Absolute Resonance

Chapter 78: The old dean's revenge

After a few days of vacation, Li Luo came to Nanfeng Academy again, and standing outside the Academy, Li Luo looked at the familiar school gate with emotion.

After today, he will completely end his studies at Nanfeng Academy, and the memories of these years will also reach an end here.

Regardless of the future, Li Luo knew that the practice of Nanfeng Academy in the past few years had an indelible influence on him.

Nowadays, he always resists high-profile exposure. It is precisely because when he first entered the Nanfeng Academy, the scenery was so prosperous. Since then, the appearance of emptiness made him understand what is called heaven and hell. .

With this kind of lesson, he instinctively didn't want to expose himself. He would rather hide himself tightly, develop low-key, and wait until one day he can be appointed as a marquise or king, and then he will have a little wave of waves.

It's a pity that this college entrance examination made his previous low-key meaningless.

"Damn Shihu, **** Song Yunfeng..."

Thinking of this, Li Luo couldn't help but cursed. Originally, he only needed to easily stabilize the top ten, but these two **** were so aggressive that he could only take the first place. .

"The same goes for Lu Qing'er, she's obviously her first..." Li Luo muttered again.

"You are really ignorant of good people, so you won the first place, and you are constantly arranging people behind." At this time, behind Li Luo, a girl's Qingyue voice suddenly sounded.

Li Luo turned his head and saw Lu Qing'er standing behind him. Today she is wearing a school uniform from the Nanfeng Academy. Under a black short skirt, her slender jade legs are straight, and her snow-white stockings reach her knees, showing between her stockings and short skirt. Her smooth thighs, crystal clear and white, dazzling people's eyes.

When Li Luo saw Lu Qing'er, he laughed twice.

Lu Qing'er didn't care what he said behind her was not. She stepped forward two steps and walked side by side with Li Luo, with a faint smile on her charming little face.

The two of them walked together, and they had a very golden style of painting, and enviable eyes were cast around them.

If it was the past, someone would inevitably ridicule, but since Li Luo won the first place in the Nanfeng Academy, his reputation has already begun to catch up with Lu Qing'er.

When Li Luo and Lu Qing'er walked to the entrance hall, there were people taking the initiative to say hello along the way, and the two also nodded their heads.

When they passed through the boulevard, they suddenly saw some commotion coming from ahead, and people were constantly surrounding it, forming a circle of people.

I vaguely heard something like "Song Yunfeng, you scum, you still have the face to come to Nanfeng Academy".

Some surprise appeared in Li Luo's eyes, it was Song Yunfeng? Does this guy dare to appear in Nanfeng Academy?

He speeded up his pace and squeezed into the crowd with Lu Qing'er, and then saw Song Yunfeng, who was covered by a black robe in the open space of the crowd, looked at the surroundings with his face flushed. Beside him, he followed the two faces with vigilance. The Song family **** was obviously escorting Song Yunfeng all the way.

On the ground in front of Song Yunfeng, a familiar figure fell to the ground and wailed, with blood foaming constantly coming out of his mouth.

Li Luo saw that the person was Yu Lang or who?

What is this guy doing here?

"Brother Luo, Sister Qing, you are here. Song Yunfeng is too arrogant. He betrayed our Nanfeng Academy and dared to come back. Moreover, Yu Lang just came up to say hello to him, but Song Yunfeng vomited blood with a slap. Falling to the ground, it's too much!" Seeing Li Luo, Lu Qing'er hurriedly said.

Li Luo was taken aback, is Song Yunfeng so arrogant? Knowing that he has already committed public anger, dare to beat people at Nanfeng Academy?

Li Luo touched his nose, feeling that things were not so simple.

Especially... it also involves Yu Lang, a wave of goods.

He glanced at the wailing Yu Lang on the ground. This acting was a bit exaggerated, and it was still a bit worse than Zhao Kuo.

"You fart, when did I hit him, I just told him to stop bothering me, I just pushed him a bit, there was no effort at all!" Song Yunfeng was so angry that the veins on his forehead were beating.

He didn't want to come to Nanfeng Academy at all this time, but the old dean sent someone to the Song family to pass on the letter, saying that all students who could not be there to receive the admission quota would be deemed to have given up voluntarily.

So Song Yunfeng knew that he would be overwhelmed by countless anger when he came, but he still had to come.

Li Luo and Lu Qing'er glanced at each other thoughtfully, neither of them paid any attention to Song Yunfeng, because they felt that this matter was probably pushed by a big, careful hand behind them.

Sure enough, soon, a group of people from the school security team rushed over, and then rushed toward Song Yunfeng and his two guards fiercely.

"What are you doing?!" the two guards roared.

"Dare to beat the students at Nanfeng Academy. Are you tired of your life?" The security team sternly said, and immediately the force broke out. They swarmed up and quickly captured the two guards. At the same time, even Song Yunfeng was caught. Caught it.

But at this time, behind that, a group of academic tutors surrounded the old dean.

Their faces were full of anger, especially the old dean, and there was a roar from afar: "You are immortal. It's too much, do you think I'm dead? So don't take the Nanfeng Academy The rules in your eyes?"

The old dean came here with a clear face, and the anger that rushed in made many students shrink their necks.

When Song Yunfeng saw the old dean, his heart sank and he felt a little uneasy.

The old dean glanced across the field, then saw the wailing Yu Lang lying on the ground, and suddenly angrily said: "Song Yunfeng, I didn't expect you to be so frantic that you would beat your classmates to mutilation!"

Song Yunfeng was also very angry and wronged. It was too much, so I pushed Yu Lang a bit, and you said that he was directly disabled. It was simply unnecessary.

However, the old dean ignored his aggrieved and angry gaze, and roared directly: "From now on, deprive Song Yunfeng of his status as a student of Nanfeng Academy and be expelled directly!"

"Throw them out to me!"

Upon hearing the words, the school security team immediately responded, and then lifted Song Yunfeng and the two guards to face the school.

Song Yunfeng was still struggling with anger: "I'm not convinced, you can't kick me out of Nanfeng Academy, I didn't violate the rules at all!"

The old dean snorted expressionlessly, and said: "If you don't agree, go to the Saint Profound Star Academy. After the Saint Profound Star Academy orders to reject my expulsion, you won't be able to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy at that time. Late."

Song Yunfeng's angry voice got farther and farther, and finally disappeared completely.

Li Luo witnessed this scene and whispered to Lu Qinger: "This is too fake."

Lu Qinger chuckled lightly and said, "If Song Yunfeng is in the top ten, then his enrollment will not be deprived of the old dean, but unfortunately, he was kicked out of the top ten by you. In this way, the old dean will have The means prevented him from getting this extra spot."

"If it is the dean of another university, you may have to take into account some rules, but our old dean is very careful. He would rather be faceless and give that tone."

As Song Yunfeng was kicked out, the surrounding crowd suddenly burst into unspoken applause after being silent for a while.

The old dean waved his hand triumphantly~www.readwn.com~ and dismissed the crowd, and then came up to kick the wailing Yu Lang, disgustingly said: "Your acting skills need to be honed, if it wasn't for the old man's thick-skinned face, it would be a good answer. Won't come down."

Yu Lang quickly got up and said bitterly: "Old Dean, I didn't prepare for your sudden task. After all, this relationship also needs time to brew."

The old dean snorted, but he could see that he was in a good mood, with a smile on his old face.

"I can tolerate students who don't contribute to the honor of my Nanfeng Academy, but I can't tolerate this kind of students who are trying to hurt their classmates."

"Meeting such a person, no matter if it will cause any trouble, I won't let him take advantage of Nanfeng Academy."

Li Luo chuckled, the old dean was stingy and stingy in the hearts of many students, but today he feels that the old dean's character is still very cute.

At the very least, kicking Song Yunfeng out of Nanfeng Academy's reckless move is really...makes people feel that their thoughts seem to have become transparent all at once.

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