Absolute Resonance

Chapter 7: Make a choice

The room was quiet and silent.

   The pitch black crystal ball exudes a faint light, and the light reflects on Li Luo's uncertain face, which looks a little strange.

   Now he is undoubtedly caught in an extremely difficult decision.

The emptiness in   , under his father and mother's efforts, suddenly gave him great hope and dawn, but what he didn't expect was that this hope would have to pay such a heavy price.

   only five years of life left.

   If he can't step into the Fenghou Realm and evolve his life form within five years, then his life span will be completely ended.

  Five years of sealing?

   He is now seventeen years old, five years later, that is, twenty-three years old... As far as Li Luo knows, in the history of the Great Xia Kingdom, there seems to be no such young sealer.

   What kind of talent, opportunity and hard work are needed to create such a miracle?

   Li Luo didn't know... So at this moment, he felt a huge pressure covering it, making it hard to breathe.

Today, he can continue to choose to be mediocre. The Luolan Mansion left by his parents is considered a large foundation, even if he cannot control it, but if he is willing to give in a lot, it is indeed impossible to be a wealthy idler. Problem.

   And if he chooses the path of acquired appearance, he must keep tight at all times. He must race against time, squeeze every bit of his potential with all his strength, and then fight against the sky to gain that extraordinarily difficult line of life.

   How should I choose between the two?

   Li Luo slowly closed his eyes, his mood surged.

   At this moment, he thought of a lot. He thought of the strange eyes in the university. They like to talk about the words of the tiger father and the dog son, why are such excellent parents and why the children have so much water?

He also thought of those pure and beautiful golden eye pupils. For Jiang Qing'e, he naturally had a bit of love and yearning deep in his heart. Li Luo did not deny this. After all, as he said, Jiang Qing'e's Being excellent is that it has a huge attraction to people of the same age. It is not shameful to be a fair lady and a gentleman, but it is just human nature.

In fact, since childhood, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e have competed in many aspects, but for various reasons, Li Luo is likely to lose more and lose less, and this kind of rivalry continued until the two gradually grew longer. After graduation, it gradually became less.

  Especially at the moment when the Xiang Palace opened, Li Luo knew that the gap between the two sides was widening.

   And Jiang Qinge also started at that time, and rarely compared with him on this.

   And the experience of these years has made Li Luo seem to have become more peaceful, but only Li Luo himself knows how strong his desire to win is contained in his heart.

   The deal with Jiang Qing'e might not be a persecution of him.

  According to normal circumstances, it should be difficult for him to catch up with Jiang Qing'e, who has dropped him a lot, but now... there is a little hope.

  Is this hope going to give up?

  The answer is...impossible!

   Li Luo opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes sharpened like never before.

   He stared at the light and shadow of Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan in front of him, and whispered softly: "Father, mother, I have always had an ambition, although this ambition seems to be ridiculous and irresponsible to others..."

   "Not only do I want to catch up with Sister Qing'e, but I also want to surpass her, not only her, I also want to... surpass you."

He grinned and showed his white teeth: "I want to let people say that when they see me, this is the son of Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan... but I want them to say when they see you... That legendary Li Luo's parents."

   Li Luo smiled and said, "Daddy and mother, I am very grateful to you for giving me such a gift on my seventeenth birthday."

   "Don't worry, I won't let you down, isn't it the five-year seal... Okay, this challenge, I'm Li Luo, take it!"

   When the last word fell, Li Luo's eyes became resolute. Soon he didn't hesitate anymore, and he stretched out his palm and pressed it directly on the black crystal ball.


   The crystal ball suddenly reacted violently. At this moment, Li Luo felt a sharp pain in his palm, as if countless long needles were pierced into his palm.

   Then, the black crystal ball began to split slowly at this time, and in the deepest part of its interior, two things were lying quietly.

   One thing is a black jade slip. If it is not bad, it should record the so-called "Little Wuxiang God Forging Technique".

   The other thing is a peculiar thing. It is like a liquid, and it is like a flow of illusory light. It presents a azure blue color, and in that blue, there is a slight divine light reflected.

   Li Luo's gaze stayed at the mysterious thing that looked like a liquid and flowed like light.

  He knows that this is what can change his destiny... an acquired look that his parents worked hard to refine.

   And he can also feel that when he first saw this thing, he gave birth to a sense of fit that originated from the depths of the soul.

   is like this thing, originally born from his body.

   It seems that as my parents said, this acquired appearance was originally forged with his soul and blood, and the two are naturally incomparable.


   And when Li Luo stared obsessively at that mysterious "acquired form", a sigh containing complex emotions sounded softly.

   Li Luo raised his head, when he saw Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan's light and shadow moving again, their complexion revealed some complexity.

   "Xiao Luo, it seems you still made a choice." Li Taixuan said slowly.

   "As your father, this choice of yours makes me feel a little distressed, but from a man's point of view, it makes me feel relieved and proud."

   "Although your future road is full of difficulties and obstacles, how can my son, Li Taixuan, be afraid of these?"

Tantailan, who was on the side, seemed to have splashes in her eyes. When she wanted to leave this image, she felt extremely uncomfortable when she thought of Li Luo making this choice. After all, as a mother, she couldn’t accept it. My child has only five years of life left in the future.

   But she did not dissuade him, because she also knew that this choice could only be made by Li Luo, and since he made the choice, she would only support him with all her strength and trust him.

   "Xiao Luo...Since you have made your choice, let your mother tell you about the acquired image we refined for you."

   Hearing Tan Tai Lan's words, Li Luo's spirit also lifted.

"This acquired appearance, your father and I have gone through countless trials and attempts, and found the most suitable thing from countless materials, and finally refined it."

   "This phase is the fourth grade, which is based on the water phase and supplemented by the light phase."

   Li Luo was taken aback when he heard the words, and immediately said with a wry smile: "How can this... be an aqueous phase?"

Although there is no difference between high and low in the element phase, if you want to talk about attack power and destructive power, it is natural to use fire, thunder, and gold with the strongest phase, while the water phase is biased towards The kind that is gentle and soft, this kind of phase is obviously softer.

   Obviously, he didn't expect that the first acquired aspect that his father and mother refined for him would be this kind of aspect.

"Haha, Xiao Luo, do you think that the water phase is weak and does not fit your mind? Don’t underestimate the water phase. The water phase may be weaker in attack and damage, but its long and powerful meaning is better than other phases. As long as you can take advantage of the water phase, it will not be weaker than any phase."

   "And...your water phase is not ordinary, because there is light in it, and the combination of water and light. If you can develop it well, the final effect will probably be beyond your expectations."

   "Of course, in the end your father and mother will determine the first phase for you as water and light, and there are two other extremely important reasons."

"After you integrate this first acquired phase, you will lose a lot of essence and blood, the loss of life span will also bring you great trauma, and the water phase is gentle, and the water phase from cultivation The power can also moisturize your wounded body and help you recover quickly."

   Li Luo just came across. That's it, if you want to talk about moisturizing and repairing injuries, then the water phase and the light phase are indeed the best among them.

   "What about the second reason?" Li Luo thought curiously.

  His question did not wait too long. Li Taixuan smiled and said: "The second reason is that we hope you can become a tempering master to assist your future practice."

   "Do you remember the basic conditions of the tempering master?"

   Li Luo was stunned, and immediately replied involuntarily: "The basic condition of the tempering master is that he owns... the water phase or the light phase?"

  Phase is very popular, and naturally many auxiliary occupations have been derived. The tempering master is one of them, and his ability is to refine many spiritual waters that can refine and improve the quality of the phase.

   There are also alchemists, but this requires phases such as wood and fire.

   There is also a master of physiognomy, creating various physiognomy, which requires physiognomy such as metallography, fire, and earth.

   The phase tempering master is somewhat similar to the alchemist, but the essential difference is that the phase tempering master can only improve the quality of phase nature, and most of the pills refined by the alchemist are to improve phase power.

   Both the water phase and the light phase have the effect of purifying, so they are the basic and necessary conditions for becoming a tempering master.

   "But why do you want to become a tempering master?" Li Luo was a little puzzled.

But without waiting for him to ask, Li Taixuan's voice sounded: "Because you have an empty phase, you can temper your own phase qualities without limit. If you become a phase tempering master, you will have a deeper understanding of this in the future. At that time, it will be more possible to perfect one's own appearance."

"In addition, other phase tempering masters have a high probability of owning only one of the water phase or the light phase, but you are the main water phase, and the light phase is supplemented by each other. The two purifying powers cooperate with each other. To be honest, With this condition, if you don't become a tempering master, then you are really a bit violent."

   "The quality of the spiritual water that you refine will be far superior to other tempering masters."

   Tan Tai Lan covered her mouth and chuckled: "Xiao Luo, this is also a way for your parents to leave. If Luo Lan Mansion is bankrupted by you, you will at least have a skill and you will not suffer anywhere."

Li Luo opened his mouth, and finally scratched his head. What else can he say, he can only say that his father and his mother are still scheming. For the career he envisioned, they can be regarded as the first acquired ability to play to the extreme. .

"But Xiaoluo, this first acquired state is just an introduction, so parents can use your soul and blood to help you forge it, but the second and third are more sophisticated and complex... .So you can only rely on you to explore."

   "My parents suggest that when your strength enters the realm of the master, you should consider forging the second acquired phase, some specific forging ideas, we have left some experience in the jade slip, you can use it as a reference."

"The "little non-phase **** forging technique" in this jade slip can only forge the second phase. As for the third phase of the **** forging technique, we placed it in the royal city. The specific information is in the jade slip, you When the time comes, you can go to the Wangcheng to get it."

   When it came to this, Li Luo found that the light and shadow of Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan suddenly began to dim, which made him look tight, and understood in his heart that this exchange was probably about to end.

   "Father, mother..."

   Li Luo couldn't help but stretched out his hand and grabbed the light and shadow, but it penetrated the past.

   While Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan looked down at him, their eyes were full of kindness and love.

   "Xiao Luo, this time may be over..."

   "Both father and mother believe that since you have chosen this path, you will inevitably succeed in getting out of the desperate situation of those five years."

   "My parents know that you are worried about us, but don't worry, we can't bear anything until we see you again."

   "Finally, Xiao Luo, you have to remember that no matter how much you worry about us, you must not come to us until you have been appointed."

   The light and shadow dimmed continuously, and finally disappeared completely, and the room was quiet and dim again.

   Li Luo was sitting in front of the black crystal ball. His eyes were red, but in the end he didn't cry. He just wiped his eyes and whispered: "Father, mother...Thank you for everything you have done for me."

   "Please wait...when we meet again in the future, I will definitely make you feel shocked and proud of me."

   Gradually put away the surging emotions in his heart, Li Luo first stretched out his hand to put away the black jade slip in the crystal ball, and then cast his eyes on the other strange thing that shone with blue and sacred light.

   "From today..."

   "I am also a person with personality."

   In Li Luo's eyes, there was a rush of heat at this time, and immediately he didn't hesitate anymore, directly stretched out his palm, and violently grasped the acquired appearance.


   At the moment of contact, first a cold feeling came from the palm of his palm, and then, an indescribable pain broke out directly in Li Luo's body.

   The sharp pain was so intense that it instantly overwhelmed Li Luo's sanity, his eyes suddenly became dark, and the whole person slowly collapsed.

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