2. What kind of awakening is this? 

The time to awaken has passed.

With the exception of Han Woohyun, the No. 1 ranker in Korea, who awakened at the age of 17, the awakening age of hunters, whether non-combat or combat, usually is about 20 and doesn’t exceed 22.

So I was relieved after my last test at the age of 22.

But what do you mean awakened? Could it be that I became a Hunter?

Before I knew it, the window that popped up earlier had already disappeared. 

Then I said, imitating what everyone else was doing.

“My status window.”

Then, surprisingly, a status window appeared in front of me.

Name: Lee Junghyo

Class: Hotel Manager (Hidden) (Lv. 1)

Skill: Housekeeping ©

Stats: Stamina 8 Strength 4 Agility 7 Intelligence 11 Luck 25

That class name.

It was the first class I had ever seen.

Are there classes for combat, production, healing, and hotel management?

And what on earth is that weird name skill?

The more problem is—.

“What’s wrong with the stats?” 

I laughed bitterly and pointed at the stat window.

My dad is also a hunter, and all of my dad’s friends are hunters, so I knew how to look at the stats roughly.

However, my stats are rubbish, no matter how I look at them.

I don’t know the luck, so pass.

The Intelligence is about E-Class…But even so, stamina, strength, and agility are about the average of an F-Class hunter or even less! 

Especially the strength part!

Even before I awakened, the fitness trainers always said this when I went to the gym.

‘Is our machine broken?’

Yeah. That’s right. I’m strength trash.

I also heard that it was amazing to stand.

But at least I’m awake now, aren’t I?

That’s also a hidden class of awakening.

‘Hidden’ literally means ‘not known,’ but most of the things that were said about ‘hidden’ were good grades. 

But they’re giving stats this much like nuclear waste?

I was looking on my cell phone for the number of Uncle Junsu, who is the head of the Hunter Association, but I stopped.

The feeling just came.

Ah, this.

Even if it’s called awakening, it’s not enough to tell Uncle.

It would be troublesome to do this and that again if I informed him of this.

‘Still, it’s a hotel management class. Shouldn’t I ask about this?…’

I started conflicting.

It was because a strange window popped up again just now.

Hotel business begins.

Remaining time until the opening of Yeongchun Hotel: 00:58:42

I checked the watch on my cell phone.

It’s exactly 6 p.m. in 58 minutes.

The status window says that the Yeongchun Hotel, or this Yeongchun Inn, will start running from that moment on.

But how?

Who the hell is going to come to this dirty hotel with spiderwebs everywhere and carpets that make dust every time you step on them? 

Let’s ignore it.

Ignore it.

The status window went crazy.

Or I’m the one who goes crazy.

First, I need to go to a proper dorm and get a good night’s sleep. Then, if the window is still floating in front of my eyes, I need to go talk to Uncle Junsu.

It was when I made that decision.

Suddenly, another window popped up in front of my eyes.

This status window!

It means to float at once! At once!

Loading is slow because the hotel system is outdated.


Didn’t you just read my mind?

Wake up the employee ‘Bellboy’ to help launch the hotel.



Argh, do it quickly! Quickly!

I felt like I would die of frustration when I saw the slowly growing number in front of my eyes.

At that time, it became 100% in an instant, as if it had read my mind. 

Haa, it’s cool. 

The moment the K-temperature inside me calmed down, I screamed.


Someone from under the counter raised his head.

With rich blond hair, green eyes, white skin—.

It was a foreign man.

“안녕하세요! Hello! Bonsoir! 晚上好!こんばん は!”

The man who greeted me in five languages smiled broadly at me.

Then he asked in English.

“What language would be convenient for you, boss?”

This… What the hell is this?

When my face started to turn blue, the man reached out to me with a puzzled look.

“B, boss?”

“Close…Don’t come any closer!”

I dropped to the ground.

“Bossss! You mustn’t die! We haven’t even opened a hotel yet!”

I had no time to pay attention to the man’s cries.

Green eyes with blonde hair.

What is this?

A handsome man who seemed to appear in a pictorial kept calling me ‘the boss’ when he saw me for the first time.

It’s strange!

And the fact that he suddenly appeared alone in this ruined inn, dressed in a clean outfit. 

As soon as the awakening status window popped up, there was no answer but the monster unless it was a ghost.

What do you mean monster?

Hunters, dungeons, I wanted to make a new start in a place farthest from these things, but monsters!

“Are you okay?”

He asked in English, and I shouted in Korean at the blonde monster trying to get out of the counter.

“D, don’t come any closer…!”

Then, the blonde monster stood tall at the counter and spoke in Korean.

It’s because the tears are welling up.

“I won’t go near you, boss. Hiks…I was just wondering if the boss was okay….” 


The handsome blonde monster keeps calling me boss. What should I do?

It was then.

A new window popped up in front of me. 

This system was so slow that it exploded, which made people mad in many ways.

Tutorial Quest!

—Complete room cleaning with the staff ‘bellboy.’ (0/6)

—Completion Reward: Market Gold 100G

What…? What do you want me to do with you now…? 

* * * 

I and the handsome foreign monster stood end to end on the first floor of a building that would be embarrassing even to call it a lobby.

The monster that hadn’t come out of the counter yet was fidgeting with my eyes the whole time, and I screamed at the slightest movement of the blonde monster.

What should I do?

With these terrible stats, it’s difficult to beat that monster bigger than me.

There are no proper weapons.

About 10 minutes have passed in such a situation. I calmed down a bit and stared blankly at the attire of the man who had suddenly appeared and uttered foreign words.

The man in a navy vest, navy pants, and a hat with the word “Yeong Chun” embroidered in gold thread looked like he was wearing a Halloween costume.

“Does Monsters also do cosplay…? Or is it a monster that uses hallucination magic…?” 

I hit the ground and regretted not knowing how I ended up buying a 1960s inn with a monster dressed as a hotel doorman.

I heard the site is good!

I heard there was never a dungeon break!

But why did this happen as soon as I moved in!

I should have gone somewhere else instead of Yeongchun-myeon, which has only 2,000 people!

At that time, the blonde monster, who was blushing, shouted angrily.

“I’m not a monster! I’m an employee of this hotel, boss.”

“Why is this a hotel? I don’t know if it’s an inn or a motel.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…Still, you can check that in an hour or so…Ah, and I’m a bachelor, but I can’t help but become a bachelor….” 

The blond monster stuttered, its cheeks flushed for some reason.

“…So! I’m the spirit of this hotel, boss! I am not a monster!”

“Spirit? W, what’s the attribute?” 

Spirits usually had attributes such as fire, water, wind, and earth. 

But the blonde monster’s answer was different.

“It’s a service business.”

“Hey. Get out of here, you swindler monster!”

I picked up the mop next to me.

“No, put the mop down! T, times have changed these days, so there are not only spirits of fire and water, but also spirits of the service industry! Aww! Please don’t hit me in the head! The tutorial window should have popped up by now! You can check it out while doing the tutorial with me! Am I a monster or a spirit!”

I put down the mop I was wielding at the blonde monster’s last words.

Tutorial window?

Ah, no way—.

[Quest! NEW!] written on it?

That phrase written in red suddenly appeared about 10 minutes ago, and unlike other windows that were quickly erased, it did not disappear and was floating above my field of vision.

I tried using my will to call the window back.

Tutorial Quest!

—Complete room cleaning with staff ‘bellboy.’ (0/6)

—Completion Reward: Market Gold 100G

It’s the same window as before.

“Then, the ‘bellboy’ written on this quest window—” 

“That’s me! Me! It’s me, boss!”

Even though it was just him and me, he waved his hand wildly as if he was afraid I would miss him in a crowded place.

Oh, I know for sure that’s the way it is.

That man resembles the retriever that followed me down the alley earlier.

Even the eye color is similar!

Come to think of it, that monster looks a little cute—it must be a mistake, right? 

Anyway, the quest window says that if you clean the room with that bellboy, you will get 100G.

Market Gold 100G.

Market gold refers to currency that can be used in stores used by hunters.

Awakening people were able to buy and sell various items and monster by-products in the system store using this currency.

And the remaining market gold can be exchanged for real money—.

As far as I know, 1G is roughly $10—.

If we assume that 1G is roughly 10,000 won for easy calculation…100G is….

One million won.

It’s a million won.

Are you saying you will give me 1 million won when I finish cleaning the room? 

I spent a lot of money buying this old building. 

Because YOLO was my dream, I wanted to play around without working, but—.

What if that money really comes in?

Wouldn’t it be possible to make up for the one-month gap in cafe income due to interior construction?

A very realistic thought shook me.

Isn’t worrying about money scarier than monsters!

I spent a lot of money buying this building—.

I’m still restless by the monster, which reminds me of a dog trying to look good at me— No, the person told me himself that he is the spirit of the service industry, the bellboy, so I didn’t let my guard down and asked.

“…You can speak Korean, right?”

When I asked the bellboy a question, he smiled as if it was an honor for him to be asked a question.

“Yes! I actually speak 25 languages. I can speak a total of 78 languages, including the local dialect, which is difficult to communicate with unless I learn it separately, so it’s okay to look at other languages. In case some hotel guests speak a language I don’t know, if you purchase a language learning package…” 

25 languages? Are there foreign hotel guests?

Just what are you talking about?

What kind of foreign guests is coming to this remote inn?

I said, interrupting the bellboy’s endless explanation.

“Excuse me. That’s enough. Let’s finish the tutorial first. They say they’ll give me 100 gold when I finish cleaning the room, and money is money, but I’ll check if I’m really awakened or possessed by a ghost—” 

“Oh, yes! Shall we?”

The answer is quick. No, his hands are quick.

Before I knew it, the bellboy was pulling out of the storage room a big cart with a vacuum cleaner and a mop on it.

The invisible tail seems to be wagging as if excited.

But was there such a storage room? Why didn’t I see it?

No, wait. 

But how do you go up to the second floor with that? There’s no way that guy could lift a cart the size of him—.

“Welcome, boss! I’m so excited! Cleaning, business opening! I have been waiting for this day!”

—he can.

I lightly lifted the cart and looked at the man who was already halfway up the stairs and beckoned me.

It’s strange no matter how I look at it. 

Where in the world is there an employee who is so excited about a ‘business opening’? 

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