Absolute Resonance

Chapter 71: Dare not jump

At the foot of Bailing Mountain, when the picture on the crystal wall stagnated on the scene where a streamer arrow shot through Shi Huang's left arm, all the noise was stagnant.

Countless people gradually opened their eyes, their faces filled with horror and incredible.

They couldn't believe what they saw...

Before that, Shi Huang, who had the absolute upper hand, was suddenly shot out by Li Luo's big bow, which he didn't know where it came from...

This scene is simply magical.

The ruddy mouths of Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing in the pavilion also opened little by little at this time, and finally closed their eyes and opened them again. Hey, the picture is correct, that Shi Huang was really shot.

"What's the situation?" Cai Wei said blankly.

A moment ago, she was still worried about Li Luo, who was constantly retreating, but after just a few minutes, that Shi Hong was lying on the ground and screaming.

This change before and after is too great, even with Cai Wei's broad-mindedness, it is a bit unacceptable.

Yan Lingqing bit her red lip with her teeth, and thought: "If you read it right, Li Luo seems to have won Shi Huang."

Cai Wei leaned gently on the back of the chair, and immediately there was a smile on the coquettish and charming goose-dandy face, and said with a chuckle: "In the future, who else would dare to say that Young Palace Master is just the mascot of Luo Lan Mansion? "

Although it has only been a month since she came to Tianshu County, Cai Wei is also responsible for taking care of Li Luo, and Li Luo's temperament is also very pleasing to her, so she really treats him as her own brother. Come treat.

As the chief steward of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County, Cai Wei knows the big and small movements in the old house and naturally knows how hard Li Luo's usual practice is.

In addition to the bottomless pit that consumes the spirit water and the light, Cai Wei thinks that Li Luo is a very likable Young Palace Master.

Therefore, when she sees Li Luo showing a miracle right now, she feels joy and gratification sincerely.

In the future, certain people in Luo Lan's Mansion shouldn't ignore Li Luo again.

Yan Lingqing nodded slightly. Li Luo's performance today was shocking. Obviously, this young palace master had been hiding in the past.

"Palace Young Master is really different from his parents." Yan Lingqing said.

Those two who suppressed the entire generation of Daxia Country back then are so dazzling, and compared with those two, Li Luo seems too low-key. If they are outsiders who don’t understand, one might think that Jiang Qing’e would be Jiang Qing’e. Li Luo picked up the blood of those two...

"The issue of voidness still has a great impact on Palace Master Young, so even if the issue of voidness is resolved later, he doesn't want to completely expose himself to all eyes, so he likes to keep a low profile and give himself Prepare a lot of hole cards to enhance your sense of security. According to him, it means to develop secretly, don't wave." Cai Wei said.

"I'm thinking, this time, if it weren't for Shi Huang and Song Yunfeng's aggressiveness, I'm afraid that Palace Master Young would just give up if he only wanted to win the top ten."

Yan Lingqing said a little bit. With Li Luo's character, this is really possible, because in his opinion, as long as he can enter the Saint Profound Star Academy, it doesn't really matter whether he is number one or not.

"And I think that such a character is not necessarily bad." Cai Wei commented with a light smile.

Yan Lingqing gave her a white look and said, "You are a little too kind to Li Luo, too."

"Such a handsome young palace lord, it's hard to meet." Cai Wei said with a smile.



When Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were talking softly and happily, in the main pavilion, the old dean directly laughed out loud. The laughter shook the main pavilion trembling and attracted people in other pavilions. Cast his eyes.

"Haha, you deserve to be Li Taixuan, Tantailan's son, the tiger father has no dogs!"

The old academy's face was red, the previous gloomy disappeared cleanly like a face change, and then he patted the table vigorously, and said to the governor-general on the side: "I see it, this is the foundation of my Nanfeng Academy!"

The Governor-General of the Division lowered his head expressionlessly to drink tea, but the eyes reflected by the tea were filled with anger.

He had no idea that the situation would suddenly become like this.

That Li Luo was already about to lose, but he suddenly broke out and defeated Shi Huang with an arrow.

Thinking of years of planning, I was shattered by this arrow. Even though the division governor madly suppressed his anger, he still couldn't bear it. He smashed the teacup with a violent palm, and said in a deep voice, "Can't you be quiet?"

"Quiet, you immortal board!"

The old dean had a more fierce temper than him, and he cursed directly: "Which green onion are you? Can you still control Lao Tzu's mouth?"

The Governor General's complexion was pale, and his astonishing strength suddenly burst from his body. Vaguely, there seemed to be a blue python looming, exuding fierce might.

That is the green python of the lower seventh stage!

"Hey, do you still want to do something with Lao Tzu? I have tolerated you for a long time!" However, when the old dean saw this, he laughed without anger, and the crimson power rose, and there was a crimson beast in the light of the power. Appearing, the four hoofs seemed to be stepping on the fire of magma.

Under seven products, swallow the inflammation orangutan.

When the two strong men of the Tiangang stepped full firepower, the stone pavilion began to be overwhelmed, and some cracks appeared.

The teacher An Lie on the side hurriedly stopped: "Two, this fashion is in the big exam. If you are here to affect the big exam, the Saint Profound Star Academy may reduce the admission quota for Tianshu County in the coming year!"

As soon as this remark came out, the old dean suddenly died down, converged as much as possible, and snorted coldly.

Upon seeing this, the Governor-General of Division could only withdraw his strength, and sat back with a gloomy expression.

Instructor An Lie shook his head and did not continue to interfere with the affairs between them. Instead, he cast his eyes on the picture above the crystal wall. There, Shi Huang was shot through his left arm with an arrow. He was obviously severely injured. All combat power is lost.

It can be said that the ending is set.

It's just this result, no one had expected it before.

"It is said that the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion is a person with no potential. Looking at it now, the rumors are harmful."


In the ruins.

Shi Wei was still falling to the ground and howling, blood flowing from his arm like a fountain, while watching this scene from the dark, secretly inhaling cold air, as if trying to absorb all the air in the vicinity.

Because otherwise, it is impossible to express their inner shock at this time.

And not far away, Song Yunfeng, who had his gun broken and stuck on the wall, stared blankly at this scene, and finally kept talking about impossible...

He couldn't believe that Li Luo actually defeated Shi Huang!

This is totally illogical. You must know that Shi Huang is a nine-print power and possesses a high-ranking seven thunder phase! The fighting power was so fierce and terrifying, looking at this Tianshu County, only Lu Qinger could pose a threat to him.

But now, he was shot by Li Luo.

At this moment, Song Yunfeng felt a strong malice. If it weren't because of Shi Huang's identity, he would even yell at him. Are you the **** collecting money to fight fake matches? !

Because he was not an experiencer, he didn't understand why Li Luo's seemingly simple one arrow was able to destroy Shi Huang like this.

However, no matter how he didn't understand it, it had no impact on reality.

Li Luo stood on a stone pillar covered with vines, looking flatly at Shi Wei who had fallen in a pool of blood. He didn't make any other movements, as if he was appreciating the miserable situation of Shi Wei at this time.

He even sat down lazily on the top of the stone pillar, holding the blue silver bow in one hand and hanging down in the other, his eyes staring at Shi Wei indifferently.

This demon-like aura made other students who were peeping in the dark feel chilly, and they didn't even dare to make a sound to attract Li Luo's attention.

In this area, all people hold their breath.

It wasn't until ten minutes later that a wind breaking sound broke the strange silence, and only saw Lu Qing'er rushing over. She was holding a rope. Behind the rope were three embarrassed figures. It was Xiang Liang and Zong Fu. Chi Su three people.

Obviously, she defeated them.

And when Lu Qinger hurried to this place, she immediately saw Song Yunfeng nailed to the broken wall at the first sight, and her heart was immediately shocked.

She continued to move forward, passing through the ruined alleys, and then gradually slowed down.

Because in the front, there was a pool of blood. In the pool of blood, Shi Wei clutched his arm, looking like a gossamer, as if he was about to hang up.

A look of shock gradually appeared on Lu Qing'er's pretty face.

Xiang Liang behind her~www.readwn.com~Chi Su and Zongfu's eyes were even more sluggish.

Lu Qing'er raised her head and looked at Li Luo who was sitting on the stone pillar in front of him. At this time, the latter's expression was indifferent and his aura was so strong that she felt a hint of palpitations.

She slowly came under the stone pillar and looked up at the figure, just like when she entered the Nanfeng Academy at the beginning of the year, she looked up at Li Luo at that time.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly.

Li Luo slowly lowered his head and looked at Lu Qing'er, and then the latter saw that his whole body seemed to relax, and at the same time a voice of relief came.

"You are finally here..."

"Quickly, take me on, I'm empty, I don't dare to jump."

Lu Qinger stayed.

So angry and funny, feeling you put on the posture for a long time, just because the force is empty?

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