Remember for a second【】

If this is the case, the Queen Mother Ye will never agree.

However, Zhuang Yan on the other side of the phone also heard the Queen Mother Ye's words. He was stunned for a moment, and then quickly explained:

"Hehe, it's my sister-in-law. You misunderstood. It's not that Brother Lin wants to buy tea, it's that I want to buy Brother Lin's tea. You can rest assured that the price I gave is definitely higher than the market price."

Zhuang Yan knew that if he couldn't satisfy the woman on the other side, he might not be able to buy tea today.

It's just that as soon as those words were finished, both Father Lin over there and Lin Yi over there couldn't help but slap their foreheads.

But now that the Queen Mother Ye is talking to the other party, she has no way to forcibly hang up.

"Buy Lao Lin's tea? What kind of tea? The one in the big green iron bucket where I boiled the tea eggs in the morning?"

When the Queen Mother Ye heard that it was not Lao Lin who wanted to buy tea, she was relieved, but the next moment, she suddenly became confused again, is it not buying tea or selling tea?

The only tea she could think of was the big bucket newly bought by her husband. After all, there really wasn't any other tea at home besides that.

However, when the Queen Mother Ye finished her words, not only Lin Yi and Father Lin were speechless this time, but even the solemn over there was stunned for a while. He looked down at the big green iron bucket, and solemnly swallowed:

"Boiled, boiled tea eggs, tea?? Sister-in-law, do you mean that you boil tea eggs with this imperial dry dragon well??"

Hearing this, Lin Yi couldn't listen anymore. He quickly reached out and grabbed the phone from his mother's hand. After pressing the phone on the speakerphone, he walked out of the bedroom with quick steps and went to talk to Zhuang Yan.

Half a minute later, when Lin Yi walked back to the bedroom, he saw that the Queen Mother Ye was staring at the table in a daze, still talking about four million and tea eggs.

Immediately, Lin Yi stepped forward and waved in front of the Queen Mother Ye:

"Mother, what's wrong with you? Hey, you misunderstood my mother. What Mr. Zhuang said was not the tea that you boiled tea eggs in the morning. My dad bought it for 400 yuan, don't you know? What they said was The tea I brought to my dad."

After hearing her son's words, the Queen Mother Ye came back to her senses, and asked with some uncertainty, is it really that tea? But where did you get the tea?

I sighed helplessly in my heart, alas, for the sake of the fragile little heart of my mother, let's tell a lie:

"Didn't I find an antique and sold it for five million? Sun Zhi told you about it yesterday."

Seeing that his mother didn't continue, but still looked at himself suspiciously, Lin Yi continued:

"Then I used that money to invest in some expensive tea leaves. If it didn't change hands, someone would buy it at a high price."

"Really?? And what kind of tea did you buy worth four million one taels?"

"It must be true, ahem, if you don't believe me, when my dad comes back, you can let him show you his receipt for buying tea! My tea is good tea, Yu Yugan Longjing, it has no market price. , I also got it by chance."

Seeing her son's serious expression, and thinking that the can of tea was indeed bought by Lao Lin, the Queen Mother Ye still chose to believe it.

Knowing that she didn't use four million one taels of tea leaves to cook tea eggs, the Queen Mother Ye finally breathed a long sigh of relief, and her whole person became relaxed.

After seeing this, Lin Yi immediately followed with a sigh of relief, fortunately, my mother is better to fool...

However, the next moment, before Lin Yi could finish his breath, he saw Empress Dowager Ye suddenly stand up, grabbing the arm power tool that was put down just now and hitting Lin Yi's ass.

Looking at the arm strength device with the evil wind, Lin Yi was startled, but fortunately he reacted quickly enough, turned around and ran out of the bedroom, and at the same time he couldn't help shouting:

"Oh, I didn't make a mistake. It was my father who hid the money from the private house. Why are you beating me up, Queen Mother Ye!"

Who knew it would be better not to say this. After speaking, the Empress Dowager Ye threw the arm force device in her hand, then picked up her slippers and began to greet Lin Yilai.

While beating his mouth, he muttered:

"You still have the guts to say that? I beat a traitor like you. If it were put in the past, the first person to be a traitor would be you!"

Lin Yi almost fell to the ground after saying this, well, he found it by himself!

"And you little bastard, don't you say I want to wait for you to finish the college entrance examination and clean you up, you say you are only a high school student, what kind of car do you buy?? Ah? You can buy a car, you spend four hundred Wan?? You really don't know how hard it is to make money, do you?"

The more he hits, the more angry he gets, especially when he thinks of the frightening himself just now, he gets even more angry, and the slippers in his hand are greeted on Lin Yi's buttocks one after another.

Of course, not to mention that the Queen Mother Ye's actions were very measured and would not hurt Lin Yi, just saying that Lin Yi was rough-skinned and thick-skinned would not matter at all.

It's just that you don't take it seriously, it's still necessary to cry out for pain, otherwise the Queen Mother Ye would not have the sense of accomplishment to beat her son!

After beating for a while, Empress Ye was out of breath before she stopped. Looking at Lin Yi again, seeing that Empress Ye had stopped, she hurriedly poured a glass of water and gave it to Empress Ye while rubbing it. He smirked while holding his shoulders:

"Hey, old lady, you can't be so angry anymore, you didn't see that your son is capable now, waiting for you to enjoy the rest of his life.

Hey, you heard it just now, this time you can earn at least 40 million. If you don't want to do it later, just resign, and then let Lao Lin take you on a tour around the country, and wait until you have traveled all over China's great mountains and rivers. , we're going for a walk abroad, what do you think?

^0^ One second to remember【】

? "

Feeling her son pinching her shoulders and listening to her son's filial words, the Queen Mother Ye was still very useful, but her face was full of displeasure.

"Not so good! You're only in high school, and UU reading is about to go to college. After college, you have to buy a house, get married and have children. Which of these must not spend money? I tell you, this money will come back I will give it to me to save it for you in the future, if it is in your hands, I can't say that I will buy a plane for me that day!"

While talking, the Queen Mother Ye couldn't help but laugh...

Besides, on Father Lin's side, after Zhuang Yan returned the phone to Father Lin, after hesitating for a while, he still asked with a confused expression:

"Brother Lin, can I ask if my sister-in-law really boiled tea eggs with this royal dry dragon well in the morning??"

Father Lin could only smile bitterly when he heard the words, and then nodded under the solemn and unsure eyes.

In an instant, there are countless draft horses running past in Zhuang Yan's heart. What kind of family is this? It costs tens of millions to cook a tea egg!

"Then what, can you sell me a tea egg? I want to taste what Yugan Longjing tastes like..."

【To be continued. . . . 】

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