5. YOLO+Young&Rich=???

It seemed that the woman’s body was stained with ogre saliva.

It was because the bellboy mumbled this as he brought a mop and cleaned the woman’s dripping green liquid.

“Eww, the ogre’s breath stinks… Ugh… It’s terrible….” 

‘So, the first customer who came to our hotel right now is the hunter who came to catch the ogre….’

I just thought it was surely ‘our’ hotel. 


I don’t even know anymore.

I could smile at my first customer even though I could smell the ogre’s spit. 

Just what on earth is going on—.

During the ‘Front Desk’ skill operation, ‘Business Smile’ is activated. 

Increase business power by +100%!

This is also thanks to skill.

I could automatically have the words I had to say come to mind.

This is also a skill.

“I mean, right now, this is… are you saying it’s a hotel?”

“Yes, that’s right, Hunter-nim. For your information, the rate per night is 150 gold.”


What did my mouth just say now?


Did they pay an estimated 1.5 million won per night, then?

Not a suite in Seoul, but 1.5 million won for this small inn room in Yeongchun-myeon?

How does a hotel like this work!

“Okay, I’ll pay 150 gold.”

…She did it? 

I laughed inwardly at the woman who said she would pay at once. 

I can’t believe she will pay 150G and spend one night. Does that make sense? 

Then the woman asked cautiously.

“Well, if this is a hotel, do you have a bed or something?”

“Yes? Ah, yes… but it hasn’t been long since we just open, so we don’t have sheets and blankets.”

Isn’t that absurd?

It’s a 1.5 million won room per night, but there’s no blanket or sheet.

Will she say she is leaving?

“It’s fine! It’s really fine! I don’t care if you tell me to sleep on the floor! The bed…! There is a bed…!” 

But the woman’s answer was unexpected.

“How long has it been since I had a bed…!”

The woman, whose eyes were full of dark circles, murmured emotionally.

This woman was thrilled to be able to sleep in a room with a bed less than 150G now.

Only then did I remember the story I heard from Uncle Junsu when I went to the Hunter Association.

‘It seems that all the hunters who came to the association to pick up insurance documents are lacking in sleep. They doze off in the waiting room.’

‘I guess so. It’s common to spend a night in a dungeon. If you’re a C-Class Hunter, you have to sleep and replenish your physical strength, but that’s not easy. To do that, you have to organize a large-scale raid and sleep in turns, but it’s difficult to organize a raid that runs in a C-class dungeon on such a large scale. Any guild in Korea.’

My Dad, who was an S-Class Hunter, said it was okay not to sleep and eat for a week.

So I thought all the hunters didn’t get much sleep or food, but that wasn’t the case.

Uncle Junsu, who is an S-Class, also added that he always missed soft beds and pillows in dungeons. 

Then, Dad was probably like that too.

I had a hard time seeing my Dad’s face overlapping with this woman’s face who said she would pay 1.5 million won to sleep on a mattress without a sheet or blanket. 

It was even more so when I experienced the dungeon a few seconds earlier. 

As an ordinary person, I could not enter the dungeon, so I only encountered monster pictures on YouXbe or other SNS.

However, when I actually experienced it, it seemed that fighting with such a terrible monster, high-grade or not, would be a great stress both physically and mentally.

But how many days do you spend in a cave full of monsters without sleep or food?

It’s horrible. 

That’s why my Dad told me never to be a hunter.

Hunters have to do such terrible things professionally.

But I’ve heard it said on TV that if it weren’t for Dad or his old colleagues, most South Korean population would have died during the ‘great rift,’ now commonly referred to as the cataclysm. 

It’s hard and terrible, but someone has to do is a hunter.

‘So I… I’m still proud of you, Dad.’

I muttered briefly to myself and got out of my thoughts.

Then, I asked carefully, sticking out the lodging list toward the woman.

“How long have you been wandering around the dungeon?”

“Today will be about four days. It was the first time I ran a raid because I was still in the Hanwoon Guild. But I didn’t know that catching monsters in dungeons was like this….” 

The woman’s face darkened.

It’s the Hanwoon Guild.

I flinched at the familiar guild name.

In the meantime, she put her name on the lodging list.

Kang Sojin.

That was her name. 

“I couldn’t sleep on that bumpy floor. I heard that you need to sleep to replenish your stamina, but other seniors sleep well while sitting on rocks…They say it gets better if you keep doing it.”

Isn’t it doesn’t get better, but it just gets used to the pain? 

Like Dad or my Dad’s colleagues, the Hunters who sat in the Hunter Association dozed off like sick chickens.

I thought so and gestured to the bellboy, actively mopping behind Kang Sojin.


“Yes, boss!”

The bellboy happily put the mop down on my call.

Then a mop fell on the top of his foot, and I frowned.

The bellboy is still burdensome, but he seems to be getting used to it.

“Here, Hunter Kang Sojin, please have a cup of mixed coffee.”

Kang So-jin asked urgently with a puzzled face at my words.

“D, do you have mixed coffee too? So how much should I pay for this? 1 gold? Oh, did I call too little? I don’t know the market price in the dungeon yet….” 

Giving 10,000 won for mixed coffee? It stings my conscience so much.

“N, no. This is just a hotel service.”

I looked at Kang Sojin with a soft smile.

Kang Sojin then made a somewhat moved face.

But isn’t that just mixed coffee? 

At that time, a bellboy who entered the storage room came out with a cup of mixed coffee and a towel.

Somehow, that storage room seems to have everything.

“Here you are, customer. Please drink it.”

“Ah yes. thank you.”

Kang Sojin received the mixed coffee faster than the towel the bellboy gave out, and then took a one-shot.

Then Kang Sojin’s eyes widened as she took one shot of her mixed coffee.

“Huh? This…Is it a potion?”

What should I answer?

“It’s not a potion, it’s a hotel service, Hunter.”

As expected, the ability of the ‘Front Desk (C)’ was great.

I watched myself smile and answer steadily in a foggy mirror on the other side of the counter.

Then Kang Sojin bowed her head several times with an emotional face.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

I was very sorry to receive this greeting from a customer who would pay 150G.

Anyway, how do I get 150G?

I tilted my head and picked up the room key.

It was a key with “303” written on it.

Room 303 was the last place I cleaned, and it had the most beautiful view.

Line No. 3 had a perfect view of the harmony of the sea and the surrounding islands, but the third floor was higher than the second floor, so the scenery was better.

I hope the beautiful view will soothe this Hunter’s fatigue a little.

I sincerely thought so.

I hope it can give a little comfort to the Hunter who is tired from dungeons.

I handed the key to Kang Sojin. Kang Sojin reached out and accepted the key I gave her.

And at that moment, a window popped up.

Room 303 has been checked in.

150G will be deposited.

Kang Sojin’s eyes widened. It seemed that the message that 150G had been withdrawn appeared on the other side as well.

“Is this an automated payment system? How amazing!”

It’s actually fascinating for me, too.

I can’t believe I earned 1.5 million won in an instant…! 

But the ‘Front Desk’ skill didn’t seem to allow me to show such snobbish feelings in front of customers.

The ‘me’ in the mirror was still wearing a business smile.

“Room 303 has the best view in this hotel, Hunter. Have a nice dream.”

But what I said this time wasn’t just about skill feet, it was also what I wanted to say.

To put it bluntly, the skill correction is about 20%?

Kang Sojin looked moved by my words again.

She picked up her keys and went upstairs under the guidance of a bellboy.

And at the same time, a window appeared in front of my eyes.

It seemed like the system, which had been slow to break, got a little faster.

Congratulations! You have completed the quest ‘Even a 5-star hotel starts with one step!’! Please claim your reward!

I received my reward. 

Market Gold 200G has been deposited as a quest reward.

A market free pass has been registered as a quest reward.

100p EXP is given and the level of the hotel is upgraded as a quest reward, 

200G caught my eye first than other rewards.

I earn a total of 450G in one day, no, in about an hour.

It is about 4.5 million won in Korean currency.

An hourly wage of 4.5 million won?

Isn’t this a surprisingly good awakening?

It was the moment when Young and Rich was added to the utopia of my life, YOLO.

Even though I’ve awakened, I don’t have to go into dungeons and I can make a lot of money by giving tired hunters a place to stay. 

Just when the thought of being tricked by the village head ran away— 

The level of the hotel has been upgraded!

Hotel Level: 1→2

The interior of the hotel is upgraded.

Hotel Facility: A ‘Cafeteria’ is created!

The slow bursting system sped up.

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