Absolute Resonance

Chapter 6: Acquired

The mirror-smooth black crystal ball reflected Li Luo's face, with obvious expectations and tension on it.

   He also wanted to know, what is the thing that the father and mother have so hard to leave for him...

   "How should I open it?"

   Li Luo worked hard to suppress the tension in his heart, looked at the dark and mysterious crystal ball left and right, and then tentatively pressed his palms on it lightly.


   And when his palm touched the crystal ball, the crystal ball seemed to oscillate slightly. The original hard and smooth surface seemed to become liquid, gradually covering Li Luo's palms.

   At the same time, Li Luo faintly felt that something like a needle pierced into his palm, and some blood was taken away.

   The black liquid gradually separated from the palms, and light began to radiate from them. Finally, in Li Luo's surprised eyes, it gradually intertwined with two light and shadows above.

   Looking at the two familiar figures, Li Luo suddenly felt a surge of sourness on the tip of his nose.

   "Father, mother..."

The two lights and shadows, one male and one female, were extraordinarily handsome men. His body was as tall as a gun, and he was dressed in white. He was handsome. He had a gentle smile on his face and his vigor, giving people an indescribable sense of security. .

   The woman is wearing a purple coat, with her long hair curled up, her hands leisurely in her pockets, her face is also extremely beautiful, dignified and elegant.

   is Li Luo's parents, Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan.

"Haha, Xiao Luo, when you saw us in this photo, you should have been seventeen years old? Probably we are not by your side at this time." And when Li Luo looked at the two lights and shadows, then Li Taixuan spoke. .

   "Xiao Luo should have become more handsome, right? Has she been pursued by girls in the academy?" Tan Tai Lan also said with a smile.

   Li Luo rubbed his eyes and muttered to himself: "Your son is completely useless now except for his handsome appearance. No one will pursue him."

   "Is Xiao Luo complaining about himself now? Feeling that he is worthless?" However, the light and shadow of Li Taixuan seemed to know the thoughts in Li Luo's heart at this time, and laughed again.

   Tantai Lan said: "Is it because of the void in your body?"

   Hearing this, Li Luo was shocked, because when the Xianggong appeared in his body, Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan had disappeared. How would they know his condition?

"Don't be surprised, Xiao Luo. Actually, the situation of the emptiness in your body, we have done some observations with special secret methods before your xianggong appeared, including the three xianggongs you own." Tantailan has a gentle gaze. Said.

   Li Luo opened his mouth. At this moment, he remembered a lot. It turned out that his father and mother knew the special situation in his body earlier than him. Then, does the disappearance of father and mother have anything to do with this? Where are you now...? Is the situation okay? Why has there been no news for so many years?

"Xiao Luo, first of all, I want to tell you here that the natural emptiness is not a useless thing. On the contrary, in my opinion, it is the most powerful physique in the world. You don't need to be depressed because of it, but you should be happy about it. "Li Taixuan's words were astonishing, making Li Luo dumbfounded.

   "Daddy, you don't need to be so overwhelmed if you want to comfort me?" Li Luo's expression on your face is like you can fool me. It's hard to cultivate in this void, and you have the strongest physique. Father, who are you fooling around?

   "You are born with emptiness and cannot absorb and refine the energy of heaven and earth. This is indeed a problem that touches the root cause, but there is no solution to this problem." Li Taixuan smiled slightly and said.

   "Since it is an empty phase, just find a way to fill in one." Tan Tai Lan also smiled.

Li Luo frowned. This is simple to say, but in fact it is impossible at all. The phase nature is born innate, and it is unheard of to fill in it. He has done similar attempts before, without exception. Failed.

   "Usually, it is indeed impossible to do it, but we have been working hard to find a way since we learned about your natural state of emptiness."

   "While Huangtian has paid off, we finally found it."

   When Li Taixuan said this, Li Luo could clearly hear his heart beating like a drum. The beating was so violent that he felt an instant dizziness in his head.

"We read and deduced countless ancient books, and finally found a method. This method is called "Little Wuxiang God Forging Technique". With this technique, you can hammer out the image of acquired nature, and if you combine it during hammer forging, The essence, blood and soul of, then the final form can be integrated into the palace."

"Xiao Luo, your natural emptiness is not necessarily a bad thing, because the innate phasic is too random and difficult to control, but this acquired appearance, hammered out by the "little non-phase **** forging technique", can be in accordance with yours. Will to build."

   "If you want the elemental aspect, you can create it in the direction of the elemental aspect. If you want the aspect of the beast, then go in the direction of the beast aspect."

   "When you are able to do so, your three physiognomy palaces will all be equipped with the three physiognomy you carefully forged. At that time, you will be living with each other, and the power will be far superior to those innate physiognomy."

Li Luo's eyes could not help but brighten. This is not bad. There are so many phases. When the phase palace is opened by many people, the phase nature of the phase palace is fixed and cannot be changed in any way. And he here, although there is no congenital phase nature, but It is better than the acquired plasticity.

   "Xiao Luo, the acquired appearance forged by the "Little Wuxiang God Forging Technique" has another wonderful benefit." Tan Tailan added.

  Although he knew that he was only taking pictures, Li Luo immediately became energetic. If you want to say good things, then I am not sleepy.

   "Normal innate appearances are mostly a single element, but the acquired appearances hammered out by this "little formless **** forging technique" are different, because it contains two attributes, one main and one auxiliary."

"For these two attributes, if you can choose the genus of mutualism, it will inevitably make it even more powerful. Although there are some heavenly materials between the heavens and the earth, it may also give birth to some other elements in the human xianggong, but they are too small, top There is only a small gain, and compared with your master's identity, it is far from it."

   "Cow! Bull!"

Li Luo clapped his hands vigorously. Of course, he understood how precious this point was. If he chooses the fire element as the main element, adding the thunder element as a supplement, and the fire and thunder superimposed, it will undoubtedly greatly increase the damage of his element. Force.

   Thinking of this, even he couldn't help but get a little excited, so it seems that his so-called emptiness is really more subtle than the innate appearance!

"Ah, but everything is hard to be perfect. Although this acquired form is incomparably compatible with the void, there is a flaw. The acquired form is hammered, and the initial rank will not exceed the fourth rank." Li Taixuan suddenly coughed and said.

Li Luo suddenly stunned and hesitated. The fourth-rank appearance and rank were indeed a bit low. Compared with Jiang Qing'e's ninth-rank bright, the difference was not a little bit.

   With this difference in rank, I am afraid that even if he possesses both the main and auxiliary elements in this acquired appearance, he may not be able to easily catch up.

   But this hesitation is only short-lived after all. After all, his situation is so bad now that it can't be worse, even if it is a fourth-grade phase, it is not bad!

   "Of course, you don't need to worry. Although the starting point of the acquired phase is low, it can be improved by the method of the future." Tan Tailan loves her son the most, and immediately wakes up.

Li Luo suddenly realized that, yes, there are many strange medicines and treasures in this world, they have the miraculous effect of improving the phase quality, especially there is a profession called the tempering master, which can refine many tempering spiritual waters. Qiguang is most welcomed by countless photo masters.

   It’s just that this kind of foreign object improves the quality of the phase. After all, there are some limitations. Generally speaking, it is the limit to be able to improve the phase by one or two grades in the end.

   And his acquired appearance, if he starts to the extreme, he can only be at the 4th rank, and then after various upgrades, he will at most stop at the 5th and 6th rank.

   "Xiao Luo is worried about the improvement of the appearance of foreign objects, will there be the ultimate in the end?" When Li Luo was thinking about it, Li Taixuan's laughter rang.

   "Oh?" Seeing Li Taixuan's smile, Li Luo couldn't help but pick up his brows. Is it possible that there is a chance to make up for this defect?

And while Li Luo was waiting expectantly, Tan Tailan suddenly coughed and interrupted Li Taixuan who wanted to talk. She was a little dissatisfied and said: "You have said everything. What else am I talking to Xiao Luo?"

   Li Taixuan was obviously stunned, and immediately said: "I'm sorry, my wife, my wife is wrong, then you come and tell your son."

   Li Luo saw this scene and couldn't help but shook his head. Dad's desire to survive really didn't have to say, this was beaten out alive, right?

   "Boy, are you laughing at your dad?"

And the image of Li Taixuan seemed to know Li Luo’s reaction to this scene, he immediately snorted, and then said very seriously: "You are still young, you don’t understand, I’m not afraid of your mother, but right. Your mother’s love is too deep, and I have told you many times that loving your wife is the first family motto in our family. In the future, with Qing'e, you must abide by the family rules, don’t you know?"

   Li Luo couldn't help sneer when he heard this, daddy, every time you tell me this, if it weren't for the fresh fist marks on your face, I would really almost believe it.

   But speaking of Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo sighed again. Qing'e was almost brought up by her old mother, so her personality is very similar to her, and she always wants to hit him.

   What can I do from now on?

   Feeling sad, Li Luo raised his head and glanced at the image of the old man, and the latter seemed to understand what he was thinking in his heart. For a while, both father and son were a little concerned.

   "Li Taixuan, you don't want to waste my time by playing treasures here, okay?" When the father and son were sad for each other, Tantailan Liu said with a raised eyebrow.

   Li Taixuan heard the words and quickly nodded to show that he knew.

Then Tan Tailan looked at Li Luo, and her tone became gentle: "The restrictions on the promotion of the phases of the external objects are only for the innate phases, because the external objects, no matter how they are purified, will eventually contain some impurities. It is the accumulation of these impurities that will eventually lead to the complete closure of the xianggong, and it will no longer be difficult to improve the quality of the xianggong."

"But Xiaoluo, your emptiness is not in this range, because other people’s xianggongs are inherently attributed, so they will reject those tempered foreign objects, but your emptiness has no attributes, and emptiness is Nothing, nothing, also means that everything can be accommodated."

   "Therefore, your appearance can be continuously improved by tempering with external objects. Although the higher the rank, the more difficult it is, but you do have the opportunity to make your acquired appearance become perfect."

   "That's why I said, Xiao Luo, this so-called emptiness is probably the most powerful in this world. What it lacks is just the key to unlock it."

Li Luo's heart surged violently. In the past few years, the emptiness in his body has caused him to bear a lot. At first he felt unwilling and angry, but in the end all these unwilling efforts turned into powerlessness, and then only Can accept reality.

   But now, his father tells him that this emptiness is not a useless thing, but the strongest in the world?

   At this moment, Li Luo couldn't help but reddened his eyes.

   "Xiao Luo, that first acquired appearance, we took your blood and a strand of soul before, and we have refined it, and it's inside this crystal ball."

   "Little Wuxiang God forging is also among them." Tan Tailan said.

A warm current rushed through Li Luo's heart, and immediately he opened his hands: "Daddy and mother, thank you, come on, I'm ready, pass me the acquired image and the little Wuxiang God forging technique, let you His son will start this leap in life from now on."

   But at this time, Li Taixuan's expression became solemn. He was silent for a few breaths, and said: "Finally, there is one more thing that needs to be explained to you. It is not as simple as you imagined to integrate this acquired aspect into your body."

"When the image of acquired nature is integrated, UU reading www.uukanshu.com will draw a lot of your blood, and the reason why you are required to open this thing when you are seventeen is also because you need to be at this age to be able to reluctantly Can bear the depletion of these blood."

   "But the most important thing is... fusion of the acquired phase, you will lose not only your essence and blood, but also... life span."

"From the moment of fusion, your life span is only the last five years...unless you can step into the sealed state and evolve your life level within five years, otherwise, after five years, your life span will come to an end. ."

"Your mother has been arguing with me for a long time. After all, the price is too high. But when you grow up, Xiao Luo, we decided to tell you about this and let you make your own choice. Xiao Luo, choose to maintain In the current situation, I will become a wealthy idler in the future and live a safe life. I still choose to merge with the acquired image, start fighting with the sky, and embark on the endless dangerous road..."

"If you choose the former, you only need to close the crystal ball, and everything in it will self-destruct. If you choose the latter, you can put your palm in it. Whatever you choose, father and mother will always support you."

   The voice stopped abruptly, and the images of Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan stopped talking, but looked forward quietly with gentle eyes.

   And Li Luo also sat down slowly, staring at the dark crystal ball, his expression was uncertain.

   He thought before that the potential of this empty phase is so great, how can there be no sequelae? It turns out that he is waiting here.

   Now, the choice he makes is to decide whether he wants to be a weak kid or a short-lived one?

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