Absolute Resonance

Chapter 86: Reversal

The boiling sound in the venue continued, and waves of noise spread like waves and echoed in the venue.

Everyone was a little shocked. No one thought that at this last moment, there would be a reversal. Yan Lingqing of the Xiyang House had actually refined the fifth-grade spiritual water!


Song Family Patriarch Song Shan and Mo Ling directly bounced from the chairs at this time, looking at the scene with cyan eyes, eyes full of disbelief.

"Impossible! It must be weird!" Mo Ling gritted his teeth and said again and again, that Yan Lingqing was clearly a Fourth-Rank Tempering Master, how could it be possible to refine the fifth-Rank Spirit Water?

Song Shan's complexion changed, and anger rose in his eyes.

The sudden change made the perfect plan he originally thought was flawed at this time.

On Jinlong Baohang’s stand, President Lu also opened his eyes wide, and immediately he rubbed his chubby chin and said, "Hey, this is a coincidence? When will Yan Lingqing be able to refine the fifth-grade spiritual water Up?"

"Then Song Qiuyu can do it, why can't she do it?" Lu Qinger laughed at this moment, and at the same time heaved a sigh of relief.

President Lu was dumb and defended: "Actually, from a normal point of view, neither of them can refine the fifth-grade spiritual water, but now they have succeeded. Is it really lucky?"

"Who knows." Lu Qing'er didn't care about this. She only knew that Xiyang House had won this time. In this way, Li Luo should also be happier.

Upon seeing this, President Lu could only shook his head helplessly, and said no more.

However, he is also happy to see that Xiyang House can win. After all, Song Yunfeng of the Song family dared to cheat Lu Qinger on the big exam. He was extremely angry about this, and he didn't even have a good face to the Song family. It's not that nothing happened to Lu Qing'er in the end, he wouldn't let this matter go.

At Luolan Mansion, Cai Wei breathed a long sigh of relief. Her little hand couldn't help but patted her chest lightly, causing tremors and fluctuations. Then she muttered to herself somewhat puzzledly: "Why did Lingqing suddenly explode? Did the handsomeness of the Young Palace Master motivate her? But she doesn't seem to like appearances?"

Yan Lingqing is different from her. Sanguan follows the five senses. This Nizi really doesn't care about her appearance at all, but these are secondary. The immediate results are the best for their Xiyang House.


"How could she refine a fifth-grade spiritual water with a tempering power higher than mine?!" In the field, Song Qiuyu finally recovered after being sluggish for a long time, and said sharply.

Her pretty cheeks were slightly distorted at this time.

"There must be something weird!" she said angrily at the referee.

However, the referee did not respond to her. He was only responsible for pronouncing the verdict. Although after it was determined that Yan Lingqing had indeed refined the fifth-grade spiritual water and the quenching power reached 58%, he directly announced on the spot: "Xiyangwu Yan Lingqing, The refining is correct, the fifth grade heaven is returned to the spirit water, the tempering power is 58%, and the performance is the first!"

"In this big festival, Yan Lingqing from Xiyang House won the championship!"


As the referee's voice fell, a lot of uproar and sighs suddenly sounded in the venue. This ups and downs scene was quite wonderful.

"Wow, I won!"

In the refining room, Yan Lingqing also stayed for a few breaths, and immediately there was excitement and joy on her pretty face. She couldn't help turning around and hugged Li Luo, cheering and jumping.

Li Luo hurriedly raised his hands to indicate his innocence, but at the same time he felt that the tender body attached to his body was soft and fragrant. Although it was not magnificent, it had a unique slenderness.

However, Yan Lingqing quickly recovered, and quickly let go of Li Luo, her beautiful eyes staring a little embarrassed.

"It has nothing to do with me?" Li Luo raised his hands innocently. This woman is really unreasonable. You are the one who rushes over, and you are the one who is angry now.

Yan Lingqing snorted and raised his fist at him, but the smile on that beautiful face couldn't hide it. Obviously, this turn of the defeat into a victory made her extremely happy.

"Congratulations, Tianshu County No. 1 Tempering Master." Li Luo smiled.

Yan Lingqing gave him a white look. What is the name of the No. 1 Tempering Master of Tianshu County, but it contains no gold at all, and she is not very rare. What made her happy was that she defeated Song Qiuyu, fiercely. He breathed out a bad breath.

"How did I win this? You don't know... But the success of this refining gave me some insights. I think maybe it's not too far to reach the fifth rank tempering master." Yan Lingqing Said with a smile.

"Awesome." Li Luo gave a thumbs up. If Yan Lingqing can really reach the Level 5 Tempering Master, then he will truly be on the level of Tempering Master and enter the room.

Yan Lingqing glanced at Li Luo with beautiful eyes. In fact, she knew in her heart that she was able to refining successfully this time. Li Luo's contribution was indispensable, and this was exactly where she was puzzled. After all, Li Luo was only a second-tier quencher. Master, in the past, his water quality didn't seem to be too high, but the source water condensed by Li Luo this time was filled with spirituality that was even stronger than her.

Obviously, there are some secrets in Li Luo's body.

But she was clever and didn't ask more about it. She was not a person with great curiosity. Since Li Luo didn't say anything, she was naturally not interested in asking questions.

Therefore, she directly buried everything that happened before in her heart.

After the refining was completed, Yan Lingqing and Li Luo walked out of the refining room at the same time. She looked at the distorted Song Qiuyu opposite, and said faintly: "I'm sorry, I didn't let you win."

Song Qiuyu gritted her teeth and said, "Yan Lingqing, I don't believe you can refine the fifth-grade spiritual water!"

"I don't believe you either."

Yan Lingqing said: "If you have any objections to the result, we can check it out and see if we have used some off-board tricks."

This big festival is just a match in Tianshu County, it is not too important, so many rules are not perfect, but if Song Qiuyu really wants to mess around, then you can only find professional people to investigate.

But as she said, she didn't believe Song Qiuyu could refine the fifth-grade spiritual water at all, because she knew too much about the latter. This time, there must be something strange.

Song Qiuyu bit her lips tightly, even biting out a trace of blood, but in the end she didn't have the courage to say anything more on it, because she had a guilty conscience, although Mo Ling vowed that their Mo family secret medicine could not be found out. , But she didn't want to make troubles out of the blue and cause troubles inexplicably.

Now that the situation is lost, you can only admit it.

Moreover, the seizure of the title of Tianshu County's first tempering master was only to echo the next plan. Although it was not done at the moment, it only made them less aura~www.readwn.com~ not Will really affect what.

So she looked at Yan Lingqing bitterly: "Do you think you won? Dreaming!"

She suppressed the anger in her heart, glanced across the audience, and her clear voice resounded: "Everyone, my Song family has an important event today. Starting today, the Song family and the ink house will reach a cooperation and launch the latest spiritual water. Strange light."

"The first-grade "Black Star Spirit Water" has a tempering power of 62%."

"Second-Rank "Black Moon Spirit Water" has a tempering power of 60%."

"The third grade "Black Yao Qiguang", the tempering power is 60%."

As Song Qiuyu’s voice echoed in the venue, it was no surprise that it directly caused a sensation. The complexion of all the great spiritual houses in Tianshu County was greatly changed, and for others, this is undoubtedly good news. After all, at the same price, who doesn't want to buy better quality Lingshui Qiguang?

Previously, Tianshu County’s best quality Lingshui Qiguang was the first-grade green bilingual water and the second-grade red pulp spiritual water launched by Xiyangwu, the quality of which is about 60%, and the new products launched by Songjia are now, It even beats the Xiyang House!

At this time, they realized that the Song family's big move today was waiting here.

The previous championship competition was just brewing momentum.

Although I have lost the championship now, as soon as this new product is launched, all the limelight will be directly robbed by the Song family. After all, where the championship is, it has nothing to do with other people, but this wonderful light is closely related to everyone. .

Looking at this scene, Yan Lingqing's heart sank slightly, as expected, she was still here.

Next, how should we deal with this offensive of the Song family?

Yan Lingqing had no choice but to turn her head to look at Li Luo, and then she saw a smile on the latter's face.

Seeing this smile, Yan Lingqing's tight heart quietly relaxed a lot for some reason.

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