To the Depth of Abyss

To the Depth of Abyss

by Chad_Farmer

261 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 11 hours ago

It is said, if you can enter the deepest place in Abyssal Terra, any wish can be granted. Arsen is not a young man who wants his wish to be granted, he is just a weak young man who is forced to make money on Abyssal Terra.In an exploration, he met a drago


It is said, if you can enter the deepest place in Abyssal Terra, any wish can be granted. Arsen is not a young man who wants his wish to be granted, he is just a weak young man who is forced to make money on Abyssal Terra.

In an exploration, he met a dragon, Fafnir. Fafnir is one of the participants in Abyssal Terra. Because he did not accept being forced to become a participant, Fafnir used Arsen and gave Arsen a cheat as a [VIP Player].

With a cheat and a desire to prove the truth of Abyssal Terra, Ars began his fight to go to the deepest place in that hell.

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