Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 85: Big noise in the mall

Chapter 85, the mall is noisy

Jiang Xu went to do his own thing. Gu Ning took Gu Cheng and Gu Ning to take a taxi and went directly to the downtown business building.

When I arrived at the commercial building in the city center, Gu Ning said that I went to see the clothes first and was immediately stopped by Gu Qing: "Ningning, you bought clothes for us yesterday, so don't waste money and buy them."

"How can I change the two pieces! And I lost almost my mother's clothes. There are not a few pieces. Don't worry! This time we don't buy high-end brands, just buy the general ones." Gu Ning Appease the road, know that they are afraid of wasting money, but she and Gu Man really do not have a few clothes! And this time I don't plan to buy anything high-end.

There are a few luxury items that can be used to attend important gatherings or events.

On weekdays, just wear the general one.

The high-end, wearing a fame, only the quality of many brands in the mid-end is not worse than the high-end.

Since Gu Ning said this, Gu Qing naturally has nothing to say.

Gu Ning and his entourage came to the mid-range and found a shop suitable for Gu Man and Gu Qing’s age, and then walked in to see.

Although it is only a mid-range, but the clothes are also hundreds of thousands. For Gu Man and Gu Qing, they are high-end places, they have never been there.

Therefore, when I go in, I am a bit timid.

Gu Qing and Gu Man are not good at wearing them. They don't look like they are rich, and they look like they are timid, so that the guides can directly conclude that they can't afford them at all, so they are too lazy to say hello.

Gu Ning did not care, taking care of Gu Qing and Gu Man, who liked to buy, did not like to leave.

Gu Qing saw that the clothes were good, then looked at the price tag and immediately scared it: "This is expensive! It will be one thousand eight!"

One thousand eight, that is her half-month salary!

Although she knew that the clothes that Gu Ning bought for them yesterday were more expensive, but they have already bought them, the distressedness will not help, but now I see it myself! That feeling is more painful.

However, when Gu Qing’s words fell, there was a taunting female voice coming: “Oh! It’s only one thousand eight. If you can’t afford it, don’t come in, force it! You’re only worthy of buying goods. ""

In this case, Gu Qing’s face was embarrassed and he looked down.

Gu Ning looked dull and looked at the woman. It was a familiar face. The corner of his mouth could not help but rise evil. He said with a deep meaning: "Hey! It turned out to be Ms. Jin!"

As soon as the other party heard this voice, his eyes fell on Gu Ning. He recognized her at a glance, and his face suddenly became ugly. His eyes were still a little dodging: "You, who are you! I don't know you." ""

The woman’s guilty performance made Gu Ning sure that she must use those jewels to identify the result, or else she would be filthy. The other party’s seeing her again would only be anger, not guilty.

"You don't remember? It was on Sunday, at the Aiyuan Jewelry Store······" Gu Ning made a good reminder.

Mentioning this, the woman looked awkward and waited for Gu Ning to finish, and hurriedly interrupted: "You stay in the mouth"

"Sister, what's wrong?" At this time, a woman who was in her early forties and dressed up was coming from one side, and when she saw a few Gu Ning, she was surprised and wide-eyed.

Gu Qing and Gu Man saw each other, obviously it was a glimpse, and some were uncomfortable.

Gu Ning's eyes were a little bit sloppy, with a bit of coldness.

Lin Lijuan, Gu Yu’s mother.

"Gu Qing, Gu Man, how are you here?" Lin Lijuan asked in surprise.

She is natural, they are here, naturally look at clothes, but Gu Qing and Gu Man are so poor, they have always been wearing goods, how can you afford it!

Gu Qing and Gu Man did not want to pay attention to Lin Lijuan, but in the end they were relatives. This is a large audience. People ask them, and they are not good.

Therefore, Gu Qing perfunctori said: "I just take a look."

Gu Qing said this, I don't want to know that they are coming to buy clothes.

In front of her, they have been poor!

"Oh! I thought you got the money! You can afford this kind of place. It’s just a look!" Wen Yanjuan suddenly yelled at the yin and yang, and the thick scorn and dislike did not hide.

"Lin sister, you know them!" asked the woman named Jin.

"Oh! Yeah! They are not the big aunts and little aunts I told you!" Lin Lijuan’s sly smile, the name of Daguzi and Xiaoguzi is full of discrimination.

‘said’, it seems that Lin Lijuan has a lot of arrangements for Gu Qing and Gu Man!

It is said that the woman surnamed Jin looked at Gu Qing and Gu Man’s eyes and became more disgusted. It was only because of Gu Ning that there was no irony.

"Gu Man, you are still very hard! Even if you would rather move out of the old house, don't apologize." Although Gu Ning did not apologize, this thing still makes Lin Lijuan feel resentful, but Gu Ning and her mother have paid the price and were driven out of the old house. So, so not so angry before.

However, now that Gu Qing and Gu Man are together, they think that Gu Qing has taken care of Gu Man and made her feel uncomfortable: "Gu Qing, you should not take care of Gu Man! The old lady can say, you If Gu Man is taken in, if there is any difficulty in the future, Gu Jia will not help you."

This is said to seem to help Gu Qing.

Therefore, the neglected Gu Ning couldn't help but sneak out the sneeze. Of course, this laughter is full of irony.

When she heard Gu Ning's voice, Lin Lijuan noticed Gu Ning, but at the first sight of Gu Ning, it was slightly amazing.

Yes, it’s amazing, because now Gu Ning gives her a different feeling than before.

Gu Ning turned out to be more beautiful than before, and the appearance of the promise was gone, and at first glance there was an elegant temperament.

"Mrs. Gu said that she cares for her family. It seems that she has helped her. From the second marriage to the present, which difficulty is not spent by herself!" Gu Ning looked at Lin Lijuan with a smile, and the tone was unrecognizable. .

Wen Yan, Lin Lijuan reacted, and his face suddenly fell.

Although Gu Ning is a good word, it is undoubtedly to hit her face and make her feel embarrassed.

However, Gu Qing did not hesitate to rebut: "Lin Lijuan, our family has not had the help of a dime in your family, not to mention that our family has received a lot of favors from your family. Moreover, the fourth is simply Did not live in my house."

She did not get the help of Gu Qingxiang's family. Why did Lin Lijuan talk nonsense, which is a cheaper reputation!

"You······", Lin Lijuan's face is even more ugly, but the words are already out. If you don't want to lose face, you can only identify this thing.

(End of this chapter)

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