Absolute Resonance

Chapter 79: Vacation

Nanfeng Academy held a graduation ceremony today. Even if the students of this class have officially finished their studies, they will go to other higher education institutions in Daxia, or continue to practice, or switch to other professions. From now on, each side may not meet each other again.

After the ceremony, Li Luo, Lu Qing'er, Yu Lang, and Zhao Kuo were individually called into his courtyard by the old dean.

"This time the college entrance examination, the four of you kept the signboard of the first college for Nanfeng Academy. I really say thank you." The old dean trimmed the flowers and plants in the courtyard, then turned around and looked at the four. People, smiled.

Zhao Kuo scratched his head. In fact, he knew that he had not made much contribution, it was only in the light of Li Luo.

On the contrary, Yu Lang smiled, with a heartless look, as if it was really for the Nanfeng Academy to bleed through and block the knife.

Li Luo smiled and said: "Old Dean, if you just call us over to give a verbal thanks, then there is actually not much need."

The old dean said angrily: "In the eyes of you little things, the old man is a stingy stingy, isn't it?"

Yu Lang said angrily: "Dean, you are the person I respect most. I don't allow you to say that about yourself. I suggest you remove the dead word!"

The old dean raised the scissors in his hand and was about to cut the lower part of Yu Lang's body, so that the latter turned pale and jumped two steps, his eyes horrified.


The old dean snorted and said, "From now on, even if you leave Nanfeng Academy, in two months, you will go to Saint Profound Star Academy, which is the place you little things dream of, but no matter what How far you can go in the future will always be students from my Nanfeng Academy."

"But even though your results are good this time, don't be arrogant because of it, because you won't know how vast this summer is until the Saint Profound Star Academy, and how deep are the people who hide the dragon and the tiger. ."

"Of course... if you can be like Jiang Qing'e, then treat it as I didn't say it."

Regarding the old dean’s warning, all the people present nodded, because except for Yu Lang who is very floating, the other three are still very stable, especially Li Luo. If it weren’t for this big exam, he I'm afraid he is still hiding under the ground, no one can know his depth.

After the old dean finished his warning, he stretched out his hand and took out four small crystal bottles from his arms. In the bottle, a pale yellow pill could be seen, with a faint fragrance emanating from it.

"This is a lotus pill. When your strength reaches ten seals, it can be swallowed and refined, which can accelerate the cohesion of the cohesion and increase the chance of success in cohesion. It can be regarded as some additional rewards for you this time."

Li Luo and the four were a little surprised when they heard this. Unlike Lingshui Qiguang’s large number of consumables, the pill is scarce and the price is more expensive. Now the old dean is taking out four Kulian Pills. , But a little willing.

Li Luo and the others have heard of this kind of bitter lotus pill. It is said to use the juice of the Xiangli tree as a medicine, so generally only universities can refine this thing. For beginners in the ten seal realm, it is difficult. Lotus pills are the best panacea.

After all, many people condense the same kinds of things, and they may fail several times, delaying precious cultivation time, but Kulian Pill can reduce the probability of this failure, which is so precious.

"Old Dean, who would dare to tell me Yu Lang that you are stingy, I am the first to be anxious with him!" Yu Lang solemnly promised.

The old dean glanced at him obliquely, but he didn't bother to care about this renown in Nanfeng Academy, and threw the pill in his hand to the four people.

"Go, although I am a little unhappy, but I have to admit that Saint Profound Star Academy is the real top university, and in Daxia, there is no institution that can compare with it."

"Moreover, only when you enter the Saint Profound Star Academy will you be exposed to the truth about this world."

"Your future will be very exciting. I look forward to hearing more from you in this Nanfeng Academy."

Listening to the faint words of the old dean, the four of them felt a little emotional for a while, and then all bowed to the former and then turned and left.

And when Li Luo was about to walk out, the old dean looked at his back and suddenly smiled: "Li Luo, good boy, you didn't lose the face of your parents."

Li Luo's footsteps paused. He looked at Yunjuan Yunshu above Nanfeng Academy, and felt his nose sore inexplicably. Originally, he thought he didn't care about the opinions of others, but the words of the old dean still let him He felt that these previous efforts were not in vain.

In fact, he understands that what he cares about is not the opinions of others, but simply, not wanting himself to be a stain on his parents.

Because he loves those two old men and women who don't seem to be very reliable.

They are obviously the same.


After finishing his studies at the Nanfeng Academy, Li Luo once again returned to the tight rhythm of the past. As he said, he did not relax at all because he got the first place in the Tianshu County College Exam, because no matter what angle he came from. Said, this can only be regarded as a small fight.

After a two-month vacation, he will go to the Saint Profound Star Academy, and he will not know how many young Tianjiaos there are in this great summer.

But this time, he vowed that when he arrived at the Saint Profound Star Academy, he must be more low-key.

During the two-month holiday, Li Luo set himself the goal, that is, he must reach the Ten Seal Realm. If possible, try again to condense the phases and step into the Master Realm!

In some other counties, it is said that there have been students from the Ten Seal Realm in the big exam. If the two-month holiday passes, those truly top students will inevitably have the strength of the first stage of the Master Realm, so Li Luo It feels that he can't relax.

Of course, UU reading www.uukanshu. All of this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is... his life span is already in the countdown of the last five years!

After all, low-key is important, but obviously, your own life is more important!


And as the vacation time passed by, and after about half a month passed, Li Luo discovered that his strength had reached the Nine Seals unexpectedly.

In addition, in the practice of Lingshui Qiguang, Li Luo's level is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Today, he is able to refine the second-rank Lingshui Qiguang, and he is considered a qualified second-rank tempering master.

So overall, Li Luo is quite satisfied with the improvement he has made during the half-month holiday.

However, as the level of power gradually approached the realm of Xiangshi, Li Luo also began to read Li Taixuan, Tan Tailan left him "little Wuxiang Shen forging technique", because he must consider a very important issue, that is, waiting. After he reaches the stage of the master, what attributes should he refine in his second palace of physiognomy?

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