Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 77: She still has a gun on her body.

Chapter 77, she still has a gun on her body.

Yes, they just saw in the video that the little girl robbed the suspect after she stunned the suspect and did not turn it in.

However, because Gu Ning only helped them and made them feel good about Gu Ning, there was no bad impression on Gu Ning. Only when the girl was curious about the gun, she wanted to stay. .

Gu Ning’s face was sullen, and he was reluctant to take it out of his backpack and throw it to Leng Shaolu. He was dissatisfied and complained: “You are really eye-catching”

Gu Ning did not have time to get the gun out of the space, so if the other party searched, it could not be hidden, and it could only be taken out.

"Zhou Shu, let's go." Gu Ning called out and walked Zhou Zhenghong, and then left the big swing.

After Zhou Zhenghong's reaction to the post-sense, he hurriedly followed.

When Gu Ning's figure disappeared behind the corridor, Leng Shaoxuan noticed the suspect lying in the ground in the No. 3 private room. He looked at it and flashed something. He immediately walked over and turned over the suspect's body.


Sure enough, she still has a gun on her body.

Yes, Gu Ning still has a gun hidden in his body. This is the suspect.

If Gu Ning still has a gun, she will naturally not hand over the hand so easily.

The cold and stunned look sinks, but the heart is inexplicably angerless. It seems that she is not convinced that she will not make any trouble, so she did not immediately chase it, but first dealt with the matter here.

Anyway, he also knows that the other party is the third high school student in F City. It is enough to go there.

"Boss, I can't think of your skill so powerful!" Out of the hotel, Zhou Zhenghong completely woke up from the shock, and was simply admired for the five bodies.

You must know that the other party is an 18-year-old girl!

"If I don't have a skill, dare to go to a little girl's house everywhere?" Gu Ning said.

"It is also said that" Zhou Zhenghong strongly agrees with Gu Ning. He originally felt that the little girl Gu Ning was extraordinary, and the ability to gamble was so good. Today he was once again surprised.

"Right, boss, what do you want to eat, we can only find a place to eat again." Zhou Zhenghong asked.

Gu Ning thought for a moment and said: "Spicy hot pot!"

“Good” Zhou Zhenghong responded, and then took Gu Ning to the food city in the commercial building.

After eating a good meal, it’s already half past twelve. Gu Ning’s two-point plane is exactly two and ten minutes, so it’s almost the same time to go to the airport.

Before leaving, Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong to buy a car, which is convenient for travel, within one million, with him.

After confessing, Gu Ning left.

On the way to the airport, Gu Ning thought of buying a house if there were acquaintances to hurry, but Gu Ning was among the people I knew, and it was An Zhen and Qin Yifan.

However, Gu Ning first thought of Qin Yifan, because she did not know the family life of An Zhen, I do not know if she has this network.

Therefore, Gu Ning called Qin Yifan.

At this moment, Qin Yifan is sitting in the cafe with Li Zhenyu.

Qin Yifan’s temperament has always been steady and indifferent, but with the involvement of Gu Ning, Qin Yifan has become more clear.

This is not, Gu Ning's phone call, Qin Yifan, who had a blank face, suddenly showed joy, quickly picked up, slightly raised his mouth, and looked very happy, still unconsciously revealing a touch of pet: "Gu Ning, playing Call me, what advice?"

His reaction was seen in the eyes of Li Zhenyu, and Li Zhenyu’s heart could not help but sink.

Qin Yifan, do you like Gu Ning so much?

Although he hates Gu Ning, he has to admit that this Gu Ning is really not simple.

Looks good, on the gambling stone, and has the luck and talent of the sky.

This is not only. Yesterday, when I really got home, I was very lost. After I asked, I knew that it was really true that Liu Ge from the Tao went to teach Gu Ning.

However, the result is that Gu Ning is not only okay, but even used the phone of Liu Ge to call the truth, but also threatened her.

Originally, he thought that Liu Ge was bought by Gu Ning. Although he and Liu Ge had some friendships, it was not the kind of person who had a good relationship to be trusted, and people were mixed, making anti-water things for money. It is not impossible.

But when he went to check this morning, he knew that Liu Ge was hospitalized by Gu Ning.

At that time, Li Zhenyu was simply arguing.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning, a little girl, has such a powerful skill, it is not a good one.

Just don't know, how is your family?

If the family is ordinary, he does not care, but if the family is much better than the Li family, then he has to think twice about the family.

Looking back, I must investigate and investigate this Gu Ning.

Fortunately, although Gu Ning knew that Li Qingqing was looking for someone to deal with her, but there is no evidence to prove it, so I am not worried about Gu Ning’s allegations.

"This is the case. I want to buy two sets of three-bedroom renovated houses in Fenghua Haoting. If you have people you know, you can speed up." Gu Ning said.

When Qin Yifan heard it, he said with joy: "You have asked the right person. I have a good brother who is the manager of the sales department of Fenghua Haoting. I will give him a moment to help you pick the best position and try to make a discount. ""

Qin Yifan knows that Gu Ning now has hundreds of millions of net worth, so she said that she would not be surprised to buy a house in the most upscale district of F City.

And Gu Ning wants to get him help, which makes Qin Yifan feel honored.

"Okay, then thank you." The problem of discount, Gu Ning did not refrain from ruthlessness, she is not bad money now, but it is not too much money! How much can be calculated.

"You're welcome, wait for me to talk to him, then send his number to you." Qin Yifan said.

"Good" Gu Ning responded, ready to end the call, but suddenly remembered something else: "Right, there is still something, I have a piece of jade here, I want to make some jewelry for my family, waiting for you to go back to F city to find You are doing it by "Emerald"."

"What? You have opened the emerald again? What kind of variety!" As soon as he heard the jade, Qin Yifan almost jumped up.

Do not blame him for being excited, because Gu Ning immediately opened two top-grade jadeites and shocked people, and since then opened again.

And to make jewelry for your family, it should be top grade!

"I will know when you come back, but it is not easy for the family to do it." Gu Ning deliberately sold a pass.

But for Qin Yifan, this is simply a cold water splashing down, and his excitement is immediately ruined. Instead, he is cursing his heart and heart, full of resentment complaints: "How can you do this, Too much torment, you said, I can't wait to see what kind of variety is at the end, no, I will come back tomorrow morning."

"You are still busy with your business! Well, this is the first time, I am going to the airport." Gu Ning said.

(End of this chapter)

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