Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 95: Sell ​​company, buy company

Chapter 95 Selling Companies, Buying Companies

When An Yi heard the sound and screams, he reacted and hurriedly looked up and suddenly stopped.

First, I saw that the people who beat him all fell to the ground, and then I saw Gu Ning standing in front of myself.

Suddenly, An Yi was embarrassed to find a hole in the hole, he actually let the goddess see his wolf how.

However, since people have saved him, even if he feels embarrassed and shy again, he must thank him!

Therefore, An Yi looked at Gu Ning and sincerely thanked: "Gu Ning, thank you."

"You're welcome," Gu Ning responded, then looked at Hao Ran a few people: "Get him up and send it to the infirmary."

After hearing the voice of Gu Ning, Hao Ran responded with a few talents. Zhang Tianping and Qin Zixun reacted too quickly and immediately helped An Yi to get up.

Then the group went to the infirmary.

The bruises of An Yi’s body are all on the face and they are not spared. But fortunately, all skin injuries, no injuries to the bones and the like, rest for a few days will be fine.

However, the appearance of An Yi, naturally can not go home alone, so Gu Ning took the initiative to send An Yi home, of course, also called Hao Ran and Qin Zixun together.

Because Hao Ran drove to the school today, he was in the parking lot next to the school.

An Yiben is embarrassed to trouble them, but there is no way, he can not go back on his own. And at this time, the family is terrible, he can't let the family pick it up!

On the way, Gu Ning asked about the situation of An Yijia, because this is not a secret, so An Yi does not feel that there is anything that can't be said, just say.

As Fang’s male student said, An Yi’s stepmother and his father’s most trusted brother, Shenghua Real Estate’s finances, ran a hundred million yuan of liquidity from Shenghua and 300 million yuan just borrowed from the bank. .

At present, Shenghua Real Estate is in a difficult position. If there is no funds to maintain this week, Shenghua will completely go bankrupt.

Moreover, with the current situation of Shenghua Real Estate, it is impossible to borrow from the bank anymore. An Yi’s father is now borrowing money from people, but no one lends him.

There are hundreds of millions of funds, and no one dares to borrow it!

So now, An Yi’s father can only sell the company, at least in this way, he can barely pay off the debt.

Because there are several competitions now, and they all want to lower prices, things have not yet been settled.

Although the police are already chasing An Yi’s stepmother and the man, but after a few days, there is still no news.

Hearing this, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun all expressed their sympathy, but it was only sympathy, and did not give birth to help him.

Of course, even if they have this idea, they can't help it! That is hundreds of millions, not millions!

However, Gu Ning decided to buy Shenghua Real Estate.

Shenghua Real Estate is one of the three major real estates in F City. It has its roots and contacts. Although it is in crisis, as long as the funds are replenished, there will be no major events.

So, it is much better than she started from scratch.

The An Yi family is not very far from the school. It is only 20 minutes away and is also a high-end residential area. Although the level is not as high as that of Fenghua Haoting, it is seven or eight years earlier than Fenghua. Once, it was also the place where the F city commander and the nobles competed.

An Yijia lives in the villa area, but the family is very big, but it is very cold.

After the company’s accident, the babysitter at home also resigned because it could not be hired.

On the second floor study, An Yi’s father, An Guangyao, smashed the whole body into the seat in the table. Because he is the only one in the family, he is very quiet.

Suddenly I heard the sound of opening the door downstairs, shocked him and slammed straight.

what happened? who is it?

Now that the house has a key, it is An Yi, but is An Yi not at school?

Is that the woman back?

But it felt impossible, the woman did not dare to come back.

At the time of doubt, An Guangyao had stood up and walked outside.

When he appeared on the stairs, he saw that An Yi was being helped by two classmates, and his face and his arms were bruised. He was shocked and hurried down. He also refused to take care of several people. Anxiously asked An Yidao: "Xiao Yi, what is going on with you?"

An Guangyao is overwhelmed. He wants to check out An Yi’s injury, but he is afraid of hurting him. He is very worried.

An Yi’s own appearance could not be concealed, so he told An Guangyao what the original book was. After An Guangyao heard it, his heart was extremely angry.

However, he was angry again, and he was temporarily depressed because he did not ignore what An Yi said. It was these classmates who saved him. He could not neglect others.

An Guangyao did not despise the other party because of his young age. He thanked them very sincerely and solemnly: "Teacher, thank you for saving my family Xiaoyi."

"An uncle is not welcome," Gu Ning three airways.

Then, Gu Ning commanded: "You can put An Yi into the room! Then change his pajamas for him, his clothes are dirty."

Gu Ning said this, the purpose is to deliberately open them, let them delay the time, but even if there is no such purpose, still have to do this, help people in the end!

"This, this is too much trouble, I will come." An Guangyao is embarrassed to let them trouble again, and hurriedly stop the road.

"Uncle Un, nothing, just go to them!" Gu Ning said.

"Yes! Let us come!" Hao Ran and Qin Zixun also echoed the road, and then directly supported An Yi to walk in the direction of the stairs.

An Guangyao did not insist on it any more, because it was not good to leave Gu Ning alone in the hall, so An Guangyao did not follow the past, immediately invited Gu Ning to sit down, and then poured a glass of water to Gu Ning.

"Thank you, Uncle An," Gu Ning took the cup, thank you.

Gu Ning looked at An Guangyao, only 40 years old, because of this incident, a lot of old, hair also gave birth to a lot of white hair.

Gu Ning didn't want to waste time, so I went straight to the point: "Uncle Un, my name is Gu Ning, I know that Uncle Un's company has a problem and wants to shoot. And I am very interested in An Uncle's company, definitely will Out of the most reasonable price, I don’t know what Uncle Uncle is doing?"

"What?" Wen Yan, An Guangyao really scared a big jump, full of incredulous look at Gu Ning, I feel that this is wrong.

The matter of Shenghua Real Estate is no secret, so Gu Ning will know that An Guangyao is not unexpected.

However, the other 17-year-old student actually said that he would buy his company?

Are you sure this is not a joke?

However, it is not like joking to see that the other person is not humble, mature and steady, and who will make a joke about this kind of thing!

However, he really does not believe that a student can afford his company.

Is it because her family wants to buy?

Thinking, An Guangyao asked: "Is your family going to buy it?"

(End of this chapter)

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