Absolute Resonance

Chapter 43: 6-grade water light phase

When Li Luo's last batch of the fifth-grade spiritual water miraculous light had three bottles left, his "water-light phase" finally ushered in the long-awaited evolution, stepping into the sixth-grade.

In the attic of the bedroom, Li Luo fell to the sky on the carpet, his face full of complex and ecstatic emotions.

Less than a month ago, Li Luo was still the so-called emptiness, and his future was inexplicable, but now, his unique "water and light phase" has entered the sixth rank.

The physiognomy is nine-rank, and the physiognomy of the sixth stage, no matter how you look at it, can be regarded as the middle-to-upper level.

And as long as it evolves again in the future, it will step into the real high-quality level.

In addition, because of the special nature of the water and light phase, even if it is a sixth-rank, the phase power derived from this cultivation is no longer weaker than some of the seventh-rank phase powers. Therefore, from the perspective of the phase quality level, Li Luo has already Catch up with many outstanding peers.

As far as Li Luo knows, in the entire Nanfeng Academy, there is only Lu Qing'er who possesses the upper seven appearances. Even if this scope is extended to the entire Tianshu County generation, it is probably one of the few.

Li Luo wouldn't really think that the seventh stage was not worth mentioning just because there was a ninth stage evildoer like Jiang Qing'e around him.

And if it weren't the super rare ninth stage, how could the Saint Profound Star Academy start a special move to include Jiang Qing'e in advance?

You know, the style of the Saint Profound Star Academy is very high. The genius they have seen is like Jiang Zhiqing, so ordinary geniuses are not qualified to allow them to open the door to convenience.

Li Luo raised the palm of his hand, a blue phase force condensed from his fingertips, that phase force was extremely pure, as if there was the sound of water waves coming out of it, clear and cold.

He could feel that as the "water-light phase" evolves to the sixth rank, his phase power has become stronger and more refined.

Even not far from the Eight Seals Realm.

The blue phase force finally condensed into a blue water ball about the size of a fist at Li Luo's fingertips. In the next instant, he flicked his finger and the blue water ball burst out, and suddenly burst when it was about to hit the wall. , The dazzling bright light suddenly broke out, so that Li Luo, who had been prepared for a long time, squinted his eyes.

Li Luo chuckled. This physiognomy is not uncommon. It is just a very common intermediate physiognomy, water bomb. If the opponent is hit by the water bomb, the power of the water will invade the body, and its speed will be delayed. But the disadvantage of this physiognomy is that its attack power is relatively low, and it is difficult to cause too much damage to people.

Therefore, Li Luo improved and strengthened this middle-level physiognomy, he added the light force to it, and the final formed water bomb was not only faster, but also capable of bursting out dazzling glare, taking the effect of interference.

So this enhanced "water bomb technique" has been renamed by Li Luo and turned into "water bomb".

In these days, in order to prepare for the next college entrance examination, Li Luo has worked **** Xiangshu. This "Water Light Bullet" is one of the skills that have been successfully tested.

Li Luo stood up, looking at the two fifth-grade spiritual waters that were left on the table, he sighed with a sad expression.

In less than a month, his "water and light phase" has improved by two ranks. This speed can definitely shock countless people, but Li Luo understands that this high-speed promotion period is about to end.

Because the sixth-grade spirit water is so light, it is no longer the same as the fifth-grade, and hundreds of them can be easily purchased.

And in terms of price alone, the fifth-grade Lingshui Qiguang has a market price of five thousand gold, while the sixth-grade Lingshui Qiguang has to reach the expensive 30,000 gold...

He increased from the fifth rank to the sixth rank, consuming a total of about one hundred and eighty spirit waters.

And the sixth to the seventh grade is a watershed in the phase nature, because this is the threshold for the middle-level phase to move toward the high-quality orientation, so the spiritual water and miraculous light needed among them may be more.

For the time being, if you need two hundred pieces of spiritual water, the price will eventually reach a terrifying six million gold. This figure is probably the income of the entire Luolan Mansion for a year.

As for the current internal and external troubles in Luolan Mansion, it is certainly impossible to come up with six million gold to support him.

One more thing, even if you have money, you have to wait for the sixth-grade spiritual water to be available on the market before you can buy it. As far as Li Luo knows, the entire Tianshu County has the sixth-grade spiritual water that appears every month. Light, I am afraid it is only around ten, and Li Luo feels that it is impossible to gather the amount to evolve to the seventh rank here.

Unless to go to the royal city.

Calculating this way, if you want to raise this acquired aspect to the 9th rank, the funds needed have reached an extremely terrifying figure. Under this figure, even Luolan Mansion seems a little insignificant. .

If you do the calculations carefully, it seems that this acquired look is actually a bit deceptive.

Of course, because of the void phase, he can absorb the spiritual water of a lower rank, but the efficiency is quite low. For example, when the water phase reaches the sixth rank this time, he will absorb the fifth-rank spiritual water. , The efficiency is several grades worse than before the evolution, so for him, replacing the advanced ones with low-level spiritual waters may not be really cost-effective. It can only be said as a substitute when there is no other way. .

Li Luo's face was condensed, but fortunately, his special feature is not just this, because after he is promoted to the realm of the master, he can start to forge the second phase and fill it into the second phase palace.

So even if his first phase is difficult to move forward due to funding reasons, the second phase is enough to allow him to continue to improve.

And to say it, only when the second phase palace is filled, this is only his advantage, Li Luo, will it really burst out.

Although my water and light phase of a sixth or seventh rank may be a bit different from yours at the ninth rank, what about my two sixth and seventh ranks' dual-attribute acquired phases? How about three?

I can't beat you one by one, you can always fight with me!

And this kind of advantage, at least until he meets the powerhouse of the Fenghou Realm, Li Luo has a high probability of being able to maintain it, unless he encounters the kind of accidental promotion~www.readwn.com~ Luckily before the Fenghou realm. The super genius who opened up the second phase palace, but this kind of existence should be almost rare with his first sky phase, right?

And he really met, he should have a bit of advantage when he fights biphasic with three-phase power, right?

The thoughts in his heart diverged wildly, and then Li Luo sighed heavily, suppressing all these emotions, and at the same time took a blue jade slip from the table, which recorded a new energy guidance technique. , It was Li Luo who had chosen for himself a long time ago.

Profound waterfall breathing method, high-rank general level, requires six-level phases.

The energy guidance technique of this mysterious waterfall breathing method is higher than the Canglan meditation chart that Li Luo practiced before, and the water phase power it cultivates will be stronger than the Canglan meditation chart. It fits the needs of Li Luo right now.

Li Luo carefully read this "Xuan Waterfall Breathing Method", and after a long time, he only started to try to practice after he had a preliminary understanding.

In the next two days, most of Li Luo's energy was spent on the practice of "Xuan Waterfall Breathing Method". Until the day before the end of the holiday, Cai Wei sent someone to inform him. He had asked him to help build it before. Xiang Ju has been successfully released.

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