Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3799: The story of Brahma

The Maha Mountain is high into the clouds, majestic and majestic.

There are many luan birds, phoenixes, and vermilion birds in the mountains. They are all mythical animals and birds. After soaring and soaring, they transform into human figures. They stand on lotus platforms, wear monks’ clothes, hold Buddha beads, and have golden rings on their backs.

The Maha Jintai is located on the top of the Maha Mountain, standing above the clouds, the whole body is golden yellow, and each step is a grand scene.

Coral Treasure Tree Linglong Pavilion, White Jade Buddha Buddha and Purple Gold Furnace.

All the Buddhas in the Western Buddhist world obviously knew that Zhang Ruochen was coming and gathered at the Maha Golden Terrace, wanting to see this rising star in person.

The Buddhas were also in a profound state of mind, all with smiles on their faces, neither humble nor arrogant, most of them were appreciative, and regarded him as the descendant of the Seventh Patriarch and the Mantle of the Sixth Patriarch.

In the faint, there is a kind of atmosphere of Wanfo Dynasty!

Stepping into the Jinggai Treasure Hall at the very center of the Maha Golden Terrace, there are very few Buddhist practitioners, at least all of them are top-notch gods, some riding elephants, some holding mirrors, some with long eyebrows, all of them are very important.

The hall in front of me, I don't know how wide, every pillar pointed directly to the sky, as if supporting the universe and reaching the boundary of the starry sky.

Arriving at the gate of the temple, the retreat has stopped and no longer moves forward.

The big Brahma is ninety-nine feet in golden body, sitting at the top, with a body like a low mountain, with a white hair between his eyebrows, wearing a brocade cassock, sitting on a lotus pedestal with thirty-six patterns, with seventy-two Buddhist rings behind him, solemn and sacred. Powerful and deep.

Zhang Ruochen naturally did not lose the etiquette, and bowed to the Buddha.

Da Brahma's voice was thick and deep, like the sound of thunder, and said: "Di Chen is the fate of the Buddha. Since he came to the Western Buddhist realm, he is a distinguished guest, and he does not need to be more polite."

"Cihang has practiced for thousands of years and has entered great freedom. It can be said that his good fortune is far-reaching. Now that he has returned to the Western Buddhist realm this time, he will surely prove the Dao of Great Mercy and Great Compassion Buddha in the future."

After Zhang Ruochen and the three sat on the lotus pedestal, there was a luan bird in the shape of a human, who presented three meals.

A pot of Hongchen stuffed, a bodhi fruit, a bowl of Baijia rice.

Seeing these three kinds of food and the order in which they were presented, Fairy Cihang realized instantly, and then closed her eyes. Next, let's see how Zhang Ruochen chooses!

Sure enough, the Great Brahma is a great wise man, as expected.

Zhang Ruochen looked down at the three-point meal in front of him, and was the first to mention Hongchen Brew and fill the cup.

Raise a glass and savor.

He said: "It's a good pot of red dust, and the four flavors of the world's ups and downs come one after another, which makes people mourn the sorrows of the past, and reminds people of the good years."

"This should be the Bodhi fruit that bears on the oldest Bodhi tree in the Western Buddhist world? Legend has it that it has the magical effect of making all living beings enlightened."

Zhang Ruochen ate the bodhi fruit in one bite, and his eyes finally fell on Baijiafan.

Very ordinary mud bowl.

The rice in the bowl is also new, old, dry, thin, green and yellow.

The so-called Baijia meal is the meal that comes for alms.

The so-called almsgiving is to cultivate good karma.

A pot of Hongchen wine is to let Zhang Ruochen experience the ups and downs of the world and involuntarily, and it is also to tell Zhang Ruochen that Brahma himself is suffering.

A bodhi fruit reminds Zhang Ruochen to awaken and understand.

And the highlight is the last Baijia Fan.

Eating a hundred meals is a good relationship.

Hundreds of families are all one family, you and I are all Buddhists.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and shook his head, after all, he didn't move the fast.

Seeing this scene, Fairy Cihang and Chi Yao, who were sitting around him, both sighed secretly. Chi Yao once practiced in the Western Buddhist world, and has feelings and gratitude for this pure land world.

Zhang Ruochen said: "I have something unclear in my mind, and I have long wanted to ask Da Brahma for advice. I wonder if I can speak?"

"Go back all!"

With the sound of Brahma's voice, all the Buddhas in the temple retreated.

He knew that Zhang Ruochen was going to have a showdown with him!

Zhang Ruochen said, "Do you still remember Da Brahma, the master of the Lord of the Desolate Heaven of the Hell World Stone Temple, the ancient Buddha of Yuanxu?"

"The ancient Buddha of Yuanxu is a monk in the Western Buddhist world, a disciple of the Sixth Patriarch, how could I not remember?" Da Brahma said.

Zhang Ruochen said, "I don't know how Da Brahma evaluates him?"

Da Brahma shook his head gently and said, "Buddha is also a human being. As long as he is human, he may go astray. The five aggregates are empty, and the ten precepts are not accepted. I am afraid that only the Buddha can do it!"

Zhang Ruochen said: "So, does Brahma know what he did 100,000 years ago?"

The Great Brahma agreed with Shen Qi.

Zhang Ruochen nodded secretly, worthy of being a person who can be called the Lord of Buddha, without denying it against his will, it is already an extraordinary state of mind.

"Yaoyao and Fairy Cihang may not know that 100,000 years ago, the world said that the Lord of Huangtian Temple betrayed the heavenly court, colluded with Shizu, and cut off the spiritual roots of the Kunlun Realm and connected it to the divine tree, causing the spirit of the Kunlun Realm to collapse. All kinds of defense forces were greatly reduced, leaving the monk Xumi alone to block the thousands of gods in the **** world, and finally fell and dissipated."

"But who knows, the Lord of the Desolate Heaven is under the orders of his master, the ancient Buddha of Yuanxu, pretending to take refuge in Shizu, offering a plan to cut off the gods of the gods, thus attracting the gods of the **** realm into the Kunlun realm."

"The final result is that the gods of the heavenly court invited by the ancient Buddha of Yuanxu did not come to ambush, but Shizu and the gods of the **** world knew in advance that this was a trap, and there was no trick."

"It is a pity that the goddess of the sky was voluntarily beheaded by the barren sky. It is a pity that the holy monk Xumi died and died. It is a pity that all the gods in the Kunlun world have lost their lives. It took 100,000 years, a full 100,000 years, before the Kunlun world came out of blood and tears. The world will be destroyed."

"Does Brahma feel disappointed, regret, or fear?"

Zhang Ruochen had already stood up, Yingzhuo was straight and his eyes were sharp like a sword.

Chi Yao called out the blood-dropping sword directly, and the imprint of the word "swastika" appeared behind him.

"I also have a story here, can Di Chen listen to it?" Da Brahma was unusually calm.

Zhang Ruochen regained his calm and demeanor, and said, "I've wanted to hear it for a long time!"

Da Brahma said: "My aptitude is mediocre, not as profound as Yunqing Ancient Buddha's Dharma, and even less impressive than the Sixth Patriarch. After practicing six Yuanhui, my life essence is almost exhausted, and I can't reach immeasurable."

"On that day, I entered the whirling world to do the last fight, but it ended in failure. I walked out of the whirling world and stood by the washing phase pool. The desire to survive and seek the Tao in my heart was unprecedentedly strong, but in the end, it was replaced by depression, Buddha. My heart almost broke."

"It's the seventy-two tier lotus, who manifested projections in the phase-washing pool, woke me up, and pulled me back from the brink of despair. After that, every once in a while, she would manifest projections in the phase-washing pool and pass me on. Buddha Dharma, pointing out the insufficiency of practice."

"I didn't think of it myself, the true meaning of the six yuan will not be obtained through hard practice, it seems that one night's enlightenment, the realm of cultivation has soared into the sky, and it is unstoppable."

"I am full of gratitude to her, both as a teacher and as a mountain, a mountain that I look up to and chase in my heart."

"After the Sixth Patriarch passed away, she no longer just came down to the Washing Pond, but her real body appeared in the Western Buddhist realm. Including Yuanxu, there are enough Buddhist practitioners who know her existence and have received her guidance. Her respect has reached the point of not losing to the Buddha."

It was not until this moment that Zhang Ruochen asked: "So, are you just an insider or a participant in the death of the Kunlun Realm and the Holy Monk Xumi 100,000 years ago?"

"It's an insider, maybe half a participant!"

Da Brahma smiled bitterly and said, "At first, I really thought that the 72-pin lotus was to help the Kunlun realm and the holy monk Xumi. Therefore, I once descended to the Kunlun realm by projection and planned with the gods of the Kunlun realm. Otherwise, with the cultivation base of the ancient Buddha in Yuanxu at that time, how could the gods of the Kunlun Realm easily make such a big decision?"

"However, when I wanted to contact Tianzun and the gods of the heavenly court, I was stopped by the 72-pin lotus. Only then did I know the other identity of the 72-pin lotus, Kong Fanning."

Zhang Ruochen could see that Da Brahma was not making up stories, but was indeed just a chess piece of the 72-pin lotus. On the other hand, Huang Tian is an even more trivial piece.

Chi Yao said coldly: "Since I know it, why haven't I told it for so many years? This is the heart of the Buddha, the way of the Buddha?"

Da Brahma was silent for a long time, and said: "Perhaps this is what you have done wrong, the inner torment that must be suffered, the debt that must be repaid after receiving favor. Perhaps, there is a will of God in the dark, and the will of God has arranged for you to come today. , to put an end to everything in the past."

Zhang Ruochen said: "I still have two questions, what is the relationship between Shangtian and Shitian in the **** world, what is the relationship between UU reading and the seventy-two rank lotus?"

Da Brahma shook his head gently.

Zhang Ruochen frowned, Da Brahma recognized all the things in front of him and told them all, obviously there was no need to hide it.

Yuanxu Ancient Buddha and Shang Tian's son Duotian Divine Sovereign are closely related, how could Shang Tian be completely unaware of it?

It's not just Yao Shenzun's plan behind the scenes, right?

As for Shi Tian, ​​if there is no contact with the seventy-two rank lotus, how can he know the plan of Kunlun Realm? How did you know in advance that the Anti-God Race would be annihilated?

What Da Brahma thought of, said: "The three corpses practiced by Shang Tian originated from the three bodies of Buddhism, but after entering the immortality and immeasurable, there was a big problem in the practice."

Zhang Ruochen said, "But the consciousness of the three corpses is independent?"

"You actually know?" Da Brahma was slightly surprised.

Zhang Ruochen said: "Shangtian's demon corpse, the last time I went to the Space Temple to save Yao Shenzun, I noticed it. The demonic corpse's demonic nature is too strong, and the spirit of the mind is too independent and severe, and it is impossible to coexist with other consciousnesses. ."

""Three Corpse Refinement" seems to be very strong, but the three corpses are equally powerful, and each walks its own way. After the cultivation level is high, there will definitely be problems. How can the devil and the **** corpse be willing to be controlled by the primordial corpse ?"

Da Brahma said: "The Seventy-Two Pin Lotus Buddha Dharma is beyond ordinary and profound, and the study of the three bodies is almost unparalleled. If she has a way to make Shang Tian's three corpses unite and solve the problem of cultivation, Shang Tian may not be able to. Will not cooperate with her. At least, the corpse will definitely cooperate with her."

"As for Shitian in the Hell Realm, perhaps Yu Jingzhen, the master of the space temple in the past, was your breakthrough."

"Can Da Brahma be more straightforward?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Da Brahma said: "The stone on the north cliff of Ruoshui, Shi Tian is true to me. The day when the weak water dries up, when Shi Tian was born. The ninth generation cut himself off and cut off the ninth generation of love."

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