Absolute Resonance

Chapter 70: Li Luo's Arrow

Boom! Boom!

In the ruins, a faint thunder sound continued to resound. Not far away, students from other institutions were watching this scene. Under their gaze, Shi Hao's combat power was fully deployed at this time, and Li Luo was constantly forced. Step back and avoid.

According to this situation, I am afraid that it will not be long before Li Luo will be out of the game.

This made them shook their heads secretly. Although Li Luo said that his rise was quite rapid, he was still a little worse in the face of powerful enemies like Shi Huang, which was a pity.


Under the gaze of many gazes, the swords and guns collided fiercely, and Li Luo's figure was knocked into flight again, directly smashing into a dilapidated building.

Shi Wei stood with his spear, his eyes staring at the building, his whole body jumping with the power of thunder, which seemed to give people a strong sense of oppression.

"Li Luo, if you want to play a trick to turn the tide, it seems that you are not at home." He smiled slightly, and there was a slight ridicule in his words.

"If you still want to save a bit of face, you can take the initiative to surrender."

In the dilapidated building, the light was dim, and Li Luo leaned against the wall. He listened to the voice of the teacher outside, smiled suddenly, and said to himself: "What a powerful enemy."

"It seems that I am a little naive. I thought I didn't need to get to this point, but it should be just right now.

He looked a little helpless, holding the double knives in his hand, and then bumping their handles together. The handles of the two knives were in the shape of animal mouths. Twist, it turned out to be directly connected together.

At the same time, the blades of the double knives extended a bit, so the arc of the blade became deeper.

It seemed... it turned out to be a big bow composed of two swords.

And this is indeed a big blue and silver bow.

Li Luo stretched out his finger and pressed it on the handle of the knife, only to see a small hole exposed at the tip of the knife, and a silver thread ejected out, and then was gently rounded by Li Luo to form a bowstring.

This is the special shape he had previously requested. It is usually in the form of a double-sword, but outsiders don't know that it has another hidden form, which is the big bow named "Languang Bow" by Li Luo.

Li Luo's palm tightly held the position of the bow formed by the double-knife hilt. This was his hidden hole card, which he didn't want to expose, but obviously, if it is too low-key, it will easily roll over.

He raised his head and looked at the outline of Shi Wei outside, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but the smile was full of extremely cold chill.

And at this time, outside there, Shi Wei seemed to feel some inexplicable uneasiness, and immediately frowned. The next moment, the spear in his hand turned into a silver light and shot directly into the broken building. .


There was a powerful roar, but at this time a figure shot out from above, and finally landed on a broken stone pillar covered with vines in the distance.

It was Li Luo.

Shi Wei grasped the palm of his hand, and the spear was drawn into his hand. He frowned at Li Luo at this time, especially the large bow in the latter's hand that showed alternating blue and silver.

At this time, whether it was in the Bailing Ruins or outside Bailing Mountain, there were also many suspicious eyes looking at Li Luo who suddenly took out a big bow, obviously not understanding what he was trying to do.

"At this time, do you still want to pretend to be a ghost?" Shi Wei said lightly.

Li Luo did not speak, but took a deep breath, and directly pulled the bow and opened the string. The next moment, the phase force in the body poured out, and finally a faint light arrow was formed on the bow string.

The arrow of the light arrow and the body part of the arrow are shining with bright light, which is condensed by the light force, and only Li Luo knows that in this arrow, the light force has constructed many orderly hollow channels. These bright cavities are densely covered with arrows, and he circulates through them at high speed with the force of the water phase, pushing each other.

That feeling, as if light carrying water, flowing past at an indescribable speed.

When the speed of water reaches this point, who would dare to say that the water is connected and weak?

Li Luo felt the rapid loss of physiognomy in his body, but a smile appeared on the corners of his lips. The foundation of this physiognomy is actually a high-level water-phase technique "water loss" and a high-level light-phase technique "streaming light". ...

And Li Luo took these two physiognomy techniques as the roots, experienced many ideas and countless failures, and finally relied on his own insight in physiognomy to successfully transform them.

This arrow, he called it...

Languangtian Liujian.

This is Li Luo's most lethal physiognomy today, and it is also the last hole card.

Shi Hong's original expression was very calm, because he didn't think what Li Luo could do at this time, but when the streamer arrow on Li Luo's blue silver bow condensed and locked him, his face It started to change.

Because at this moment, he inexplicably felt a tingling sensation everywhere, that feeling, as if facing a powerful enemy that could pose a major threat to him.

"How is it possible? He is only the eight seals, how could it make me feel such fear?" There was shock in Shi Wei's eyes. At this time, he is blessed by the armor of violent thunder, even if he is facing the heyday. Lu Qing'er is not afraid at all, but how could Li Luo pose a threat to him?

What exactly is Li Luo's shining arrow? !

Is it the general stage physiognomy? But that level of physiognomy can't be driven by a single eight-print physiognomy!

But if it weren't for the step phase technique, how could he be so arrogant? !

With his eyes changing, Shi Wei suddenly shot back, facing Li Luo's unknown arrow, he did not step forward recklessly, but chose to retreat temporarily.

He believes that this arrow will be Li Luo's last blow, as long as he can avoid it, then the next Li Luo will be the fish on the cutting board, let him kill.

Li Luo's eyes calmly looked at Shi Huang who was retreating quickly. Your lightning power is indeed good at speed, but no matter how fast you are, can you be faster than the water carried by light?

The bowstring was like a full moon, and Li Luo's fingers on the bowstring were suddenly released.


At that moment, there seemed to be a low buzzing sound.

Everyone saw a streamer blasting through the air, but it was almost impossible to see its flight path.


The streamer arrow flew out, and Shi Wei's hairs were all upside down, and he shouted: "Leibu!"

There seemed to be a flash of thunder under his feet, and his speed was driven to the extreme.

However, all is useless.

Shi Wei could only see a stream of light passing through his field of vision, and then, he saw a hole in the wall blocking the front, and the light of the setting sun shone out of the hole.

At the critical juncture ~www.readwn.com~ Shi Xiao roared, and the physical force in his body was running, and the spear shot out like a thunder dragon and blasted forward.


The crisp sound immediately sounded, and then Shi Huang saw his pupils tightening, and the spear entwined with the power of the thunder phase split directly from the middle at this time.

A streamer arrow shot from the broken spear, and after only a few breaths, in Shi Wei's horrified gaze, it penetrated through his left palm.

The so-called violent thunder armor, just persisted for a breath, it was directly broken by the hole.


A screaming scream sounded.

The blood surged in Shi Wei's left arm, and his whole body shot backwards like a heavy blow, hitting the ruined wall heavily, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

The entire Bailing Mountain inside and outside seemed to be quiet suddenly.

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