Absolute Resonance

Chapter 53: Lianju

When Li Luo’s voice reached his ears, Yu Lang's heart also passed thousands of thoughts. After all, closing his eyes would undoubtedly give the other party more opportunities to take advantage of the current situation, but because of his understanding of Li Luo’s behavioral style. Finally, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Therefore, when the dazzling light burst out, Yu Lang avoided the light stimulation, relying on the previous memory route, reached out and grabbed the ghost fruit.

On the other hand, the assaulting figure was startled by the sudden bright light, his eyes stabbed, and his body shape slowed down involuntarily.

The glare suddenly appeared and disappeared quickly.

However, Yu Lang caught the Gui Mianguo, and immediately his face was cold and stern, and a rapier ejected from his sleeve. The blue force surged, bringing the sound of breaking wind, and he mercilessly faced the figure that was close at hand. Stabbed away.


The assailant also understood the failure of the shot at this time, and immediately snorted, punched out, and the yellow force whizzed, and directly hit Yu Lang with a heavy force.

The force surged, the body of the assaulting figure just flickered, but looking at Yu Lang, the figure shot out backwards and landed on the ground not far away.

At the moment when Yu Lang succeeded, Li Luo and Zhao Kuo also quickly escaped from the attack range of the Ghost Face Devil's Vine Tree, and then rushed to Yu Lang's side, staring coldly at the figure in front of them.

"Hehe, what a quick response, I didn't get it." Facing the cold eyes of the three people, the figure laughed lightly.

At this time, he also showed his figure. He was a tall young man. He had short hair and muscular body, full of arrogant power, giving people a visually oppressive atmosphere.

"People from Dongyuan Academy?" Zhao Kuo saw the crystal sign on the opponent's chest at a glance. The school badge there belonged to Dongyuan Academy.

"It's the Lian Chong of the Dongyuan Academy. He is the second place of the Dongyuan Academy. He is the sixth-rank earth figure and the strength of the eight seals." And Yu Lang, who has revealed the identity and information of the other party, is worthy of compiling the big exam materials. People know all the top students in various universities.

Li Luo looked faintly, and said, "People at Dongyuan Academy, do you like to grab things so much? Your teaching philosophy is very problematic."

"In the big test rules, I didn't say that you can't grab it." Na Lian Zhong said with a smile.

"It doesn't matter if you grab something, the key is to hide like a gopher for a long time, but you haven't grabbed it yet, then you're a little angry." Li Luo smiled.

The smile on Lian Zhong’s face faded a bit. In this sneak attack, he had been planning for a long time. He originally thought that he would be an expert and he would be able to mock the other party by then, but he did not expect that Li Luo's reaction would be so fast. He gave a counterattack and made him miss.

"Li Luo, I really underestimated you."

Lian Zhong stared at Li Luo, then smiled faintly: "But this is just a seasoning side dish, you don't have to be proud."

"Listening to what you mean, are you still staring at me?"

"No way, the boss let go, he has no time to greet you, so let us have some fun for you." Lian Zhong seemed to laugh helplessly.

"Shi Huang?" Li Luo thoughtfully.

"It doesn't make sense to play with you right now. After all, you can't grab points here. After this level, I will come to you when the elimination round starts." Lian Zhong said.

Immediately he glanced at Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang, and said, "You two, if you are smart enough, you should separate from him sooner. If the boss let go, people from my Dongyuan Academy will target him, and you will follow. It's just unlucky."

"Fart your mother."

Zhao Kuo widened his eyes and cursed: "I would like you dogs from Dongyuan Academy to come over and give points."

Yu Lang shook the thin sword in his hand, and said with a pensive expression: "Li Luo and I are friends of life and death. We are in love with each other. We want me to leave him unless...you add money."

"If you don't know anything, then just do it with you." Lian Zhong shook his head, and didn't bother to say more. When his figure moved, he cast it into the dark forest.

"Add more and less, you can at least give a number, if it doesn't work, you can still bargain!" Yu Lang hurriedly said.

He still wanted to catch up, but was stopped by Li Luo: "There is no need to waste time here, and it's really boring to start here, and you can't grab his points."

"Damn it, it's too arrogant." Yu Lang cursed, obviously still very angry. He didn't know whether he was trying to sneak attack or was angry that the other party refused to even increase the price.

Zhao Kuo looked at Li Luo and frowned: "Brother Luo, if the people from Dongyuan Academy really want to target you then, let's find other people to counter them."

If you don't find someone, the other party is obviously crowded.

"No hurry, let's take a look first."

Li Luo's expression is more calm. Obviously Shi Huang didn't put him too much in his eyes, so the task of cleaning him was entrusted to this Lianzhong and others, but if the other party really wanted to do this, then he would Don't mind really letting the other party know what it means to beat a dog with meat buns, there is no return.

Hey, no, I am not a dog.

"Here, this is the harvest this time." At this time, Yu Lang handed over the ghost face fruit in his hand.

"Give it to Zhao Kuo first, he suffered the worst." Li Luo smiled.

At this time, there were blood marks on Zhao Kuo's body, which looked quite miserable, but these were just skin injuries, and with his defensive power, he would soon be able to recover.

When Zhao Kuo heard this, he didn't say much, and reached out to take the Guimianguo. Anyway, he will help Li Luo later, and Yu Lang grabs another Guimianguo.

He held the ghost face fruit, then crushed it, took out the core of the fruit, squeezed it hard, and finally squeezed out a drop of green juice, which dripped onto the crystal card on his chest and melted into it.

Then the points on the crystal card jumped directly to one hundred.

"Let's go, continue to do the second one." Li Luo said, and then continued with the two of them.

In the next hour, the trio found two Grimace Devil Vine Trees again, and continued to do the same, but this time there was no other interference, so the two Grim Face Fruits were successfully obtained. The basic points of Li Luo and Yu Lang, It also reached one hundred.

After the basic score reached 100, continuing to capture the ghost fruit would have no effect, so the three of them stopped staying, and directly began to move at full speed toward the position of the third-tier knockout.


At the foot of Bailing Mountain and above the huge crystal wall, the points are constantly changing and beating.

Countless eyes focused on it, but it was very lively.

In the standings, the front row is still occupied by a single full score, with a full two hundred basic points. Among these people, Lu Qinger, Shi Wei and others are led.

And the most conspicuous thing is that above the crystal wall, there are two mirrors projecting the picture, which is quite visually impactful.

The first one is Lu Qing'er. She stands beautifully on a ghost-faced devil's vine tree. At this time, all the headaches of the devil's vine tree are frozen by ice crystals. Her long hair is fluttering. With a slender posture, coupled with that clear and beautiful face, at that moment, I don't know how many people have experienced the charm of the first person in the Nanfeng Academy.

And the second picture was Shi Wei, holding a ghost fruit with a smile on his face. Behind it was a black smoky magic vine tree with occasional thunder light flashing on it.

The two of them defeated the Devil's Vine Tree and captured the ghost fruit by relying on their own strength.

Their impressive record also allowed them to win a greater voice. Everyone understands that the probability of the first place in this year's big exam is between these two people.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing didn't pay too much attention to these pictures. Their eyes were locked on the standings. They were relieved when they saw that Li Luo's points had finally changed from zero to one hundred.

Although this review level is just to get the basic points~www.readwn.com~, if Li Luo really got in with two zero points, it would be too weird.

And as more and more students use various means to win the ghost face fruit, the atmosphere here is beginning to become more and more boiling, because everyone knows that the two evaluation passes are just a foreplay. It is to provide everyone with some basic points for the next knockout.

Therefore, when the knockouts begin, this big test has just been officially opened.


Bailing Mountain.

Li Luo, Yu Lang, and Zhao Kuo walked out of the dark forest. A stream flowed out in front of you. On the other side of the stream, there was a rolling hilly area with complex terrain, which was full of trees and boulders.

The three looked at each other and knew in their hearts that crossing the stream was the venue for the knockout.

However, they didn't hesitate much. With the surging force, their figures flashed, passing the river several meters wide, setting foot on the other side of the river, and opening the knockout round of the big exam.

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