Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1: I have 3 xianggongs

Daxia Country, Tianshu County.

   South Wind City in June, the scorching sun is like fire, scorching the earth.

   Nanfeng Middle School.

   Spacious and bright training ground.

Numerous young and young girls with immature faces and youthful faces are wearing exercise clothes, sitting cross-legged, looking at the center of the venue, where two figures are in a fast confrontation, and the wooden swords in their hands are in fierce collision, and there is a crisp sound, echoing. In the training ground.

The two in the court are both about fifteen and six years old. The young man on the right has a long body, handsome face, energetic eyes under the eyebrows, and good body and temperament. Not to mention other things, just this top-notch skin can attract you. When some girls in the field cast their bright eyes with dazzling eyes, with a hint of shyness.

   "Li Luo, come on!"

   There is also a brave girl cheering.

   In front of the boy named Li Luo, there was a burly boy. The latter's face was a lot rougher, plus his dark skin, compared with Li Luo, he really looked like a person and a black bear.

   So when he heard the voices of girls cheering for Li Luo, he grinned with jealousy and immediately shouted: "Li Luo, I don't want to put water!"

   He stepped out, the floor was shaking, the wooden sword in his hand pierced the air, faintly caused the sound of breaking wind, and slashed towards Li Luo in front.

   The sword shadow cut down, Li Luo's eyes flashed, and his toes were a little bit. The figure rushed out, with agile steps like flying birds, directly avoiding the heavy and fierce sword.

   "It's the wind bird step!" Someone in the field said with some admiration. This wind bird step is a low-level physiognomy, and there are many people present, but few people are as skilled as Li Luo.

Li Luo's figure deceived into the burly young man like a flying bird, and the wooden sword in his hand was suddenly drawn out with the force of drawing a sword. At that moment, a tiny light seemed to flash, and it pierced the burly boy in front of him at a very fast speed. Juvenile chest.

"Small light sword!" someone exclaimed, Li Luo's sword, like an antelope hanging horns, flashed with aura, fast and ruthless, which made them have to sigh, this Nanfeng Academy’s first savvy person, really is A well-deserved name.

   Sword Shadow stabs in quickly, and the burly boy's complexion also changes, but his strength is also not ordinary. He forcibly stabilizes the figure at a critical moment, slams his feet, and retreats a few steps.

   At the same time, there is a faint silver light on the surface of his body, and the palm of his hand holding the wooden sword seems to have turned into a vague silver bear's paw.

   At the same time, there was a low bear roar, which came out of the burly boy.

   Many students in the field saw this scene, and suddenly exclaimed: "That is Zhao Kuo's fifth-grade silver bear appearance. It seems that he has come for real!"

   Amidst the many exclamations, Zhao Kuo stepped out, and the floor was cracked with a gap. The epee in his hand was wrapped in fierce brute force, which caused a storm and slashed towards Li Luo in front of him.

   Above the wooden sword, there was silver light rising, the sound of breaking wind, and the ear-piercing sound.

   "Violence cut!"

   The burly young man yelled out loud, and the red light slashed down, directly colliding with the sword shadow that was stabling.


   In the next instant, the two swords smashed together.

   In the violent collision, the wooden sword in Li Luo's hand was almost collapsed, a brutal force like a violent bear surged, and the entire wooden sword was shattered to pieces by a violent shock.

   came vigorously, shaking Li Luo's figure back ten steps.

   Li Luo steadied his steps, looked down at the broken wooden sword in his hand, smiled helplessly, and said: "Okay, Zhao Kuo, you won."


As soon as this remark came out, some girls in the venue suddenly made regretful voices, while many teenagers showed snickers. After all, as young people, they certainly feel that Li Luo is so popular among girls. Envy and jealousy.

   "It's a pity. Li Luo is clearly on the offensive. He is also much better than Zhao Kuo in the application of Xiangshu. If it weren't for his lack of affinity, he would have won this game." Someone commented.

   "Yes, Zhao Kuo has a fifth-rank silver bear appearance, his strength is amazing, and his appearance strength, I am afraid that it has reached the level of the five seals, really deserves to be the strongest person in our second hospital today."

   "Li Luo's savvy and talent in the practice of physiognomy is indeed great, but he is born with emptiness, which is simply a flaw. Without strong enough support of physiognomy, physiognomy is so perfect that it is of little use."

"Haha, don't sympathize with others. Who is Li Luo? The young lord of the Luolan Mansion, one of the four great mansions of the Great Xia Kingdom, and his parents are the youngest marquees of the Great Xia Kingdom. In just ten years, Luolan Mansion has become one of the four major palaces of the Great Xia Kingdom. They do not say that it is in the Great Xia Kingdom, even outside the Great Xia Kingdom, they have a great reputation."

"Hey, what time is it? I also mentioned these old calendars. Since Li Luo's parents disappeared in the "Prince Battlefield" three years ago, Luolan Mansion has not been as good as before, and from the news I heard, this Luolan Mansion , Now the differences are very great, and the future may be split. The Young Palace Master, he is afraid that he will not be able to be."

   "Oh? What about this? The helm of Luolan Mansion now should be... Senior Sister Jiang Qing'e, right?"

As soon as the name    came out, the eyes of all the teenagers present became a lot hotter, because that name was a legend in their Nanfeng middle school.

   However, when they changed their minds and thought about the relationship between this legendary senior sister and Li Luo, the eyes that looked at the latter couldn't help but be a little weird.

  While many young girls were whispering in the field, Zhao Kuo in the field also walked towards Li Luo. He patted the latter on the shoulder and grinned: "Is it all right? Don't blame me for not winning."

   Li Luo smiled, this Zhao Kuo is straightforward and has a good relationship with him on weekdays, and there is nothing wrong with him in this matter.

   After all, he was born with an empty appearance, which was his biggest flaw, but Zhao Kuo's body was not to blame.

   On the sidelines, a middle-aged man took his gaze away from the two people in the field. His name was Xu Shanyue, and he was a teacher from the second hospital.

   His eyes are also full of pity.

   Li Luo's comprehension is extremely good, any physiognomy in his hands can be faster than ordinary people's practice. At this point, he obviously inherited the advantages of his two Tianjiao parents, and even was born blue.

   But what is regrettable is that...Li Luo was born with an empty appearance, and in the cultivation of Xiangli, he was a little troublesome.

   Terran cultivation depends on one's own identity, which is the fundamental thing of cultivation.

   absorb the energy of heaven and earth with phase nature, and the final result is called phase force.

   There are countless types of human form, but they are roughly divided into two categories, elemental form and animal form.

Elemental aspects are the many elements between heaven and earth, water, fire, wind, thunder, etc., and this so-called ten thousand beast aspect is the beginning of the legendary human race, there are supreme and powerful people who want to strengthen the human race, so they take the spirit of the beasts and integrate into the human race Bloodline, this gave birth to the so-called ten thousand beasts.

   Regardless of whether it is elemental or ten thousand beasts, they all have ranks, and they are classified from one to nine ranks that are easy to understand.

   When a human child grows up to a dozen or so years old, there will be an acupuncture point in the body that opens, and this acupuncture point is called Xianggong.

   And when the xianggong appears, it will naturally derive its own physiognomy.

   Like this Zhao Kuo, in his physiognomy palace, he has awakened a fifth-grade silver bear physiognomy, which belongs to a kind of ten thousand animal physiognomy.

  The characteristic of this phase is that it possesses great power, and coupled with its own phase power, the destructive power can be described as quite amazing.

   But Li Luo's problem also appeared here, because since the phase palace in his body was opened, no phase was revealed in it, and the inside was empty, so it was called a rare and extremely empty phase.

   Without phase nature as the fundamental thing to absorb and refine the energy between heaven and earth, it is naturally difficult for Li Luo to cultivate strong phase power...This is the most fundamental reason why he lost to Zhao Kuo.

  Because of his xianggong, there is no xiang.

Regarding the question of Li Luo's empty appearance, the college has conducted many tests. After all, because his two parents were too outstanding, the senior officials of the college had high hopes for Li Luo's admission and felt that his future was inevitable. Able to be promoted to the top university of the Great Xia Kingdom, the Saint Profound Star Academy.

In the first year of enrollment, Li Luo lived up to his expectations. He showed an extremely amazing talent in the practice of Xiangshu, and he was directly enrolled in the first courtyard of the Nanfeng Academy, where the whole sky gathered. The most talented teenager in Shu County.

   But with the passage of time, when the student's age reached the stage of appearance of the temple, he revealed the most embarrassing situation.

   That is that everyone else has their own physiognomy, but he...Although the xianggong was born, it was empty inside.

And without his own identity, although Li Luo said that his practice in Xiangshu is always one step faster, his own strength has been improved quite slowly, and after a year, it is even lower than the average level of the first hospital.

  The practice of Xiangshu is to be able to exert the strength of the Xiangshu stronger, but if the strength of the Xiangshu is weak, the power of the advanced Xiangshu is limited.

   After repeated tests, the senior officials of the university came to a conclusion that this should be the reason for Li Luo's physique.

  This kind of physique lacks physicality in the body, so it is difficult to absorb and refine the energy of the heavens and the earth, and it will be extremely difficult to practice later.

  As soon as this result came out, the photomaster of the first hospital directly applied to the senior management of the university, and Li Luo was demoted from the first hospital to the current second hospital.

This is actually normal. After all, the First Academy is the pride of Nanfeng Academy. Naturally, the master did not want Li Luo to be dragged down. Of course, the most important thing is that Li Luo’s parents had been missing for a long time at that time. Losing these two pillars, Luo Lan Mansion, which is considered the weakest among the four big mansions, has been in a bit embarrassing situation in Daxia over the past few years.

   So Li Luo finally came to the second hospital.

   Xu Shanyue sighed inwardly, when Li Luo first came to the Second Court, Zhao Kuo was actually not his opponent, but now in less than half a year, Li Luo has already begun to be suppressed by Zhao Kuo.

   At this rate, I am afraid that in the next six months, Li Luo's ranking in the second court will gradually decline.

   If Li Luo had only this achievement in the end, the Saint Profound Star Higher Education Institution of Daxia Kingdom, which everyone yearns for, should be missed.

Xu Shanyue looked at Li Luo's long posture and handsome and calm face, and felt even more regretful. In fact, this young man had worked very hard, but because his parents were too good and outstanding, it also caused others to treat him. Expectations have been raised very high. Now, those excellent parents have become a kind of pressure for him.

   After all, others will only talk about tiger father and dog son, and will not learn more about it.

   Li Luo met many regretful gazes, patted all the sawdust off his body, and immediately sat down to the side. Of course he knew what everyone was thinking at this time.

  Empty phase...

   This simply shows that the future is bleak.

   Just... Li Luo curled his mouth slightly, and involuntarily touched the position of his lower abdomen with his palm. In fact, no one knew except himself. His special feature was not just the so-called emptiness.

Practitioners in this world will only open up one xianggong in the initial body, but if they step into the Fenghou realm in the future, they will have a second xianggong, and when they are in the king realm, they will have a third xianggong... However, the entire Great Xia Kingdom is one of the few in the Fenghou Realm, and as for the King Realm, even this tyrannical Daxia Country is rarely heard.

Of course, this is not absolute. It is rumored that people with extraordinary talents have a very low probability of being able to give birth to the second phase palace before reaching the Fenghou state when the power level is advanced. It is just this probability, It is also extremely rare.

And Li Luo's other special feature is here...Although he is still in the initial ten seals realm, but...in his body, there is not a Xianggong...but three unheard of One!

   That's right, this was originally a level that could only be reached by the peak powers who stepped into the king realm, but it happened to appear in Li Luo's body.

   But what makes the mood even more ups and downs is that these three temples are all empty!

   So, one empty phase has no future, then I would like to ask, three empty phases, are they promising or no future?

   Li Luo sighed, his expression a little melancholy.

   When Li Luo's mood was complicated, Zhao Kuo also sat down next to him and asked in a low voice, "Have you not solved the problem of emptiness?"

   Li Luo just shook his head when he heard this.

   Zhao Kuo sighed helplessly when he saw this. He knew that he seemed to have asked nonsense. He was born with nature, and he seemed to have never heard of him being able to fill it in the day after tomorrow.

   The problem of Li Luo is obviously a huge problem.

While the two were talking, Xu Shanyue walked in and encouraged Li Luo to say a few words before finally saying to many students: "Everyone, starting next month, it will be the most important stage of the big exam. You will be in the future. Whether you can enter a higher education institution depends on this assessment, so let's all work hard to cultivate."

When many students heard this, their faces were solemn. They studied hard for several years, and what they did was the big exam next month. If they could use this to enter an institution of higher learning, their future achievements would also be greatly improved. .

   After Xu Shanyue finished speaking, he announced the end of get out of class.

   Li Luo and Zhao Kuo also rushed out of the training ground alongside the flow of people.

"I'm going to practice physiognomy again. I was hit by you today. You are a pervert. If your physiognomy is stronger, I should be hung up and beaten by you." Zhao Kuo left the training ground and sighed sadly. After a sigh of relief, he waved to Li Luo.

   Li Luo looked at his back and smiled. He actually understood that it was Zhao Kuo who was afraid that his previous victory would affect his mood, so he walked away first.

   It’s just that, after such a long time, he has long been used to it.

   Li Luo retracted his gaze, and then walked along the forest path towards the outside of the academy.

   Along the road, I can meet many students, but regardless of men and women, they will always look at him. After all, apart from this handsome appearance, Li Luo is still a person with an alternative legendary reputation in this institution.

   For those gazes, Li Luo was rather indifferent. He walked along the path until he stopped at the gate of the school.

   In front of that, there was a crowd of people gathering, making it noisy.

   The place surrounded by the students is a bluestone wall, which is the honor wall of the Nanfeng Academy, which records all the Tianjiao people who have come out of the Nanfeng Academy.

   This wall of honor, the students of Nanfeng Academy have watched it many times. It should be a bit bored to watch it, but it is still the most lively here every day.

   Li Luo pursed his mouth. Of course he knew the reason, because most of the people here came at her.

   Li Luo's gaze cast his gaze to a position above the honor wall, where there was a crystal stone from which a ray of light radiated, and finally intertwined into a slender, tall, and lifelike figure.

It was a girl. She was wearing the uniform of Nanfeng Academy. She was white and simple Uesugi. Outside Uesugi there was a short azure blue cloak. She was light in the wind. She had a black short skirt underneath. Underneath the skirt was a pair of straight and slender. His long legs are dazzling white.

   She has exquisite facial features, her nose is straight, her eyelashes are thick and slender, and her skin is snowy. Although every point is amazing, the most memorable thing is the girl's eye pupils.

   Those are a pair of golden pupils, exuding an indescribable purity. If you look straight for a long time, it will even give people a sense of oppression.

She looked a little cold, looking ahead, with one hand crossing her slender waist, and the other hand holding an epee, so suddenly, UU reading www.uukanshu.com was kind of sassy and sharp. The sense of strength is rushing to the face.

   This is a girl who makes people fascinated regardless of her appearance or her temperament.

   On the wall behind its light and shadow, the girl's name is inscribed.

   Jiang Qing'e, a brilliant pearl from the Nanfeng Academy, has a ninth-rank bright appearance, and his talent has attracted countless people in Daxia.

   After two years of enrollment, he had not yet reached the entrance examination, and he was directly recruited by the Saint Profound Star Academy of Daxia Kingdom and became the first person in Tianshu County to have this honor in a hundred years.

   She has become the legend of Nanfeng Academy. Countless later students are looking up to her here, and now she is even more famous throughout Daxia.

Li Luo stared at Jiang Qing'e's light and shadow, and then he noticed that some eyes were cast on him. Those students, whether men and women, looked at him with some unwillingness, envy and weirdness. .

   Li Luo was still indifferent to their sights, he understood the source of these sights.

   Because of Jiang Qing'e.

   Both male and female students in the Nanfeng Academy are regarded as goddess, not only the disciples his parents had received since childhood, but also...he had a marriage contract with him.

   To be straightforward, Jiang Qing'e is his fiancee.

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