Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct System

Chapter 5: The old man was dumbfounded

As the class bell rang for a while, the head teacher, Shitai Mie Jue, walked in with a stack of test papers in his hand.

The classroom also quickly became quiet.

It's just that when the classroom became quiet, a strange voice emerged.

brush brush~

Everyone followed the voice to find the past, and finally all their eyes fell on Lin Yi in the last row.

It's just that Lin Yi was all focused on the notebook in his hand at this time, and he didn't even notice the bell of the class just now.

The old class standing on the podium frowned when he saw Lin Yi's actions.

It just thought that they would take the college entrance examination and finish their high school career in four days, and they didn't scolded Lin Yi in public as before.

But she couldn't let Lin Yi influence other classmates, and this time Lin Yi actually handed in the blank paper and got zero marks, which made her very dissatisfied with Lin Yi, so she frowned and greeted With a sound:

"Lin Yi, come here and send out the test papers."

However, as her voice called out, the next moment the class fell into an even more weird atmosphere.

For no other reason, Lin Yi ignored Shi Tai's instructions directly, and didn't even bother her at all.

"Damn it, the boss is awesome! This is the rhythm of hard steel!"

She looked at Shitai Mie Jue, who had an angry expression on her face on the podium, and Lin Yi, who was still flipping the pages of the book in his own way. Li Huiqun on the side couldn't help giving a thumbs up.

However, how could Lao Ban tolerate Lin Yi's performance?

Sure enough, the next moment Laoban went into a frenzy.

Hearing a loud bang, Lao Ban slammed the stack of test papers in his hand onto the podium in front of him, and then roared at Lin Yi, who was still flipping through the books in the back row, in a very bad tone:

"Lin Yi! Stand up for me!"

Lin Yi, who was concentrating on reading, was startled by this 'lion's roar'. He raised his head in confusion and looked at the podium. He immediately saw the angry old class.

It's just that this guy didn't know why Lao Ban was so angry, and he was still muttering in his heart, what kind of blind man dared to provoke Shi Tai Mie Jue?

But after seeing the whole class looking at him, he suddenly had an ominous premonition.

"Lin Yi, you are very Skillful! Don't think that there are still a few days before your college entrance examination, and I will be Nowayforyou (there is nothing I can do about you!

The students in the classroom all shrank their necks, knowing that this time, Shizue was really annoyed. After all, every time Shizue spoke English like this, it was when Shizue asked his parents.

If it was before, Lin Yi couldn't even understand what Lao Ban said in English, but this time it was not the case. Today, his English level is quite good.

However, in the face of this sudden reprimand, Lin Yi was a little confused. Isn't this a disaster for himself? Why did you get scolded for reading a book so well?

"What's the situation, old class? I'm studying hard right now? I didn't make trouble... (English

Subconsciously, a series of standard English popped out of Lin Yi's mouth. After speaking, he innocently picked up the half-read chemistry book in his hand and showed it to Old Ban.

It's just that when Lin Yi said these words, everyone in the class was stunned and looked at Lin Yi with bewildered expressions.

what's going on? What Lin Yi said just now turned out to be a very standard English?

But isn't this unscientific? All the classmates have a clear idea of ​​who has what kind of grades for three years. How could Lin Yi, who has always been in the bottom three, speak such English?

It's just that the boss standing on the podium may have been really **** off by Lin Yi. He didn't notice this for a while. After hearing Lin Yi's rebuttal, he was so angry that he scolded again:

"Reading books? How about fooling you? Are you reading books like that? You could be perfunctory before, but this time you handed me a blank paper? I'll call your parents in a while and ask them to see how their sons read books! (English

This time, it was even more powerful, Shizhui Shitai simply said a sentence in English.

And because he was angry, his tone was also very fast. After such a long speech, even Xiao Zihan didn't understand a few words in front of him, let alone the rest of the classmates.

"Uh, old class, your sentence is a bit ill-formed, 'you're fooling a ghost' should be the right way to say it. (English

After saying this sentence, the old class on the podium in front of him immediately continued to retort in English:

"Don't give me sloppy eyes, I can say whatever I like (English)... Eh? No! How dare you talk to me in English? (Chinese

Halfway through the sentence, Shi Tai finally reflected, and immediately opened his mouth wide with an inconceivable look, and the words that followed were directly changed back to Chinese.

At this time, the classmates in the class had long been dumbfounded, and they all looked at Lin Yi with the appearance of a monster.

Damn it, this guy is hiding too deep! It is no problem to pass the eighth level of oral English!

On the side, Li Huiqun swallowed with a grunt, and his face was full of deep disbelief.

Others may not know Lin Yi very well, but Li Huiqun, who grew up together, is very familiar with Lin Yi.

Just now, the fluent English man was really the brother who once swore with him, 'I'm from China, I don't learn bird language'?

Fuck me, the clown turned out to be me...

"You boy, this English..."

When Shi Tai was halfway through speaking, he realized that he didn't know what to say.

Mainly because it really subverted her cognition.

"Come here and take this test paper back and do it again! Show me your true strength."

Suddenly thinking of yesterday's test paper, Shitai Jue immediately lowered his head and rummaged through Lin Yi's blank test paper.

Do it again? Isn't this delaying my reading...

Although Lin Yi was very reluctant, he had to listen to Lao Ban's words, so he could only step onto the podium.

However, in order to save time to the greatest extent, he came under the podium and looked at Xiao Zihan's seat next to him. He simply stretched out his hand and took a pen in Xiao Zihan's hand:

"Lend me to use it."

Immediately after taking the test paper from the old class, he didn't go back at all, he just bent down on Xiao Zihan's desk and began to answer the questions.

Feeling that her hand was empty, Xiao Zihan was obviously stunned. Looking at the pen that Lin Yi had already held in her hand, she couldn't help but feel distressed.

It's not that he is reluctant to use it for Lin Yi, mainly because the cap of his pen is being bitten by Lin Yi in his mouth...

[To be continued. . . . 】

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