Absolute Resonance

Chapter 85: Refining together

"Sister Lingqing, the fifth-grade Lingshui, which one are you most familiar with?" Seeing Yan Lingqing cheer up again, Li Luo also breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately asked with a smile.

"Tiangui Lingshui, I am most familiar with this fifth-grade Lingshui formula, and I have been practicing it before, but as I said, I haven't succeeded once." Yan Lingqing said.

Li Luo nodded, and then called in the staff, saying that they were going to change a batch of refining materials here, and the latter reported it immediately, and soon all kinds of materials were sent to the refining room one after another.

At this time, Song Qiuyu had walked out of the refining room. She looked at the refining room of Xiyang House with a smile, and said to herself in a leisurely manner: "Yan Lingqing, do you still want to struggle? You can't come back. "

Her heart was full of comfort, because this time, she finally stepped on Yan Lingqing under her feet.

In the past in the Tempering Academy of the Saint Profound Star Academy, Yan Lingqing always pressed her. Much colder.

This made Song Qiuyu extremely resentful and jealous. She felt that her talent for tempering was not weaker than Yan Lingqing, so why didn't she receive attention?

Although Yan Lingqing was kind to her at that time, she didn't want to accept this kind of condescending kindness like alms. You Yan Lingqing just wanted to show your light.

"And this time, I finally beat you!"


"Get ready to start."

When all the materials were sent to the refining room, Li Luo looked at Yan Lingqing.

The latter took a deep breath, then nodded heavily.

"Liu Liye, ten drops!"

Li Luo quickly took out a transparent glaze-like fruit, gently squeezed it, and ten drops of juice dripped into the crystal tube, and then he grasped it, and a force poured into it.

This phase force is stronger than that in the previous test.

He quickly handed the crystal tube to Yan Lingqing, who took it, and the force poured into it, and began to decompose the impurities and comprehensive medicinal properties in it.

But this time, as soon as her phase force took action, she felt a phase force full of powerful spirituality emerging. The phase force was quite subtle to her, but the spirituality contained in it was quite subtle. , But it caused a slight shock in her heart.

And the most important thing is that this path is full of spiritual power, and it doesn't even repel her power at all. It feels like someone put a secret source water into it.

At this moment, Yan Lingqing's mind turned like lightning, and then she turned her head and glanced at Li Luo deeply.

If at this time, she still didn't understand how the spiritual power came from, then she would be too dull.

However, she didn't say much at this time, and quickly adjusted her mentality, using her own phase force to provoke the spiritual phase force, and quickly decompose the impurities in the material.

"Acid Rain Lingguo."

"Heavenly root grass."

"Hundred flower pulp."


The names of the materials came out rhythmically from Yan Lingqing's mouth, and then Li Luo quickly sorted the materials and passed them over.

Time is passing quickly.

At this time, in the other refining rooms of the venue, all the phase tempering masters have completed the refining, some have succeeded, and some have failed, but it doesn’t matter, because under Song Qiuyu’s fifth-grade spiritual water, they are all considered to be Loser.

Therefore, all the gazes at this time were focused on the only Xiyang room refining room that had not yet come to fruition.

"You haven't given up yet?"

On the Song family stand, Mo Ling watched the scene with a smile, shook his head, and said, "Does this Yan Lingqing still want to fight to the death and also make a fifth-grade spiritual water?"

"Impossible, she has not yet crossed the boundary of the fifth rank, and she can't refine the fifth rank spiritual water, even if it is Qiu Yu, if it is not because of my Mo family's secret medicine, it would not be possible to succeed."

Song Shan smiled slightly and said, "When Qiuyu wins the No. 1 Tempering Master of Tianshu County, we can take advantage of the opportunity to announce the launch of the ink house product, which will inevitably cause a sensation and defeat Xiyang House."

Thinking of that moment, even Song Shan had a quick jump.

After today, the Pine House will become the real first house in Tianshu County.

On the stand of Jinlong Baohang, President Lu frowned and said, "I am afraid that something will happen to the Xiyang House this time. Then the Song family has reached a cooperation with the Ink House, and a large number of secret methods of the Ink House have been secretly shipped. Yuanshui Yuanguang should be waiting for it to be exposed in one fell swoop today and defeat Xiyang House."

Lu Qing'er on the side was startled, and immediately there was a worried look on her pretty face. Today's big sacrifice is indeed a long-planned sniper battle by the Song family.

What they did was to destroy Xiyang House and occupy the top spot in the Lingshui Qiguang Market in Tianshu County.

At Luolan Mansion, Cai Wei was relieved to see Yan Lingqing cheer up, because she knew the grudge between the latter and Song Qiuyu. If she lost to Song Qiuyu here, it would be a great deal to her. Blow.

But then she became a little nervous again, because she didn't understand what Yan Lingqing should do to reverse this situation.

Time passed quickly under the focus of the full hall, and soon there was the sound of bells and drums, which was a reminder that the refining time was about to reach its limit.

Song Qiuyu folded her arms and leaned lazily against the crystal wall of the refining room. She tilted her head and stared at Yan Lingqing in the refining room of the Xiyang House, with a happy smile in her eyes.

"Yan Lingqing, these useless work won't save you." She whispered.


Another bell sounded.

In the refining room, Yan Lingqing stopped the preparation of the materials in her hands. On her pretty face, the sweat slipped and fell down along the sharp chin. The preparation of nearly a thousand materials, even for her, was a great deal. Consumption.

Fortunately, the preparation of the materials was done.

Moreover, it was much smoother than when she practiced before.

But there is the final step, which is to condense the source water and fuse all the prepared materials together to form the final product spiritual water.

This step is also crucial.

Yan Lingqing took a deep breath, took the polyphase crystal on the side, and put her little hand on it, preparing to condense the source water.

But at this time, Li Luo suddenly stretched out his hand, covering Yan Lingqing's small palm with his palm.

Yan Lingqing was startled and stared at Li Luo in a daze. If she hadn't known that the situation was wrong at this time, she would have thought that Li Luo was taking advantage of her.

"Sister Lingqing, let's go together." Li Luo showed a bright smile, causing Yan Lingqing to lose consciousness for a moment.

Soon she came back to her senses. Although she didn't quite understand Li Luo's intentions, she nodded slightly out of trust in him.

In the next moment, the two of them ran their own phase force at the same time, and then poured into the polyphase crystal.

Pure light radiated from the polyphase crystal, and then, a few drops of source water dripped from the polyphase crystal and fell into the crystal bottle below.

Li Luo's complexion was a little pale, because he almost squandered his own physical power. Although his physical power was much weaker than Yan Lingqing, the source water he condensed was superior to Yan Lingqing in terms of spirituality. .

Now that the two source waters are mixed together, the effect will be better than the source water condensed by Yan Lingqing herself.

Yan Lingqing held the condensed crystal bottle, and she stared at the extremely pure source water in it. She could clearly feel that this tube of source water was of higher quality than the source water condensed in her usual days.

And this is obviously not because of her, but because of Li Luo.

She stared at Li Luo, who was leaning on the refining table at this time, smiling palely at her.

"Sister Lingqing, start your performance." He smiled.

Yan Lingqing didn't say anything, but just nodded gently. She took the crystal tube made from nearly a thousand materials, and then gently poured the bottle of source water into it.

The moment the source water fell in, the light inside the crystal tube was radiant, as if countless lives were moving, and countless collisions were born in a sudden fusion.

This change lasted for a few dozen breaths, and finally gradually returned to calm.

In the crystal bottle, the boiling extinguished, and the color of the liquid in it gradually became transparent and clear. At the same time, brilliance spurted out of it, extremely gorgeous.


Seeing this scene, countless uproars erupted fiercely in the venue. This was the performance of the finished product of Lingshui Qiguang, and the photo-tempering masters present were even more shocked, because from the spurting brilliance, they were able to distinguish between them. Come out, this is not the level that can be achieved by the fourth-grade spiritual water at all, this...definitely the fifth-grade spiritual water!

Yan Lingqing stared blankly at the crystal bottle in her hand. After a while, she tremblingly took a quenching needle and inserted it into it. U U Reading www.uukahnshu.com

Then she saw that on the quenching needle test, the quenching degree had directly climbed to a mark of fifty-eight percent!

Yan Lingqing's eyes instantly turned red.

At this time, the referee's trembling voice from shock also resounded in the venue.

"Xiyangwu, Yan Lingqing, successfully refined the fifth grade "Heaven Returning Spiritual Water"! Refining power is 50%!!"


The venue was quiet for a few breaths, and the next moment there was a sudden rush of horror. No one thought that this Xiyang House would actually refine the fifth-grade spiritual water before the time arrived!

Moreover, that tempering power is even higher than that of Song Qiuyu before!

It's incredible!

And amidst the boiling sound, the faint smile on Song Qiuyu, who relied on the refining outdoor wall, also stiffened a little at this time.

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