Chapter 8 Jewelry Store Storm

When it comes to this, Gu Man has no choice but to compromise, but he swears: "Then you should pay attention to safety, and call your mom if you have any discomfort."

"Know it," Gu Ning responded, and went out.

After going out, Gu Ning looked at the mobile phone in his hand, full of disappointment, this is the kind of one or two hundred old man machine.

To be honest, she used to use the smart machine, and now this button, she is not used to it.

Make money and make money, buy a smart machine for yourself and Gu Man.

Because there is no direct bus to the antique market in Gu Ning's place, Gu Ning only has to sit in the city first, and then go to the city to transfer to the bus in the antique market.

Going to the city, because it is not the peak period of work, so the road is not blocked, it took twenty minutes to go to the city center.

The platform under Gu Ning did not have a bus to the antique market, so go three hundred meters, then turn right to the street, and then walk a hundred meters to get to the bus stop of the antique market.

Because it is the city center, surrounded by business districts, many big-name jewelry stores are gathered here.

I glanced at it. When Gu Ning’s eyes fell on the jade pendant placed on the window of the jewelry store next door, there was an idea, that is, go in and see the jade.

Although I know from the information how to absorb the aura, but there is no actual action, so I still feel curious.

Just entering the store, I heard a bitter female voice came: "Hey! Isn't this a Gu Ning classmate? How? People who can't afford to eat even can afford a jewelry store!"

Yes, Gu Ning is at school, a person who can't afford to eat.

Although Gu Man gave her a pocket money every day, it was enough for her to eat, but Gu Ning, who has always saved money, seldom eats, usually a buns.

Otherwise, how can Gu Ning save 500 yuan of private money?

This girl who is looking for Gu Ningzhen is called Shao Feifei. She is a classmate of Gu Ning and a member of the Literary and Art Circle. In the class, it is her most and Gu Ning can not go. Not only humiliating her words, but also often throwing paper **** at her, throwing garbage in her drawers, scribbling graffiti on her textbooks, and teasing.

She will be so against Gu Ning, not only because Gu Ning's life is not good, but also because she looks good, which makes it known as Ban Hua, but not the most beautiful Shao Feifei is very embarrassed and unwilling.

A poor family, why do you look better than yourself!

Together with Shao Feifei, she is a girl of the same grade, but Gu Ning does not know.

When everyone heard Shao Feifei’s words, they all looked forward to Gu Ning. The people who raised the good things did not bring any look, but the people who were self-sufficient were all disgusted.

Especially when she saw her old yellow clothes, she didn't know how many years she wore it, so she didn't even look up. I feel that Gu Ning, a poor ghost, appears in the place where they appear, which is simply lowering their grades.

Regarding the look of everyone, Gu Ning does not care, but for Shao Feifei's humiliation, Gu Ning is impossible to let it go, so he retorted: "This is not your home, I can't come here!"

"You come, can you afford it?" Shao Feifei sneered, and then, Shao Feifei made a stunned expression and said: "It will not, you are stealing!"

When the words came out, everyone looked at Gu Ning's eyes changed again, especially the waiter, watching Gu Ning's eyes reveal the vigilance of the red fruit, apparently listening to Shao Feifei.

Gu Ning was annoyed, watching Shao Feifei's gaze revealing cold light, coldly said: "Shao Feifei, without any evidence, gibberish, I can sue you."


Shao Feifei was shocked by Gu Ning's gaze, and then she was surprised when she heard her, but she was even more surprised that Gu Ning dared to refute.

You know, no matter how you sneer at her, Gu Ning is boring, and even the atmosphere does not dare to make a sound.

"Cousin, let's go first!" The girl who followed Shao Feifei was timid. When she heard Gu Ning's words, she was afraid of a real accident and immediately called Shao Feifei to leave.

"Where to go, I have to look at what she can buy." However, Shao Feifei did not appreciate it. It should be said that Gu Ning would not be put in the eye, although he was shocked, but still not As for the fear of Gu Ning.

Also, Gu Ning, a poor student with no power and no background, has nothing to do with her!

After all, he also looked provocatively to Gu Ning, a gesture of watching the drama.

"Whoever has to come in must buy it!" Gu Ning is quite speechless.

"You don't buy things, do you come in?" Shao Feifei also knows this, but he still asks.

"Can't you look at it?" Gu Ning asked.

"You······" Shao Feifei gas knot, for a time without words.

Gu Ning no longer pays attention to Shao Feifei, walks directly from her, and wanders around.

Although the people did not look at the poor people like Gu Ning, they did not say anything.

Because, as she said, there is no rule that it must be bought when it comes in.

However, because of Shao Feifei's words, the waiter deliberately stared at Gu Ning, for fear that she would really steal.

They just forgot, and don't say that there is monitoring in this store. These jewels are locked in heavy glass. Even if you want to steal, it is not so easy!

Although Gu Ning was questioned because he was questioned, Gu Ning could not say anything.

Gu Ning came to the jade area and concentrated on the jade. After ten seconds, they saw a faint white mist on the surface of the jade, and these faint mists were aura.

Only these auras are very thin, indicating that the quality is not very good.

Gu Ning does not disappoint, but because these jade objects are blocked by glass, Gu Ning can not absorb the aura, and must be absorbed without blocking.

Therefore, Gu Ning can only hope that it can't wait, and can't help but sigh slightly.

However, she sighed and something went wrong.

"Some people can't afford it, and they can only sigh. It's really pity." A satirical female voice came.

"Isn't it? This poor man can't afford it for a lifetime, and he can only read it." Another woman echoed.

Gu Ning is speechless. He is simply a black body. He can be satirized with a sigh. It is really pitiful. Even she can't be sympathetic to herself.

How do they make sure she can't afford it for a lifetime? She is poor now, can't afford it, but it doesn't mean I can't afford it later!

Gu Ningchao looked at the two women. About forty years old, it looks good, and dressing is also extravagant. It just seems to be too expensive, but it is a bit more rustic.

Especially the woman on the right, hey, the two fingers, wearing three rings, diamond ring, gold ring, jade ring.

On the wrist, wearing a gold bracelet while wearing a jade bracelet.

(End of this chapter)

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