Chapter 97 is undoubted, no doubt

Since Chu Peihan and Hao Ran have confessed to Ning Wei’s boss, there has been almost no class, and the classmates and teachers in their class are very surprised.

But for the teacher, they don't miss class, that's the best, so the class won't be deducted!

In fact, there are classmates in class, and the class teacher is tears inside! But there is no way to manage it!

After leaving school at noon, when walking on the way to the cafeteria, Gu Ning received a call from An Guangyao and asked if she had time to talk to her about the acquisition.

An Guangyao will look for her. In Gu Ning's expectation, it is just noon or afternoon.

For the acquisition of this matter, Gu Ning also wants to implement it as soon as possible, so do not say that there is time, no, she will try to vacate.

Gu Ning and everyone said that they went out of school.

Although Hao Ran and others are curious about what Gu Ning is going to do, but Gu Ning does not say, they are not good to ask.

Everyone has their own secrets.

In order to facilitate the time of Gu Ning, An Guangyao met in a restaurant not far from the school. It took ten minutes to walk.

And An Guangyao has already arrived.

Because the two talked about important things, An Guangyao was booked in the private room.

"Miss Gu, you are here, please sit down." Seeing Gu Ning coming in, An Guangyao quickly got up and greeted. The attitude was very polite, and he also used the honorary name. He did not see Gu Ning as a junior.

Also, in the face of power, respect and respect have nothing to do with age.

After Gu Ning sat down, An Guangyao immediately called the waiter and asked Gu Ning to order.

Gu Ning was also welcome, ordered two dishes, and then An Guangyao also ordered one.

It’s not An Guangyao’s thrift, but three dishes, enough for two people to eat.

Before the meal had arrived, the two began to talk about things.

"Miss Gu, the most reasonable price of Shenghua Real Estate is 400 million. I don't know if Miss Gu accepts it." An Guangyao is not nonsense, and directly asks the price.

400 million, in fact, not too much, but compared to the price given by other businesses, it is much higher.

Of course, businessmen are all profitable, so if others give less, the more benefits they will get.

However, 400 million, it is just enough to pay off the debts, not to ruin the family, bear the debt. In the end, he was given the only remaining body, that is, his current house and a million-thousand car.

Despite this, afterwards, he can no longer afford it, so the house and the car are to be sold, otherwise the livelihood and the easy tuition fees will be a problem.

"it is good"

Gu Ning agreed very refreshedly, but it made An Guangyao feel amazed and could not react for a while.

However, Gu Ning can't get 400 million now. In addition to the 100 million that Twilight Beauty needs, she has only 300 million.

But this weekend, she will go to the G city again, and then gamble a stone.

I don't know if there are new products. If there are new goods, then there will be a lot of jade wool, but if there is no new goods, she can only take a few from the space to sell.

So Gu Ning said: "However, I have only 300 million yuan in my body. I can only wait for this weekend to get a contract and hand over 100 million yuan. How do you see it?"

"Good" An Guangyao does not have any objection. No matter who buys it, it is impossible to raise funds at once. It is a loan and it takes time.

So, waiting a few days is not a problem.

The project of Shenghua Real Estate is supported by the remaining materials, and it has not been embarrassed, and it can still support for a week or so.

"Uncle Un, in fact, I prefer a win-win outcome." Gu Ning suddenly said.

An Guangyao stunned, and some of the words of Gu Ning were unclear. So, "I don't know what Miss Gu said?"

"I don't know if the police will help you recover this money. If you get back, it shouldn't be hard to get back, but if you can't catch it back! So, I have a proposal, so I don't want to see Uncle An. "Gu Ning said.

"What proposal?" An Guangyao asked.

"Uncle Un knows that I am only a high school student. I don't have time to run it myself. So I want to find someone with the ability to help me. And Uncle Un is the founder of Shenghua Real Estate, ability, nature. Undoubtedly, I intend to hire Uncle An to continue to serve as the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate. In other words, I am only behind the scenes. The hiring is a generous salary and a 20% stake in the company, and you I have the absolute right to speak in the company. Under normal circumstances, I will not actively interfere with your decision, unless it is necessary, or you can't decide what to do. I don't know if Uncle An, is it willing?" Gu Ning said.

When I heard Gu Ning, An Guangyao was already dumbfounded.


A generous salary and a 20% stake in the company hired him as an executive director? Also have absolute right to speak?

Twenty percent of the shares, that is not a small amount!

This, this is simply a pie falling from the sky! Let An Guangyao have an unreal feeling.

But I have to say that he is very excited about this, because he really does not want to live in Shenghua Real Estate. Shenghua Real Estate, this is his hard work, it took nearly two decades, and the energy and feelings he paid can only be experienced.

However, because I feel that Gu Ning’s treatment is too good, so that he feels uneasy, so he is uncertain and cautiously asks: "Miss Gu, 20% of the shares, is not a small amount, but also The company has given me full responsibility. Are you sure that this is not a lie to me? And, do you believe me?"

"Uncle Uncle's current desolateness is only that people are not good, but you can't deny your ability. Your ability and your network will make me struggle for a few years, and you will need your company as your own industry in the future. Come and work for me. Do you still think you are cheap?"

It’s not a good idea to fight for a few years, but when you are modest, you still have to be modest, right?

An Guangyao said that Gu Ning said that it is also very reasonable, so his uneasiness is suddenly less.

Gu Ning continued: "And, the employer is not suspicious, the suspect is not used. Of course, I am not a good person, I really want to be my, I will promise him a bright future, but if you betray me, there is only one, then it is dead. ""

Gu Ning took out the set that had dealt with Zhou Zhenghong before, promised, and warned.

Speaking of the dead words, Gu Ning deliberately released a violent murderous murder, and directed An Guangyao, so that he suddenly felt the difficulty of breathing, as if smelling the breath of death.

At this moment, he was deeply shocked. Such a 17-year-old girl could make such a strong suffocation.

Compared with Zhou Zhenghong, An Guangyao has seen a larger world and read more people, so he immediately concluded that Gu Ning is not a pool.

(End of this chapter)

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