Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 89: Go to "Emerald"

Chapter 89 goes to "Emerald"

"Absolutely not say it."

Everyone has promised.

"It's almost time, go back to the classroom!" Gu Ning said, and he got up.

Along with, the group went to the teaching building.

Gu Yu listened to Lin Lijuan, saying that what happened in the shopping mall yesterday, although I don’t think that Gu Ning can't read the book, I still want to make sure. So after coming to the school, Gu Yu has been looking downstairs in the corridor to see if Gu Ning really does not come.

"Gu Ning is more and more arrogant. She has not only beat you, even your grandmother dare to swear. Now even your mother dares to threaten. Isn't she going to step on your feet?" Chen Ziyao said. The appearance of a pair of injustices is actually trying to stimulate Gu Yu’s resentment against Gu Ning, and thus to teach Gu Ning.

Chen Ziyao is much smarter than Gu Yu, because after the last time Gu Ning and Hao Ran fight, let Hao Ran confess to Ning Wei, support her, let Chen Ziyao have jealousy against Gu Ning.

Of course, the resentment against her is nothing.

Her Chen Ziyao grew up from small to large, and even her parents had never been willing to beat her. What does Gu Ning rely on?

However, I thought it was taboo, and I dared not rush to provoke her, that is, knocking on the side, but Gu Yu went out of this head.

If Gu Yu knows that she regards Chen Ziyao as a friend, she is calculating her own, and she will definitely turn her face with Chen Ziyao.

Unfortunately, she did not know, but instead heard Chen Ziyao's words, let her anger retorted: "Impossible, she is only a poor sour woman, wild species, what is the qualification to step on my feet."

That being said, but Gu Ning has changed a lot in these days, fighting hard, becoming arrogant, and becoming friends with the rich children of Hao Ran, getting their support, really made her feel threatened.

The more I think, the more I can't accept this fact, the more ugly the face is, and the thought of viciousness comes out in my mind: "I can't be big, I found someone to ruin her."

Wen Yan, Chen Ziyao flashed a smug look in her eyes, she wants this.

Although she will question the success of this matter, even if it fails, it has nothing to do with her, isn't it?

"Hey, Gu Ning is coming." At this moment, Chen Ziyao saw Gu Ning and others who came downstairs and reminded him.

Gu Yuwang went to see Gu Ning and his party, and he was even heavier: "It is really disappointing."

At this time, the idea of ​​destroying Gu Ning is deeper.

When Gu Ning entered the classroom, he almost hit Shao Feifei who was out of the classroom.

If it used to be, Shao Feifei had already screamed, but now, it’s just a slap in the face of Gu Ning, not dare to swear.

Shao Feifei's mind is almost the same as Chen Ziyao. The resentment against Gu Ning is still the same, but there are some taboos, and he dare not act rashly.

Of course, I dare not only temporarily, but how can they be willing to be beaten by Gu Ning, it will not be there! Just have to think of a good way.

Read it early, the class teacher will come, inform everyone this Friday test, let everyone review more.

When I was going to read early, Gu Ning received a text message from Qin Yifan saying that he was already at the airport. He would go to F City two hours later and ask her to have time to go to the "Emerald" with her jade. he.

Qin Yifan can't wait, because he knows that Gu Ning wants to create jewelry for his family is not simple.

However, even if he knows that it is not simple, the height is the top grade jade, and it is impossible to think that it is the best, and it is as rare as the emperor green.

Gu Ning also wanted to make the jewelry out as soon as possible, so he agreed to Qin Yifan and passed at noon.

After a long time between classes, Chu Peihan went straight to the four classes to find Gu Ning and Yu Mixi to play.

When Chu Peihan came, she was scared that everyone was trembled, fearing that one accidentally caught Chu Peihan and was beaten by her.

Mu Ke and Hao Ran and other people also feel bored during class, but also want to come to Gu Ning, but because they are boys, afraid to find more than Gu Ning, will bring any gossip to Gu Ning, so did not come.

After school at noon, Gu Ning went straight out of school.

Outside the school gate, a black hummer stopped at the roadside and caught the attention of many people.

This car is too domineering, and it is a Hummer, but also expensive.

But as for how expensive they are, they don't know, there should be millions!

Gu Ning went out of the school gate and was attracted by this domineering Hummer. However, he only looked at his eyes and hurriedly took a taxi and left.

Gu Ning did not see the person on the Hummer, but the other party saw him.

The person in the driver's seat is a cold and awkward.

Cold Shaohao appeared in the third high school. Naturally, it was related to Gu Ning. He just came from G City today and came over. Although I am not sure that Gu Ning will come out at noon, I still have to look at it. It is a coincidence that he has run into it.

See Gu Ning take a taxi and leave, and Leng Shaoyu also started the engine and followed.

Gu Ning did not find that he was being tracked. After getting off at the downtown business building, he went straight into the mall and walked toward the “Emerald Xuan Xuan”.

In Yi Cui Xuan, Qin Yifan had already waited for a long time. He arrived at 9:20 in the morning and arrived at the store at 10:00. He had been waiting for two and a half hours.

Although he knew that Gu Ning would only arrive at 12:30, he couldn’t wait to wait.

Because Qin usually went to the inspection, he rarely stayed in the store for more than an hour, but this time he stayed for two and a half hours, which made the employees in the "Emerald" store very confused and upset.

And as soon as twelve and a half, he had been looking around the store.

Therefore, when Gu Ning came, Qin Yifan saw it and excitedly greeted the past. He couldn’t wait to urge: “Gu Ning, you finally came, quickly and quickly, show me what kind of jade is.”

"What are you in a hurry! Go in and see again." Gu Ning flipped his eyes without a word. This is a large audience, and he took out such a valuable thing and blamed it without causing trouble.

Qin Yifan smiled and hurriedly greeted Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning entered the door, he was recognized by the employees of "Eclips", because the emperor green she brought last time was so shocking that people could not remember her.

However, looking at the appearance of their boss, it seems to be specially waiting for her, but also an excited and excited appearance, it is difficult, this little girl has what rare jade to sell?

Thinking of this, everyone is not yet to be determined, and their eyes are on Gu Ning.

However, Qin Yifan took Gu Ning to the office as soon as he came. They could not see it and expressed disappointment with sighs.

Upon arriving at the office, Qin Yifan immediately invited Gu Ning to take a seat, and then eagerly said: "Now you can take the sad reminder out!"

Gu Ning smiled helplessly, then took off the backpack, opened it, and took out the jade wrapped in the bag and handed it to Qin Yifan.

(End of this chapter)

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