chi Yao have to be respectful.

There is no doubt that Fairy Cihang stayed in the Temple of Time to cultivate and did not return to the Western Buddhist Realm for ten thousand years, which has aroused the vigilance of Brahma.

Asking Jingxiu to come to greet him is a move to get rid of Mawei, and he is telling Zhang Ruochen that since he has come to the Western Buddhist world, he has to bow his head. The dragon gets the plate, the tiger needs to lie down.

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