Absolute Resonance

Chapter 84: 5 dishes

"Glacial algae, half a plant."

"Panshan Lingvine, three."

"Qianxi Water, three standard doses."


In the refining room of Xiyang House, calm and fast voices constantly spit out from Yan Lingqing’s mouth, while Li Luo on the side immediately filled a portion of the ingredients into a crystal bottle according to the amount she said. In, and then handed it over.

And after Yan Lingqing received these crystal bottles, the force of the water phase poured into them one after another, and the phase force was stirred to grind all of them directly, and the phase force and the characteristics of the material quickly merged.

The two didn't say any nonsense. If it were in normal times, they might be able to relax a little bit, but right now they were playing games, so there was no room for rest, they could only complete the refining in one go.

However, Li Luo lay hands on the side, but he could learn a lot from Yan Lingqing's methodical refining. The latter's integration of material characteristics is quite perfect.

Those complicated steps, if they were replaced by him, I am afraid they would be messed up directly.

It can be seen that Yan Lingqing's quenching technology is still quite high.

But Li Luo also understood that this was just the beginning.

In the venue, a referee was passionately explaining. Although the people off the court were a little bit confused, looking at the intense refining atmosphere of Master Temper still made them feel unclear. At the same time, he became excited by the influence of the atmosphere.

As time went by, on the shelf in front of Yan Lingqing, crystal bottles with blue lustre were already filled, among which were the ingredients that were temporarily fused.

At this time, Yan Lingqing's smooth forehead, there was also sweat falling down her cheeks, but she didn't even have time to wipe it off. All her attention was focused on the crystal bottle in her hand, where she followed Yan Lingqing's water phase. The force stirs, erodes, and the materials are fusing.

This seemingly simple fusion actually requires one's own precise control of the phase force, and at the same time it decomposes the impurities in various materials, and then in those thousands of collisions and erosions, the required substances are formed.

So outsiders seem to be holding a crystal bottle and pouring it into it with phase force. It looks simple, but they don't even know how drastic changes are taking place in a place that is invisible to the naked eye.

This is the typical layman watching the excitement and the expert watching the doorway.

At this time, the more high-quality temperament masters, the greater their advantage will become, because the high-quality phase power, the more spiritual, can make up for the shortcomings of many experiences.

Li Luo on the side looked at Yan Lingqing's beautiful, focused face, and groaned slightly. This time when he was about to organize the materials, he flicked his fingers, and a ray of water and light fell into it.

"Tianye Juice."

When Yan Lingqing's voice came, Li Luo immediately passed the crystal bottle in his hand.

Yan Lingqing took it, and then the force of the water phase poured in, directly shattering it, but this time, with the mixing and fusion of the materials, her jade hand suddenly stopped.

A touch of consternation struck Yan Lingqing’s cheeks, because she found that the fusion this time was much smoother than before. When her phase force was transmitted in the crystal bottle, it seemed that she had received a special thrust. Can save a lot of effort.

But at this time it was in the game after all, and Yan Lingqing couldn't study it carefully, so he could only complete the modulation quickly and continue to start the fusion step by step.

Li Luo, who was on the side, had been staring at Yan Lingqing's expression, but after seeing that she did not show any panic, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Obviously, the phase force he stayed in it did not interfere with Yan Lingqing's fusion. , On the contrary, it promoted smoothly.

This is not a surprise. After all, Li Luo's phase power is almost equivalent to the source water of the secret law. Because of the void phase, his phase power can accommodate any other water phase, the power of the light phase, and then, now his The water light phase is the sixth grade, but if you want to compete with the quenching power contained in the power, Li Luo's water light phase is definitely comparable to the upper seventh grade water phase or light phase.

And Yan Lingqing herself is the water phase of the lower seventh grade, so when it comes to the pure phase power quality, Li Luo even wants to strengthen her now.

However, because Yan Lingqing is the main refiner, plus Li Luo's own strength is not the nine seals, and the relative strength is meager, so his water-light phase force can only be said to be able to get some of the effect of pushing the boat along the water, allowing Yan Lingqing to refine Can be more handy.

And he understood that Yan Lingqing did not need his help to refine this "blue algae spiritual water", so his hand was just a small experiment.

Time passed quickly in a tense atmosphere.

Yan Lingqing's refining was about to come to an end, which made Li Luo sigh of relief on the side, because her refining did not cause any problems, this fourth-rank "blue algae spiritual water" was about to be born.


At this time, there would be bells and drums in the venue, and then the referee's passionate voice continued to sound.

"Luguangwu, Zhao Feng, successfully refined the fourth grade "Green Water Wonderful Light", with a quenching power of 50%!"

"White Yawu, Liu Tong, succeeded in refining the fourth grade "Bai Ya Ling Shui", with a tempering power of 50%!"


Listening to the voices of successful refining, Yan Lingqing's expression did not show any waves, and she continued to calmly refining the "Blue Algae Spirit Water" she was holding.

However, her calmness did not last long, because suddenly, a rush of bells and drums in the field suddenly sounded, and the referee's shocked voice rang.

"Songziwu, Song Qiuyu, refining... the fifth-grade "Linglong Qishui" was successful! The tempering power is fifty percent!!"


When this sound sounded, there was a terrible uproar in the entire venue. Countless people looked in the direction of the Pine House in shock, only to see Song Qiuyu there with a smile, and a glass bottle in her hand was shining. Odd light.

Five-grade spiritual water? !

Song Qiuyu of the Pine House, actually succeeded in refining the fifth-grade spiritual water? !

In the venue, the complexion masters of some of the other Lingshui Qiguang rooms suddenly became ugly, because almost all four-ranking masters present, none of them could reach the fifth-rank, and Song Qiuyu actually refined it. A fifth-grade spiritual water, isn't it crushed?

It doesn't matter if this fifth-grade spirit water was successfully refined by Song Qiuyu's chance, but since it was made in this competition, it was her result.

In the stands where the Song family was, Song Shan and Mo Ling both showed triumphant smiles.

At Luolan Mansion, Cai Wei, who gently shook the fan of the flower group, gave a little hand, and the charming goose-egg cheeks became a little dignified, her eyes worrisome, staring at Yan Lingqing and Li Luo in the refining room. .

In this refining room, the atmosphere was extremely condensed at this time.

Yan Lingqing, who was concentrating on preparing the ingredients, seemed to stiffen suddenly, and the palm of the crystal bottle was motionless.

She stared blankly at the crystal bottle in her hand, the look on her pretty face was beginning to dim.

"How could... how could she refine the fifth-grade spiritual water?" Yan Lingqing muttered to herself.


The phase force in her hand suddenly got out of control, the crystal bottle burst in an instant, and the liquid flowed down between Yan Lingqing’s fingers. She pressed her hands on the refining table, and her head, which had always been pure and proud, seemed to be gradually growing at this time. Lowered, her long hair covered the sides of her cheeks.

It doesn't make sense to continue refining now...

Because Song Qiuyu had already refined the fifth-grade spiritual water, even if she succeeded in refining the blue algae spiritual water, Song Qiuyu would be left behind.

Li Luo looked at Yan Lingqing, who was bowing his head. He could feel the droopy aura emanating from her body. Through the hair, it could be seen that her eyes were reddening a lot.

This was the first time Li Luo saw Yan Lingqing showing such a weak and depressed appearance.

Li Luo looked up at the direction Song Qiuyu was. At this time, her pretty cheeks were full of winners’ smiles. Her eyes were also looking at this side. Li Luo could feel it. She looked at Yan Lingqing’s. There was some ridicule and ridicule in his eyes.

Li Luo was silent for a few breaths~www.readwn.com~ suddenly turned Yan Lingqing's body around. He stared at the latter with helpless red eyes, and whispered: "Sister Lingqing, you are definitely better than that. Song Qiuyu is stronger, although no matter what method she uses to refine the fifth-grade spiritual water, she can, and you can definitely!"

Yan Lingqing shook her head, her voice became hoarse: "Up to now, I have never succeeded in refining."

"It didn't work before, but now it may not work either. Anyway, it's the worst case. Why don't you give it a try?" Li Luo said solemnly.

Immediately he grabbed Yan Lingqing's small white hand, dried the water stains on it with his clothes, and slowly said: "Sister Lingqing, I don't care whether this win or lose will affect Xiyang House. I Just simply think, how can you be such a good person to lose to her?"

Yan Lingqing stared blankly at Li Luo's face like a sword and axe. Although it carried some youthful youthfulness, it was full of high spirits of war and invigorated people's hearts.

So, finally she bit her lip and nodded gently.

"Then... then try it."

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