Absolute Resonance

Chapter 42: Governor's Mansion

"The King of Wanxiang (

In order to celebrate his promotion to the chairman of Xiyang House, in the evening, Yan Lingqing, in a very good mood, invited Li Luo and Cai Wei to a banquet, and then Li Luo really saw Yan Lingqing's massive amount.

And what shocked him most was that not only Yan Lingqing had a terrible drinking volume, but Cai Wei was also a female hero. The appearance of the two women drinking savagely, and finally shocked that Li Luo could only shiver by the side, like a weak quail. .

"Li Luo, as long as you can increase the assistance of the secret source water in the future, I will definitely be able to make all the spiritual waters produced by Xiyang House the strongest in Tianshu County!" With Jiu Jin, Yan Lingqing has beautiful eyes. Staring fiercely at Li Luo.

"Okay, I will try my best to provide it." Li Luo responded with a smile. At the moment, his power is only in the Seven Seals realm. If he can step into the realm of the Master, then his own power will be improved qualitatively. At that time The secret source water that can be provided should be able to enhance a lot.

And if Xiyang House can dominate the Lingshui Qiguang market in Tianshu County, then Luolan Mansion's annual profit in Tianshu County will also greatly increase, which will help Li Luo continue to spend.

"Then, first wish that Xiyang House dominates Tianshu County."

Cai Wei smiled sweetly. Under the influence of alcohol, her cheeks, which were as delicate as flowers, were even more charming and charming.

The three toasted and smiled together.


After helping Yan Lingqing solve the internal problems of Xiyang House, Li Luo was finally able to feel a lot of relief, and in the next few days, his time to go to Xiyang House was slightly reduced.

Because as the holidays approach, Li Luo must also start to consider another extremely important thing, which is the upcoming college entrance examination.

The university entrance examination determines the admission quota of the Saint Profound Star Academy. As the top university in the Great Xia Kingdom, it is the holy place that countless young girls aspire to.

Looking at Daxia, no forces dare to say that they have the strength and qualifications to ignore the Saint Profound Star Academy. Before Daxia Kingdom, there were also dynasties. However, regardless of how the dynasty is replaced, the Saint Profound Star Academy has always stood firmly there, unmoving. , From this we can see its background and strength.

There are even rumors that in that Saint Profound Star Academy, there is a powerful man who is entrusted with kings.

Therefore, Li Luo is the Young Master of Luolan Mansion, but compared with that of the Saint Profound Star Academy, it is still a lot worse. Therefore, for the sake of the future, Li Luo must enter the Saint Profound Star Academy.

What's more, he and Jiang Qing'e still have an agreement.

The college entrance examination will include all colleges in Tianshu County, and each college will send the top 20 outstanding students to compete for the admissions of the Saint Xuanxing Academy.

The number of places delegated by the Saint Profound Star Academy varies every year, but according to the same rules, the top ten students in the college entrance examination are bound to be admitted, while the remaining surplus places will be assigned according to the respective institutions. The scores obtained in the big exam are allocated.

Therefore, Li Luo's goal for himself is to enter the top ten of the big exam.

"Top ten... not easy."

In the Golden Room, Li Luo, who had finished his training, looked indifferent. Although Nanfeng Academy is the first institution in Tianshu County, it should not be underestimated by other institutions. Perhaps most of the top 20 people in other institutions are not afraid. But there will always be a small number of people with real abilities, and when these people add up, the number is not too small.

Moreover, there is the Dongyeon Academy that can pose a threat to Nanfeng Academy.

It is enough to imagine how difficult it is to fight out of these powerful enemies and squeeze into the top ten.

The current Li Luo is in the Seven Seals realm, and his own "water and light phase" should be able to advance to the sixth rank when he comes to the big exam, but these are not necessarily able to make him sit back and relax.

Because when he was making progress, other people also did not stand still.

Therefore, this time, Li Luo could not tolerate underestimation.

As a result, Li Luo was carefully examining all his own strengths and methods, and then he discovered some of his own shortcomings.

The biggest flaw is that he lacks powerful attack methods. Before fighting with Song Yunfeng, although the gap between each other's strength is quite large, it caused him to tie his hands and feet, even if he finally relied on the enhanced version of the "water mirror technique" to equalize the battle, this also revealed Out of Li Luo's lack of attack methods, his attacks would hardly pose any threat to Song Yunfeng.

But this problem is not only caused by Li Luo, I am afraid that all owners of the water phase are the same. The characteristics of the water phase mean that it is inferior to the fire, thunder, and metal phases in terms of attack power and destructive power. A kind of element phase.

Of course, if it is caught in a protracted battle, the water phase will gradually reveal its advantages, but Li Luo feels that this is too passive, so he must find a way to improve his attack methods.

Other water phase owners may feel helpless about this, but Li Luo is different. He is not a pure water phase, but an extremely rare "water light phase"!

Thinking in his heart, Li Luo got up, went straight out of the golden house, and went upstairs to the library.


Nanfeng City, Governor's Mansion.

In this great summer, the governor governs a county, so in terms of status and power, the governor’s mansion is considered the most in a county.

"Hehe, Brother Song, I wanted to invite you to the Governor's Mansion for a while, but I was too busy before and couldn't spare time, so I have to wait until today."

In the living room of the Governor's Mansion, there was a hearty laughter. The source of the laughter was a thin-faced middle-aged man. Although the man was smiling, he exuded an imposing manner.

It was the governor of Tianshu County, Shiqing, and he himself was also a strong man in the Tiangang realm.

At the place where he started, he sat the Patriarch of the Song Family, Song Shan.

"Your Excellency is busy with business, how can you be like us idlers." Song Shan said with a smile on his face.

"Brother Song is laughing at me." Shi Qing smiled. Holding a teacup, he looked at the tea floating on it, and said casually: "Recently, the movement of the Song family is not small. It must have been eating Luolan Mansion. Lots of meat."

Song Shan said, "It's also thanks to the Governor's advice."

"Luo Lan Mansion is really a pity, if those two do not disappear, in the future, it is impossible to say that all the five great mansions of Great Xia will be headed by it." Shi Qing smiled lightly.

"Unfortunately, those two sharp edges are too exposed, otherwise..." The words came to a halt.

"Now that Luo Lan Mansion cannot protect itself, the Song family has to seize the opportunity." He looked at Song Shan and said.

"Thank you, Governor, for the suggestion. My Song family will always remember this kindness." Song Shan nodded and said slowly.

Shi Qing smiled, and the topic turned around.

Outside the living room, facing a lake, Song Yunfeng listened to the sound of Ruoruo in the living room, and then looked at the lake in front of him.

There, there was a white-clothed boy with short hair but a braid hanging down behind his head. He was holding a bait in his hand and feeding the fish leisurely by the lake.

After a while, he clapped his hands, and a maid respectfully handed over the silk scarf, he took it and put it on, then turned and walked towards Song Yunfeng.

As he approached, his face became clear, as far as his appearance was concerned, he seemed to be somewhat ordinary, with a Ruoruuowu smile at the corner of his mouth.

However, looking at the seemingly ordinary young man in front of him, Song Yunfeng had a sense of danger.

The person in front of him is the son of the governor, Shi Wei.

He is also the first person in Dongyeon Academy.

"Yunfeng, this year's college entrance examination, my father said, we must help Dongyuan Academy win the signboard of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy." Shi Xie said with a smile.

"With the strength of Brother Shi Huang, there is still a good chance." Song Yunfeng said.

"But it's not enough. Lu Qing'er of the Nanfeng Academy is not a fuel-efficient lamp. If you meet it then, you will be a strong enemy." Shi Hong said.

Song Yunfeng nodded in sympathy with this, he also understood Lu Qing'er's strength.

"Although I'm not afraid of her, I don't like uncertain factors when I do things. So when I get into the college entrance examination, I don't need you to cooperate with some things." Shi Wei said indifferently.

When Song Yunfeng heard this, his expression couldn't help but changed, and he said in embarrassment: "Brother Shi Huang, are you asking me to betray Nanfeng Academy?"

"Hey, what you said is too bad, and you really regard Nanfeng Academy as your own family? It is just a temporary stop in our practice. As long as you hold the top ten scores of the big exam, Naturally, I can enter the Saint Profound Star Academy. At that time, do I still need to pay attention to the Nanfeng Academy?" Shi Wei said with a smile.

"And don't worry, you won't be allowed to do too obvious things."

He waved his hand and said, "This is what my father meant. The old dean of Nanfeng Academy, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com and my father have had grievances, and have repeatedly hindered my father's promotion. So this year, Tianshu County The golden signboard of the First Academy must be taken away."

Song Yunfeng was silent for a long while, and finally nodded hard.

Shi Wei smiled gently, stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder lightly, and said: "Right, I heard that Li Luo has a relationship again? Did you even have a draw with you before?"

When he mentioned this matter, Song Yunfeng's eyes darkened a little, and he said, "It's just a speculation. If he meets him in the big exam, he won't have a chance of a tie at all."

"That's it..."

Shi Wei thought for a while, and said, "That's a pity. I also want to meet the Young Palace Master for a while in the big exam. Hearing you say this, my interest has diminished a lot."

"Where do I need to bother Brother Shi Huang, I will get rid of him when I have a chance," Song Yunfeng said.


"This person...Although I haven't seen him a few times, I still hate him." Shi Wei smiled faintly.

Hearing his dislike for Li Luo in his words, Song Yunfeng was slightly puzzled.

When Shi Wei saw this, he smiled casually.

"This is also a scandal. Back then, my father wanted to help me find Jiang Qing'e from Luolan Mansion to propose a kiss..."

"Haha, of course, in the end, it was directly rejected by the two palace masters."

"Dare to love them... they want to keep it for their son..."

"Unfortunately, I don't know if their useless son can really hold onto such a beautiful wall?"

When Song Yunfeng heard the words, he suddenly felt a little stunned. Only then did he understand why the Governor's Mansion would secretly contribute to the flames and help them devour the property of Luolan Mansion by the Song family. It turned out that...

Between these two parties, there is still such a past.

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