Absolute Resonance

Chapter 2: Fiancee who doesn't want to divorce

In Li Luo's memory, he first saw Jiang Qing'e when he was about three years old.

   That time, his parents seemed to have gone out a long way. When they came back, they were with Jiang Qing'e, who was about five years old at the time.

   Later, they adopted Jiang Qing'e as a disciple.

  From this perspective, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e can be regarded as practical childhood sweethearts, and their parents love her extremely.

However, the relationship between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e when he was young was quite delicate, because Jiang Qing'e was so good since he was a child. In addition, he was two years older than Li Luo. The many disputes between his childhood and Li Luo ended up with Jiang Qing'e. Coldly pressed the hammer on the ground and ended.

   is simply a nightmare.

   And Jiang Qing'e became his fiancée. It is said that when she was about ten years old, the father drank too much alcohol and said that if Xiao'er was my wife, that would be great.

   Then the next day, ten-year-old Jiang Qing'e wrote a marriage contract by herself and handed it to her dumbfounded father.

   That time, the old lady who was driven home by the father almost got stupid.

   The most important thing is that he, who was so tired that he was watching the show happily, was also beaten by his mother angrily.

After   , the old lady asked Jiang Qing'e to withdraw the marriage contract, but no one expected that she showed a helpless stubbornness. She just quietly knelt in front of the old lady.

   In the end, the helpless parents had to let her go, but the marriage contract was put away by them, and then they didn't mention it again, as if it didn't exist.

   This matter gradually passed by over time, and it seemed that there was no sound, including Li Luo himself had forgotten the matter.

   But when Jiang Qing'e was in Nanfeng Academy a few years ago, because a suitor was too persevering and crazy, she finally spoke directly and disclosed that she and Li Luo had a marriage contract.

   The sensation caused by this incident at the time can be said to shock the entire Tianshu County.

It’s also fortunate that Li Luo hadn’t entered the Nanfeng Academy at that time, otherwise he would be attacked by the group, but even if this matter has passed a few years, the aftermath brought by it still makes him now in the Nanfeng Academy. Li Luo deeply felt the charm of Jiang Qing'e.

   "Father, you are really a fool." Li Luo sighed inwardly.

   "I said Li Luo, you stay here every day, do you really enjoy the envy of other people's gaze?" And when Li Luo sighed in his heart, a girl's voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Li Luo turned his head and saw that behind him, there stood a pretty girl with long hair to the waist, and although her appearance was not as good as Jiang Qing'e, she was also a beauty, and her close-fitting school uniform was wrapped in her initial scale. The beautiful body is quite ups and downs.

  At this time, the girl was crossing her arms, looking at Li Luo with some mockery.

However, facing her gaze, Li Luo's expression was quite calm. The young girl in front of her, named Tifaqing, was a student in a courtyard. She was also regarded as a golden flower in this Nanfeng Academy. Tifa family from the three major families of Tianshu County.

   This Tifaqing doesn't have any grudges with Li Luo, but she is a big fan of Jiang Qing'e, and she is still extremely crazy and irrational.

   In her eyes, Jiang Qing'e is as perfect as the celestial being in the sky. No man in this world is worthy of her. Of course, Li Luo is included.

   Even Tifaqing admits that Li Luo's skin is at the top level, but she feels that just looking at her appearance is too superficial.

   Jiang Qing'e, people like Jiang Qing'e, must be the dragon among people everywhere, in order to be able to match.

   And Li Luo took advantage of her parents to get the marriage contract with Jiang Qing'e by unknown means. In Tifaqing's eyes, this is simply an insult to the goddess in her heart.

   Therefore, since Li Luo entered the Nanfeng Academy, as long as he met this Tifaqing, he would be met with ridicule and then a tireless question.

   "Li Luo, when will you terminate the marriage contract with Senior Sister Jiang?"

   Unexpectedly, when I heard this question that has been repeated, I don’t know how many times, even Li Luo couldn’t help rubbing his eyebrows, and said in an angry tone: "It’s your shit."

   then turned around and left.

   Tifaqing saw this, anger suddenly appeared on her pretty face, and followed up reluctantly, and said: "Li Luo, do you want toads to eat swan meat that way?"

However, Li Luo still turned a deaf ear and ignored her. Instead, she made her face pale with anger. She quickly followed and said, "Li Luo, if you don't dissolve the marriage contract, you will only be the trouble. The more outstanding the older Sister Jiang is. , Your troubles will be greater, your parents have been missing for several years, and even your Luolan Mansion is now precarious, so you, the young palace master, have no deterrent effect."

   "You don't even know how many young Tianjiao with a strong background and outstanding talents admire Senior Sister Jiang in Daxia Kingdom today."

   "You can't ask her to repay you in this way because your parents are kind to Senior Sister Jiang!"

   "Li Luo, if you don't terminate your marriage contract with Senior Sister Jiang, let alone other places, there will be people in this Nanfeng Academy alone who will bother you."

   Li Luo's footsteps finally stopped, and said: "Oh? Who can trouble me?"

Tifaqing snorted and said: "Bei Kun of the Bei family, you should be familiar with it. He has already let go and said that he hopes that you will not be able to approach Senior Sister Jiang with the help of your identity. In addition, he will let you be in Qingfeng two days later. Lou gathers and chats."

Li Luo smiled and said, "Of course I am familiar with it, but he liked to get in front of me very much back then."

When his parents were still there, what Luolan Mansion said in this Tianshu County was not lower than that of the county guard mansion. As for this Bei Kun, he would come to look for him from time to time. However, who would have thought that Luo Lan would be a few years later. The house has changed drastically. This powerful kid who once wanted to make friends with him was the first to trouble him?

   What Bei Kun likes to do before is to set up a banquet in the Qingfeng Tower and invite him to come enthusiastically, but now he actually wants him to have a banquet there? This one is really direct enough.

Tifaqing said: "Li Luo, don't think that people are ridiculous. This is how things are in the world. Your family is big, so naturally someone will favor you. Now that Luolan Mansion is losing power, why should others give you face? It’s all earned by your parents, not you."

   Li Luo nodded and said in agreement: "What you said is reasonable."

   Human feelings are cold and warm, and the world is cold. In the past two years, Li Luo has personally experienced it.

   So he didn't say much, speeding up his pace and heading outside the academy.

   And that Tifaqing followed perseveringly, chattering like magic sounds all the way, the central idea of ​​all the words was the hope that Li Luo could give Jiang Qing'e a freedom.

   Li Luo knew that the best way to deal with such people was to ignore him, so he didn't bother to pay attention to a word, walked through the corridors, and finally left the university.

   And when he stepped out of the university, he suddenly felt that the surrounding voices had become much quieter. Even the fly-like Tifaqing beside him was pinched by his throat.

   Li Luo turned his head and glanced at her, and then found that Tifaqing's face was flushed, and his eyes were full of excitement, looking under the stone ladder of the Academy.

If Li Luo followed with some enlightenment, he saw a car wheel parked in front of the steps. The car wheel was antique, spacious and no lack of extravagance. The four dark red and strong lions, horses and beasts were pulling the wheel. On the car wheel, there is a familiar emblem, which is Luolan Mansion.

   What caused Tifaqing's complexion to turn red and the students nearby also showed excitement. Of course, it was not just the car wheel in Luolan Mansion, but the girl standing in front of the car wheel.

The girl’s long hair is casually **** in a ponytail, her face is delicate and indifferent, reflecting a seductive luster in the sunset, she is wearing a short blue cloak, slender boots, under the battle skirt, slender straight white legs It almost makes the population dry.

   Of course the most eye-catching thing is the pair of golden eyes that are as bright and pure as the sun.

   That is... Jiang Qing'e? !

   There was some commotion and boiling outside the academy. I don't know how many students looked at the slender shadow with excitement. They didn't expect to see this legend that came out of the Nanfeng Academy today.

   Li Luo walked down the stone ladder in the boiling and hot sight, and came to Jiang Qing'e. He was a little surprised and said: "Sister Qing'e, when are you going back to Nanfeng City?"

  Luolan Mansion is said to have started from Nanfeng City, but after being called one of the four great manures of the Great Xia Kingdom, the center of gravity has shifted to the capital of Great Xia, Great Xia City.

After Jiang Qing'e entered the top Saint Profound Star Academy in the Great Xia Kingdom, she also went to Great Xia City. In addition, she had to control Luo Lan Mansion in the past two years, so it is difficult to see her return to the South Wind. Cheng, and Li Luo, haven't seen her for a long time.

   Jiang Qing'e glanced at Li Luo, UU reading www.uukanshu.com said lightly: "Tomorrow is your seventeenth birthday, and Luolan Mansion will also have some important things to discuss here tomorrow."

   "I just arrived in Nanfeng City today, I will drop by to take you home."

   Her voice is very nice, cold and crisp, like a quiet spring in the mountains hitting jade.

   Li Luo nodded, his attitude towards Jiang Qing'e is not surprising, because he has been familiar with it for many years and knows that she is this character.

   "Let's go then." He said, Jiang Qing'e is so popular in Nanfeng Academy, standing here is like a blade-like sight.

   Jiang Qing'e said slightly, but instead of turning around immediately, she turned her eyes to the excited Tifaqing behind Li Luo, and said, "Your name is Tifaqing, right?"

   Tifaqing nodded in excitement, his face flushed and said: "Senior Jiang, you still remember me?"

   Jiang Qing'e said calmly: "I hope you will stop harassing Li Luo in the future, otherwise, your brother in the Saint Profound Star Academy, I may focus on "taking care of" him."

   The excitement on Tifaqing's face instantly solidified. After a while, she nodded timidly under Jiang Qing's pure golden eye pupils. There was still the slightest arrogance and domineering in front of Li Luo.

   Jiang Qing'e finished speaking, and then turned around, with a light blue cloak, and went into the car with Li Luo, and then the lion, horse and beast roared and went away steadily in the smoke.

   But Tifaqing watched the car and walked away. After a long time, he rubbed his small face and became drunk.

   "Senior Jiang...It's really cool, I really love it!"

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