Absolute Resonance

Chapter 34: Li Luo's water mirror

"How could it be... Li Luo actually blocked Song Yunfeng's full blow?!"

Around the battle platform, there was an uproar of shock, and everyone's faces were full of incredible.

The people present are not too unfamiliar with the water mirror technique. Some of them who have water phases have also practiced this type of phase technique, but if the water mirror technique can block Song Yunfeng's full attack, it is simply a dream.

However, this kind of incredible thing really appeared before their eyes.

Na Tifa Qingmei's eyes widened, her small mouth opened uncontrollably.

"Damn it?!" Na Bei Kun cursed even more stunned.

Lu Qing'er, who was not far away, lightly raised her slender willow eyebrows, staring at Li Luo with her apricot eyes. Sure enough, she guessed right, Li Luo actually had the means to counter Song Yunfeng!

He could actually do such an incredible thing.

In the boiling uproar, Li Luo shook his stinging arms, and then stepped away from the edge of the battle platform. He stared at Song Yunfeng, who was looking gloomy and fierce, and smiled implicitly at him.

And in his heart, there is a feeling of joy spreading.

Because his experiment was really successful.

The previously performed physiognomy technique was a water mirror technique on the bright side, but there was a mystery in it, that is, Li Luo used his own light physiognomy power to superimpose an intermediate light physiognomy technique called fold shadow technique.

The water mirror technique can bounce off the power of the invader, and the fold shadow technique reflects the incoming enemy. The two special characteristics are stacked together to form an enhanced version of the water mirror technique, which can bounce more power back.

Even in Li Luo's prediction, these two forces will operate to the extreme in the future, and maybe they will be able to directly engrave all the enemies that come.

Attack the enemy with the enemy.

And this improved water mirror technique, Li Luo called it "water mirror."

"Pretend to be a fool, do you think you can change anything today?!"

But when Li Luo was happy, Song Yunfeng had a gloomy face, and his figure shot out again fiercely, with five fingers forming claws, and indistinctly, sharp red claws appeared, tearing the sky apart.

Without the slightest hesitation, he continued to pounce away.

When Li Luo saw this, the improved water mirror technique was unfolded again, and a thin water curtain was formed in front of him like a mirror.


Song Yunfeng made a fierce punch, but when the muffled sound rang, he and Li Luo shot backwards at the same time again.

This time Song Yunfeng had some preparations, and finally he was not so embarrassed, but his expression became more ugly, because he found that Li Luo's "water mirror technique" was too weird, and every time he touched it, it seemed to make him There is a feeling that I am beating myself.

Is this **** still water mirroring? !

Song Yunfeng's attack was blocked by Li Luo again. Everyone around the battle platform swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This kind of thing was lucky once, but twice it was obviously really capable.

Of course, it is not them, even the old dean on the high platform, Xu Shanyue, Lin Feng and others, all have a look of astonishment on their faces.

"This Li Luo's water mirror technique seems to be a little unusual." The old dean said in surprise.

The other instructors nodded, and ordinary water mirrors could not make Song Yunfeng so embarrassed.

"This kind of rebound strength, on the contrary, is a bit like the "Xuanshui Mirror" of the stage phase technique." An instructor analyzed.

But soon, this led to a rebuttal: "Is it Li Luo that Li Luo can use the Six Seal Realm?"

The previous instructor was dumb, it was difficult to answer, not to mention the six seals, even the ten seals, were not enough.

"That is indeed just a water mirror technique."

Xu Shanyue stared at it for a long while, then said: "But it may have been improved by Li Luo."

The other instructors looked at each other and improved the physiognomy? Although they all know that Li Luo possesses extremely high savvy and talent in physiognomy, but improving physiognomy, this is not something a person of his level can do?

But beyond that, there seems to be no other explanation.

"As expected to be the sons of those two..." In the end, they could only sigh so much.

Instructor Lin Feng on the side did not speak from beginning to end, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, because this situation was completely different from what he thought.

Around the battle platform, the noise spread like waves.

On the stage, Song Yunfeng's expression was terribly gloomy. He stared at Li Luo fiercely and wanted to rush up again, but he stopped again when he thought of the weird "Water Mirror Technique".

"Li Luo, do you dare to attack?" Song Yunfeng gritted his teeth.

He also discovered that Li Luo seemed to only use this "water mirror technique" to check and balance him, and as long as he didn't take the initiative to attack with all his strength, Li Luo's water mirror technique would have no effect.

Li Luo heard this and shook his head with a smile: "I dare not, come here."

Song Yunfeng trembled with anger. He really experienced what is called stubbornness and anger. It was clear that Li Luo's strength was far inferior to him, but he used that weird water mirror technique like a thorny turtle shell to make him restrained here.

However, Song Yunfeng was not a stupid person after all. He gradually calmed down his anger, pondered for several breaths, and suddenly started to shoot again.

But this time, he suppressed his own power.

"This water mirror technique is a high-level physiognomy after all, and it consumes a lot of physiognomy when used. If I can force him to use it continuously, then Li Luo will soon deplete his physiognomy, and then there will be no water mirror, Li Luo is just a hunting dog without minions, not to be afraid."

Song Yunfeng struck, but Li Luo also felt the suppression of his power. As soon as his thoughts turned, he knew his thoughts.

"It's clever."

"But after suppressing Xiangli, I'm still afraid that you won't succeed?"

Li Luo smiled and said, Song Yunfeng was tyrannical because of his own strength, but now he is bound by his hands and feet, what is there to be afraid of Li Luo?

So this time, he took the initiative to greet him, and the two figures collided with each other, their fists and feet wrapped in each other's strength, and the sound of the wind broke.

The two were entangled together, and the fight was full of enthusiasm, but Song Yunfeng's expression became more and more gloomy, because he found that after suppressing Xiangli, he could not suppress Li Luo unexpectedly.

The anger in Song Yunfeng's eyes became more and more intense. The next moment, the suppressed force in his body suddenly exploded, and the red force was wrapped in a violent punch, and it slammed at Li Luo fiercely.

But just as his fist fell, a water curtain unfolded in front of Li Luo, and the water mirror technique that had been secretly prepared a long time ago was used.


Song Yunfeng slammed a punch on the water curtain, and the powerful force bounced back quickly, stunned his chest and retreated a few steps.

Li Luo was also shaken back, rubbing his fists, and staring at Song Yunfeng with a smile on his face.

"Li Luo, I see your Six Seal Realm's power, how many more water mirrors can you use?!" Song Yunfeng's complexion was pale, crimson glowing, directly attacking with all his strength.

He is in the Eight Seals realm himself, and his power is stronger than Li Luo. Since Li Luo's reliance is only this water mirror technique, he will use the most stupid method to directly force Li Luo to run out of power!

Song Yunfeng didn't rest for a while, running the phase force, and charged again fiercely.

Upon seeing this, Li Luo continued to perform the "water mirror technique."


A familiar scene reappeared, and the two were shaken back at the same time.

In the next period of time, everyone looked at them numbly and repeated such actions.

Song Yunfeng rushed forward like a bull, Li Luo performed water mirroring, and with a bang, the two retreated.

But no one feels boring, because they all know that now it depends on how long Li Luo's Xiangli can support...

This repetitive operation continued until Li Luo performed the water mirror technique for the thirteenth time.

Then, the strength of the rising blue water phase of Li Luo's body gradually dimmed.

That is a sign of exhaustion.

Around the battle platform, some regretful voices sounded.

A sneer appeared on Song Yunfeng's gloomy face, gritted his teeth and said: "Li Luo, what can you do now?!"


His figure threw out, the crimson phase force surged, and his eyes became red, like a vulture rushing to eat.

In the face of Song Yunfeng's angry blow~www.readwn.com~, Li Luo did not take any further defenses, but stood quietly in place, allowing the fierce fist shadow to rapidly enlarge in his eyes.

The hot fist wind rushed toward his face, but when Song Yunfeng's red fist was about an inch away from Li Luo's face, his fist seemed to freeze.

Because at this time, a palm firmly grasped his wrist like an eagle's claw, making him unable to get in any more.

Song Yunfeng glared away and found that the spectator was standing next to him. It was his shot that stopped his attack.

"What are you doing?!" Song Yunfeng said angrily.

The observer was expressionless and pointed to a stone pillar on the edge of the battle platform. On it, there was an hourglass. At this time, no one noticed that the sand in the hourglass was already flowing.

Li Luo rubbed his sore arm and smiled softly at Song Yunfeng, who had a dull face.

"It's time, idiot...otherwise you want to add the clock?"

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