Absolute Resonance

Chapter 54: Fishing group of 3

When the three of Li Luo crossed the stream and set foot on the opposite bank, they also noticed that some figures were swept over not far away, but when they met each other's eyes, they scattered each other by accident and quickly got into the complex terrain. In the densely forested mountains.

The three of Li Luo also entered the densely shaded mountain forest. They heard the sound of birdsong among the mountains, and their expressions became a little more dignified.

"What are you going to do next?" Li Luo looked at Zhao Kuo and Yu Lang and asked.

Zhao Kuo smiled and said, "I originally planned to get into the knockout round and start mixing points by myself, but now I think I will talk to you first."

"Is it because of the cheap words?"

Li Luo said: "It's not necessary. I don't care much about his threat."

"Brother Luo, you must be capable. Of course I know that you are not afraid of him, but I am worried that the other party will summon the people of Dongyuan Academy to encircle you. Although I am not as strong as you, if I encounter this situation, I can help you share the burden. One point." Zhao Kuo said.

Immediately he grinned again: "And...following Luo Ge, isn't it faster to mix points?"

Li Luo smiled, he knew that Zhao Kuo did this, and more often he wanted to do something for him, so he didn't persuade him any more and nodded.

"How about you?" He looked at Yu Lang.

Yu Lang fiddled with his bangs, and said deeply: "You know my skills, as long as I want to, this knockout game will be like a fish in water for Yu Lang, so if you are willing to pay a high price to hire me to protect you, I can look at our friendship. Above, I will give you a half-fold, one thousand gold!"

It's just that before finishing talking, Li Luoyu and Zhao Kuo walked away facing the front.

Yu Lang was anxious: "Five hundred gold!"

Li Luo still ignored him.

Yu Lang angrily said: "If you think the price is not good, then you will pay the price! Too shameless! It's all the bad things you learned from."

"Hardware." Li Luo stretched out his left hand and shook his mouth with a smile.


Li Luo almost flashed his waist and said, "Langhuo, you are a real showman."

Yu Lang proudly said: "As long as you dare to pay it back, I will dare to respond, Li Luo, do you think hardware can humiliate me? It's naive."

Li Luo shook his head helplessly, but there was a little smile in his eyes. He knew whether it was Zhao Kuo or Yu Lang, or worried that he was really targeted by Dongyuan Academy, so he chose to follow him so as not to get him. The gutter capsized.

These two people have different personalities, but they are all good friends worthy of deep friendship.

"I have a proposal."

Yu Lang said suddenly: "The three of us are too eye-catching. I suggest Zhao Kuo go alone in front, and then Li Luo hides me behind with water shadow."

Li Luo thoughtfully said: "Do you want to fish?"

And the bait is obviously Zhao Kuo, he is alone, looks honest and honest, it is easy to be spotted by other unruly people, and then try to grab his points.

"This method is good."

Zhao Kuo laughed, then reduced his expression, and suddenly the whole person felt straight, dull and even a little timid.

"Zhao Kuo, your acting skills really buried you in Nanfeng Academy." Yu Lang was shocked when he saw this.

Zhao Kuohan smiled and scratched his head.

"Let's do it then." When Li Luo saw this, he made a decision, and the fishing trio was formally established.


In the dense forest, shrubs are dense, with many light spots projecting down from the gaps in the leaves.

A somewhat burly figure walked cautiously in the woods, staring vigilantly at the four directions with constantly twinkling eyes, with an extremely cautious appearance.

Occasionally, he would even hide in a shadow for a while before moving forward quietly.

I'm very scared, I'm very weak temperament.

And in some hidden places behind the burly figure, Li Luo and Yu Lang stared in the dark. They looked at Zhao Kuo's cautious appearance, and they were a little absent-minded.

"It's too deep to play." Yu Lang sighed. He originally thought he was already very good at acting, but now it seems that Zhao Kuo is not a simple role.

Li Luo nodded in sympathy, and he felt that Zhao Kuo was really acting hard with great potential.

"But others are also very cautious."

Li Luo glanced at somewhere in the shadows, because he had long discovered that two people had been eyeing Zhao Kuo before, but the other party never did it. Instead, they hung behind Zhao Kuo even more wretchedly and kept paying attention to him.

Obviously, the other party is also confirming whether Zhao Kuo is really as timid and fearful on the surface.

Moreover, the two of them had already probed Zhao Kuo's rear several times, but Li Luo's concealment method was obviously not something they could see through, so Li Luo noticed the trace instead.

But Li Luo could feel that the two of them had already begun to feel a little unbearable, because Zhao Kuo's acting skills were too engrossed, and the two of them were afraid that they were going to be hooked.

And just as Li Luo was meditating on the countdown, in the dense forest, the leaves were shaking, and the two figures had already shot out, and finally landed in front of and behind Zhao Kuo, just blocking his retreat.

Such a change caused Zhao Kuo to lose his face in shock, and immediately said with an angry expression: "What do you want to do? I belong to the Nanfeng Academy. Do you dare to move me to try?"

Li Luo and Yu Lang, who looked in the dark with this sly and inner look, once again admired and clapped their hands in their hearts.

The two people who showed up seemed to come from two different schools, but their strength was not weak, their bodies rose up, and they had obviously reached the Seven Seals realm.

"Brother, I have been with you for a long time. You are the Zhao Kuo from Nanfeng Academy, right? I saw you from the college entrance examination documents...Don't talk nonsense, hand over the points." The two people who blocked the road said.

"Dreaming!" Zhao Kuo roared, as the silver phase force was ascending, he already urged his silver bear phase to move.

As for his move, the two of them did not hesitate to shoot directly, and they saw that they were all holding long swords one after the other, attacking Zhao Kuo as fast as lightning.

The attack is quite sharp and fierce.

However, at the moment when their attack was about to fall on Zhao Kuo, suddenly behind the two of them, there was a slight sound of breaking the wind.

The hair on their bodies suddenly stood up, and then they saw Zhao Kuo in front of him. On his timid face, a ridiculous smile emerged.

"Damn, I've been recruited!"

The two understood in an instant, and their hearts were full of anxiety and anger. They had clearly probed the surrounding area many times carefully, why couldn't they find each other?

The other party is too dogged!

Binghan in their hearts, these two people are also ruthless people, directly running the force, and their swordsman pointed at Zhao Kuo. They knew that they were already in the trap. At the moment, they can only join hands to capture this pig-like guy first, as a hostage, let The opponent throws a rat avoidance device.

Zhao Kuo also felt the intention of the two, but instead of hiding, he showed a fierce light in his eyes, which was completely different from his timid temperament before.

He swung the big axe in his hand, as if forming a knife wheel, and directly bumped into the two of them.


The sound of gold iron sounded and sparks flew everywhere. Zhao Kuo let out a muffled groan, and his body was shocked and shot out. After all, the strength of the other two was not weaker than him. Now that they are working together, they naturally suppress him in an instant.

But before the two men continued to chase them, two powerful roars came behind them, directly blasting on their backs.


The two spouted blood, and they planted like a gourd on the ground.

When they stood up again, a blue short knife and thin sword hung around their necks.

"Brother, if you move around again, you will be bleeding." A hippie smiling voice came from the side.

The two looked at each other, their complexions turned gloomy and frustrated, and they cursed: "Damn, your Nanfeng Academy is too insidious, and you still play fishing!"

"If you are not greedy, you won't be able to catch it."

Li Luo smiled, and then greeted Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo, and each took off the crystal tiles on their chests, rubbed the crystal tiles of the two big fishes, and directly cleared their points.

And as the two people's crystal card points returned to zero, the crystal card suddenly flashed with a rapid red light, and then there were rays of light extending from it, binding the two firmly.

This shows that it means to be eliminated, and the temporary restraint is also to restrict their movement, so as not to interfere with other students~www.readwn.com~ After taking the points, the three of them don't bother to have more with these two guys. Talking nonsense, Shi Shiran turned around and faintly heard a voice.

"The harvest is pretty good, I don't know who will be the next hapless one?"

"Hope to be fatter than these two guys, right?"

"But Zhao Kuo, your acting skills are really good. These two people have been cautiously following you for half an hour, but you were still fooled by you."

"Haha, I have passed the award, but there are some details that need to be improved. For example, when they show up to catch me, I should show some panic, so that it will be more realistic."

"Your attitude is very dedicated."

"Hey, don't you have to do a job and love a job?"

"I'm kind of speechless when you say that..."

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