Absolute Resonance

Chapter 83: Entanglement

On the stage, there are refining rooms surrounded by transparent crystal walls, and Yan Lingqing is in one of the refining rooms, sorting out some things on the stage.

When Li Luo walked in, she glanced at her and said, "You can really meet your little girl classmate wherever you go."

Obviously, she saw the scene where Li Luo and Lu Qing'er were together.

"A chance encounter." Li Luo explained.

"I think she is a bit interesting to you." Yan Lingqing said.

Li Luo quickly said: "Nonsense, I don't allow you to insult our purest classmate relationship!"

Yan Lingqing sighed and said, "This has nothing to do with me. This little Nizi is actually somewhat of a level, but I don't know if I have reached the Saint Profound Star Academy and met the Zhenggong Empress, can I stop him?"

"It's getting more and more outrageous, and I'm still in the palace, what am I? The emperor?" Li Luo said angrily.

"It's so beautiful."

Yan Lingqing snorted softly, and then didn't talk nonsense with him, and handed over a formula: "This is the spiritual water I plan to refine later, please familiarize yourself with it."

Li Luo quickly took it and took a closer look. The fourth-grade spiritual water that Yan Lingqing planned to refine is called "Blue Algae Spiritual Water." In order to be able to defeat Song Qiuyu, she was also cruel.

Li Luo glanced at the ingredients that this "blue algae spirit water" needed to prepare, and couldn't help taking a breath of air-conditioning, because it required more than 400 ingredients, and wanted to make these ingredients perfect. To make the slightest mistake, this obviously requires extremely high requirements for its own phase tempering technique.

"Is this the formula of the fourth-grade spiritual water, it is really extremely difficult." Li Luo sighed, now he can refine the second-grade spiritual water, but it also requires a hundred kinds of materials to die. Water is really incomparable.

Moreover, the fusion of the materials for refining the fourth-grade spiritual water is also extremely complicated. The materials for the second-grade spiritual water are at most double-fusion, but the materials for the fourth-grade spiritual water need to achieve the sixth-fold fusion, which increases the difficulty. It's just a leap.

At this time, people began to send in the refining materials one after another, and they piled up neatly. Li Luo was an assistant, so they checked carefully.

Yan Lingqing smiled upon seeing this, quite satisfied with Li Luo's carefulness and seriousness.

With the passage of time, the top quenching masters of the Lingshui Qiguang House of Tianshu County all entered their respective refining rooms, and Li Luo also saw Song Qiuyu's entrance from the Pine House.

As soon as she entered the arena, her eyes were cast in Yan Lingqing's direction, and the two women's eyes met each other, faintly as if sparks were surging.

Yan Lingqing had no expression on her face, but in the small white hands that were tightly clasped together, there were faint blue veins emerging, which shows how much mood swings in her heart.

"How do I feel that you hate her?" Li Luo also noticed Yan Lingqing's emotions, and asked with some confusion. After all, Yan Lingqing on weekdays does not seem to have much to do with anything other than refining spiritual water. Interest, but the reaction to Song Qiuyu was not small.

Yan Lingqing heard the words, fell silent for a while, and said faintly: "In fact, I had a pretty good relationship with her before, and I even strongly recommended her to my teacher's refining group, but later in a critical competition, She caused us to lose with a bad mistake. The teacher was very angry at the time, and after that, she chose to withdraw from our refining team."

"Originally it was nothing, but soon afterwards, she entered another refining group, and this refining group happened to be the one that beat us in that match because of her mistakes."

Li Luo said, "This is another white-eyed wolf."

Although Yan Lingqing didn't say more information, it is not difficult to guess it. I am afraid that Song Qiuyu's lame mistake is quite insider, and it can't even be said that it was bought by the other party.

As Song Qiuyu's recommender, Yan Lingqing's betrayal would undoubtedly make her feel extremely guilty of her teacher. It's no wonder that when she saw Song Qiuyu, her emotions were always difficult to control.

Yan Lingqing didn't speak any more, just bowed his head and sorted out the materials.

Li Luo did not continue to ask, but continued to check the materials, until another bell rang in the center of the venue, and then the atmosphere in the venue rose suddenly and boiled.

A staff member walked into the arena, one by one announcing the photo-tempering masters of every Lingshui Qiguang House participating in the competition.

And when the names of these tempering masters sounded, they would arouse some cheers off the court, and they were considered to be the more famous kind in Tianshu County.

In one of the stands, President Lu of the Golden Dragon Chamber of Commerce looked at the refining table of Xiyang House, and smiled: "This Li Luo really has him everywhere."

Lu Qinger, who was holding a small umbrella on the side, smiled and said, "He is also a tempering master, so let's have a long experience."

The jewel-like President Lu glanced at Lu Qing'er Qingli's charming little face, and said tentatively: "I said Qing'er, you seem to be a little closer to Li Luo recently."

Lu Qinger's eyes moved, and calmly said, "What's the matter?"

President Lu gave a dry smile and said, "I just want to say that Li Luo is a person with a marriage contract after all..."

Lu Qing'er stared at a young and handsome figure behind the crystal wall in the court, and was silent for a moment before saying: "That kind of marriage contract should exist in name only?"

"Who knows about this..." Chairman Lu spread his hands.

"Second Uncle, you think too much, I don't like Li Luo, but he helped me and saved me, so I have a good relationship with him, you can't let me even make friends, can you?" Lu Qinger said .

"No no."

President Lu quickly shook his head, seemingly relieved: "But it’s fine if you don’t like it. Now that you have entered the Saint Profound Star Academy, you are going to the Royal City. Your mother is there... and you are in your mother. In front of him, try to mention Li Luo as little as possible."

Lu Qing'er was startled~www.readwn.com~ Then Liu frowned: "Why?"

President Lu hesitated, and finally said: "It's all the grievances of the previous generation, so don't ask, anyway, don't talk about Li Luo in front of your mother."

Some doubts appeared in Lu Qing'er's eyes, and finally nodded slightly, but for some reason, a sense of irritation suddenly surged in her heart.

Clang! Clang!

At this time, there was a rushing voice from the venue, and everyone understood that this was the beginning of the big sacrifice competition.

The atmosphere in the field suddenly became condensed.

In the refining room composed of various crystal walls, the temperament masters also looked dignified.

In the next moment, the body of all tempering masters suddenly burst out of water-phase power or light-phase power, and amidst the many cheers, the materials in their hands quickly dissolved.

The big festival contest begins.

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