Absolute Resonance

Chapter 38: Secret source water

As soon as Cai Wei's words were uttered, even Yan Lingqing couldn't help it, and immediately said out of anger: "What can he do, how long has he been in contact with the phase tempering technique?"

It's hard to say more, because Li Luo even has a personality, less than a month... It is a fantasy to say that he can help reverse the situation.

Li Luo smiled, did not speak, but motioned to the two of them to follow him to Yan Lingqing's refining room. After the door was closed, he said in a leisurely manner: "I know that Luolan Mansion was in Tianshu County every year. There is a profit of 300,000 pieces of gold, and Xiyang House accounts for half of it."

"In the Xiyang House, the first-grade refining room has a profit of 30,000 days of gold per year, the second-grade refining room is 40,000 gold per year, and the third-grade refining room has nearly 80,000 gold."

"You know it's messy promises. With so much difference, how can you catch up?" Yan Lingqing said angrily.

She is in charge of the two refining rooms, and most understands the gap between them. The price of the third-grade Lingshui Qiguang is much higher than that of the first-grade and the second-grade, so the annual profit is also the highest. This is a natural advantage and it is difficult to catch up.

"What's more, the first-grade "Qingbi Lingshui" of Xiyang House is being attacked by the "Sunshine Wonderful Light" of Pine House, which directly leads to a sharp drop in the sales of Qingbi Lingshui here. In this case, the first-grade refining room The situation will only get worse, let alone turn the situation."

Li Luo smiled and said: "So the most urgent thing is to stabilize the reputation and sales of our first-grade Lingshui in Xiyang House."

Yan Lingqing said: "I said before that there are no more than three factors that affect the magical light of Lingshui, the formula, the quality of the refiner, and the source of water."

"The Qingbi Lingshui formula is relatively complete. Based on my ability, it is difficult to have any room for improvement. Unless some tempering masters are invited, it will also consume a lot of time and a lot of money."

"The distant water can't save the nearby fire. I'm afraid the Song family would have been prepared long ago. Now it happens to take advantage of my Luolan Mansion's internal and external troubles to start these offensives." Cai Wei said with red lips.

"The only thing left is to improve the strength and experience of the tempering masters, but this is even more of a time to live. You can't force the first-grade tempering masters in Xiyang House to burst out suddenly, exceeding the average level. This is unrealistic. "Yan Lingqing said.

Cai Wei's beautiful eyes suddenly looked at Li Luo and smiled: "Didn't the Young Palace Master refine a Qingbi Lingshui with a tempering power of 60%?"

Yan Lingqing gave her a blank look and said, "How much can he produce by himself? Even if you use him as a cow, you can't squeeze much milk."

Li Luo's handsome face went dark. Although I don't mind refining the first-grade spiritual water, I still have some status and status. How can I be a cow?

"Then it seems that the only source of water is the source of light." But it's not about this moment, so Li Luo ignored it and continued.

Yan Lingqing also said in an angry voice: "Yuan Shui Yuanguang can only rely on the phase quality of the tempering master himself, are you planning to improve the phase tempering of Xiyangwu?"

"Unless it is some secret source water source light, it can be used as a consumable to enhance the quenching power of the spiritual water's miraculous light, but those secret source water source light are top secrets of every major force, and we don't have it at Xiyang House."

Li Luo chuckled when he heard the words, and said, "This one is not necessarily the case."

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing suddenly looked suspicious when they heard this.

Under their gaze, Li Luo suddenly stretched out his hand and took a dig in his arms, and finally took out a crystal bottle with about half a bottle of dark blue liquid in it.

"Would you like to try me?" he said.

Yan Lingqing raised her slender eyebrows like a moon, and said, "I told you that the other source water source light has no effect, only the secret source water source light..."

Before her voice fell completely, Li Luo pulled out the cork, and there seemed to be an extremely pure aura faintly emanating from it, which directly caused De Yan Lingqing’s voice to stop abruptly, and her beautiful eyes looked a little shocked. The crystal bottle in Li Luo's hand.

The next moment, Yan Lingqing snatched the crystal bottle from Li Luo's hand, poured out a drop of blue liquid and dropped it on her fingertips. She felt it carefully, and immediately the shock on Qiao's face became more and more intense.

"Without any qualitative will doping, this is, this is the secret source water?! And this purity is comparable to the seventh-grade water phase, how can you have such a high-quality secret source water?" Yan Lingqing caught it in a frustrated manner. Li Luo's arm, said.

Even the secret source water is distinguished by grade, but the secret source water that Li Luo took out has reached the purity of the seventh grade. It can be seen that it is rare. The secret source water of this purity can even increase. The success rate of refining spiritual water is quite rare.

Li Luo's arm that was grabbed by Yan Lingqing was slightly tingling. It can be seen that Yan Lingqing was excited at this time, so his voice slowed down a little, and said: "Sister Lingqing, don't be excited, can this secret source water be used?"

"Of course it works."

Yan Lingqing immediately said: "If this kind of purity of the secret source water can be added to the green blue spirit water of our Xiyang House, it will definitely stabilize the tempering power at the level of 60%. Qiguang "break down."

"But the only problem is that the source water of this secret method is too small. If it is used for refining, it may only be able to refining about 30 bottles of first-grade green bilingual water."

Her beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo scorchingly, but her eyes were completely inconsistent with her always deserted temperament.

"What if it is used on the second-grade spiritual water strange light?" Li Luo thought for a while and asked.

"Although the secret source water of this quality is indeed luxurious when used on the first-grade green bilingual water, as I said, the amount is too small. I am afraid that it will not be refined to use a few on the second-grade spiritual water. From the perspective of cost performance, it is not as good as refining a first-class..." Yan Lingqing replied.

Li Luo felt embarrassed. These secret source waters were condensed from his own "water-light phase". Because of his own void phase, this also made the source water he condensed possess a kind of emptiness. Therefore, the source water he condensed is extremely close to the so-called secret source water.

But at this point, he has accumulated three days' worth. After all, he now has the strength of the Six Seals realm, and his relative strength is not strong, so the secret source water condensed will not be too much.

"Then use it on the first-grade green bilingual water first."

"If I give some of this secret source water every three days, can the performance of the first-grade refining room become the highest in the Xiyang room?" Li Luo asked.

After hearing the words, Cai Wei thought about it, and said: “The first-grade refining room now produces 150 bottles of green biling water every month. The annual output value of the refining room reaches 210,000 pieces of gold. The first-grade refining room wants to catch up unless the output is doubled. However, judging from the success rate of the first-grade refining room, it seems a bit difficult."

"If there is enough of this secret source water, it is not too difficult to double the output of the first-grade refining room! The secret source water of this purity is too much for the first-grade spiritual water to be used, so its refining is successful. The rate can also increase a lot." Yan Lingqing said affirmatively.

Li Luo clapped his hands and smiled, "Isn't that solved?"

Yan Lingqing blinked her beautiful eyes, feeling a little lost for a while. It seemed that this problem was really solved like this?

How could it be so simple.

Yan Lingqing sighed heavily. In fact, it was not simple, but because Li Luo came up with something beyond normal thinking. After all, if other people knew that he used this kind of pure secret source water to refine the first-grade Lingshui Qi In terms of light, those who are grumpy may point to his nose and curse and waste things.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing looked at each other, and tacitly didn't ask Li Luo how this secret source water came from. In their guess, this was mostly a secret left to Li Luo by the two palace masters.

"It seems that Palace Master Young is really the lucky general of our Luolan Mansion." Cai Wei on the side covered her lips and smiled, her beautiful face full of joy.

"Although the amount of source water for this secret method is a bit small, it is actually enough for the first-grade spiritual water output of our Xiyang House for the time being."

Yan Lingqing slightly said that Xiyang House only produced 150 bottles of first-grade green bilingual water in a month, and if Li Luo supplied the secret source water once in three days, it would be enough to cover all the first-grade spiritual water.

"Okay, I won’t tell you anymore, I’m going to be busy, and strive to produce the first batch of enhanced versions of Qingbi Lingshui in the past few days. First, we will start the name of our Xiyang House Qingbi Lingshui and save it. Word of mouth." Yan Lingqing held the crystal bottle full of dark blue secret source water tightly, and was about to rush people.

Li Luo and Cai Wei had no choice but to leave the refining room when they heard the words. Soon when he saw Cai Wei's footsteps suddenly speeding up, he quickly reached out and took her arm.

"Sister Cai Wei, are you trying to get rid of me?" Li Luo said angrily.

Cai Wei glanced at him innocently, and said, "Palace Young Master, what are you talking about? I still have a lot of work to do."

"Sister Cai Wei, I was just making suggestions for Xiyang House. You can't chill the hero's heart." Li Luo looked around, then whispered: "I want a batch of fifth-grade spiritual water."

Cai Wei's beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo full of resentment, and said: "Palace Master, you have burned 700,000 to 800,000 pieces of gold in less than a month. This is more than two years in Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County. If you continue to do this, my sister will really be unable to support you."

Li Luo is a little embarrassed. His speed of burning money is a bit outrageous, but he has nothing to do. His acquired appearance is a gold swallowing beast. At this time, he can only be very thankful that his father and mother left a Luolan Mansion. Jiye, otherwise he feels that he has been sealed for five years, maybe he can really only look for it in his dream.

"This is the last batch of fifth-grade spiritual water." Li Luo promised.

Cai Wei hesitated after hearing this, and finally gritted her silver teeth lightly: "Well, then I will...sell two more properties."

Cai Wei felt a bit sad when she said it. With her talent, when did she reach the point where she had to rely on the sale of the industry to maintain her life, there was no way. Whoever met Li Luo's bottomless pit would be unsatisfactory.

Li Luogan smiled and nodded. He didn't actually lie. If his water light phase is successfully upgraded to the sixth rank, he does not need the fifth-rank spiritual water in the future...

Because at that time, he wanted the sixth-grade spiritual water to be shining.

But he didn't dare to say this now, he was afraid that Cai Wei would just choose to quit.

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