Chapter 9 Antique Market

On the neck, the chain of platinum, the size of the jade pendant.

The gold earrings are not small. At first glance, they are rich in a violent anger, for fear that others do not know that she has money.

But looking at it, Gu Ning couldn't help but laugh, and couldn't help but laugh at it.

The woman saw it, her face was a little unsightly, and she said, "What are you laughing at?"

"I laugh at you! Since you are so rich, how can you wear fake jade bracelets! And the fake jade pendant." Gu Ning was unceremoniously exposed.

Yes, the jade bracelet on the woman's wrist and the jade pendant on the neck are fake. Originally she wanted to **** the aura of the other jade bracelet and the jade pendant, but she couldn't think of it, it turned out to be fake.

As for the gold thing, she doesn't understand it, so she doesn't know the truth, but the jade ring in her hand is true.

Although she knew that this woman absolutely did not know that this thing was fake, but did not prevent her from bursting out, in retaliation for her humiliation.

Woman! There are not a few careless eyes. She Gu Ning admits that she is not atmospheric, so she does not want to endure the gas, she will never bear it.

"What do you say?" The woman heard the words and suddenly became angry. It was not the fact that she was pricked. Instead, she felt that the other person deliberately said that her things were fake, misunderstanding and embarrassing her.

This thing was given to her by her husband, her husband is so rich, how can she send her fake!

And the other side is a poor girl, know what!

"Hey! Don't talk nonsense, don't talk nonsense, poor is forced, and hatred is useless."

Being forced by the poor, Gu Ning is not angry, she is now poor!

"Love letter does not believe, but every store has an appraiser. If you want to, you can go to the appraisal and identification. If I have something, I will not accompany it." Gu Ning kindly reminded that he turned and left.

"You······" The woman didn't want to let go of Gu Ning so easily, but she still wanted to find a shackle, but she was blocked by the woman around her: "Golden sister, and a poor girl, she has lost her identity."

In this case, she immediately reminded the woman who was called Jin Jie. She always felt that her status was noble and she still paid attention to the image of the lady.

Suddenly, Jin Jie put on a high-spirited appearance, looked at the back of Gu Ningyuan, and dismissively said: "Hey! This lady will not care about her!"

After that, I went on to see the jade.

Just do not know why, Gu Ning's words can not be pressed in her heart, always want to identify the jade bracelet and jade pendant that Gu Ning said is fake.

Here, Shao Feifei has not left at the door of the store, because she wants to see what Gu Ning is going to do, and the situation in the store, she naturally looks at it.

Seeing Gu Ning coming out, Shao Feifei couldn't help but ridicule it: "Oh! Some people can't afford it, even if they can still hate the rich, hehe."

"You can afford it, then you buy it!" Gu Ning said indifferently.


But I don't want to, this step on Shao Feifei's painful foot, a face is ugly.

Although Shao Feifei was born into a wealthy family and had tens of millions of assets at home, this does not mean that she can afford it!

These jewels are just tens of thousands of dollars. Her monthly pocket money is only two or three thousand, and her spending is big, and where is the money to buy!

It’s just that she’s going to her birthday right away. She wants to see if she has any jewelry she likes so that her mother can buy her a birthday present.

No longer paying attention to Shao Feifei, Gu Ning went straight.

Although Shao Feifei was not reconciled, he could not find a rebuttal of Gu Ning.

Shao Feifei's cousin Shao Xue saw Shao Feifei being annoyed, and the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound, for fear of becoming her punching bag. After all, this is not twice.

If it weren't for the good conditions of Shao Feifei's family, there were many places in her family to rely on Shao Feifei's words, and she would not like to please her so humble!

After leaving the jewelry store, Gu Ning went directly to the antique market.

From the city center to the antique market, it takes half an hour to go to the antique market, and it is about three in the afternoon.

The antique market, also known as the old-fashioned market, is equal to an old word. Only old objects can be called antiques. So many people say that when antiques are true and false, they also like to call them old objects.

Antiques have been around for many years, so there are still a lot of people in the antique street, but most of them are middle-aged men and old men.

There are not many young people, like Gu Ning’s age students, and there are even fewer girls. There are still few in the end, but it is either to come with an adult or to watch the excitement.

So where Gu Ning passed, there was no vendor to sip her.

On both sides of the street, the stalls are more conspicuous than the shops, but there are hundreds of stalls in the ground. One or two of the tens of thousands of items are very good, and you want to find one or two pieces on so many counterfeit goods. Genuine, two words, hard.

Both antiques and jade are high-risk investments. The industry regulations are ‘the antique market is not anti-counterfeiting’, paying attention to ‘hands over the money, one-handed delivery. ‘Buy is leaving, no return.

If you have a bad luck, you can get rich overnight. If you buy the wrong one, it is destined to be bloodless, and some people are ruined.

Gu Ning is very slow, because she is tired when she uses jade, and she has to take a break to see it again.

Along the way, Gu Ning did not find a genuine, very disappointed.

Also, antiques have been around for many years, and most of the real objects have been collected, and there are still some leaks for her!

It seems that her idea of ​​making money with antiques is still too naive.

There are many gambling stones, but the main source and market are in the Myanmar and Y provinces, and few other cities. Even if there are, I am afraid that most of them are some of the defective products that have been deleted, and the green rate is very low.

Of course, the gods are difficult to break the jade, the appearance is not good, does not mean that the inside is not good.

However, it does not mean that the F city is far from the country of Myanmar. Gu Ning can't go now, even if he doesn't worry about the road, he wants to go, there is no toll!

Although the ticket is only a few thousand dollars, but these thousands of dollars for Gu Man and mother, it is not a small amount of money!

And she has the ability to do things that can't be exposed, even if it is Gu Man, so she wants to go, there is no reason to go.

Although Gu Ning has no hope for the existence of jade wool in F City, Gu Ning will still ask. It is even better, even if most of it is waste, or a jade jade with a low variety, the mosquito meat is also meat! She will not be disgusted.

Just as Gu Ning was ready to turn around and leave, his eyes were attracted by an object in the inconspicuous corner.

It is a bracelet, which is made up of twelve toe-sized porcelain blocks. It is covered with stains, the gray is not slippery, and the appearance is not good, but Gu Ning can see a faint look. White mist.

(End of this chapter)

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