Chapter 7 goes out

Gu Man put things in the cabinet next to the bed, and then gave Anzhen a glass of water.

"Thank you for Gu Ning's mother," An Zhen took over the water, thankful.

"Gu Ning, how is your situation?" asked An Zhen.

"It's okay, I can leave the hospital now," Gu Ning said.

“Really?” Wen Yan said that An Zhen was also happy for Gu Ning: “Congratulations!”

"Thank you," Gu Ning said thank you.

After sitting for a while, An Zhen sent Gu Ning's mother and daughter out of the hospital.

I know that Anzhen is working in this hospital and is afraid of delaying her to go to work, so Gu Man refused.

However, An Zhen insisted on sending, Gu Man also did not insist.

On the way out, Anzhen had helped Gu Ning and her mother to call the car in Didi, so that Gu Man was very embarrassed, but refused to be invalid, so thanked.

It was Gu Ning, a frank acceptance, but out of courtesy, Gu Ning still thanked An Zhen.

As soon as he went out of the hospital, Gu Ning felt comfortable.

After half an hour, the two finally got home.

Gu Ning and her mother lived in an old alley in the old city. It was old and demolition, but it was already planned. The demolition was a matter of time.

Therefore, Gu Ning's mother and daughter are not living here for a long time.

Here is the property of Gu Ning's grandparents, but after the death of the grandfather ten years ago, the grandmother followed the big sister Gu Qingxiang to live.

Therefore, the house is also placed, and temporarily lived for Gu Man and her daughter.

Of course, it is not white living, it is renting.

It’s just because of the relatives’ relationship, the house with a rent of one thousand, they will receive five hundred.

Because it is very old, although it is the old town, but there is not much heat around, so some are partial, the rent will be so low.

This is a two-story house, each floor is only about 40 square meters, the first floor is the living room and kitchen, the toilet, and the second floor is three rooms.

When Gu Jia’s family lived here, Gu Ning’s grandparents were one, Gu Qingxiang and Sancha Qingyang, Gu Qing and Gu Man, and everyone was very crowded.

However, later Gu Qingxiang developed, and bought a house outside, Gu Qingyang also got the country's iron rice bowl, the unit has a house, and the days are getting better.

However, there is only simple furniture in this old house. What kind of appliances such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc., don’t even think about it.

To the point of being poor, Gu Ning is also drunk.

Even if the previous Tang Ai Ning was so embarrassed, it was much better than this. It can be said that it cannot be compared at all.

However, Gu Ning did not feel disgusted and repelled, but felt very warm, because there is a strong maternal love, there is warmth she has never enjoyed.

She wants to make money quickly and let Gu Man live a safe and prosperous life.

After she made the money, the first thing was to buy a big house, buy good clothes for Gu Man, and then give her a beauty card to take care of herself.

Gu Man's age is not too big, only 39 years old, there is still a long way behind.

For eighteen years, Gu Man is single.

Gu Man grows well, and many people pursue Gu Man, but Gu Man is afraid that Gu Ning will be wronged, so he has not promised.

However, Gu Ning is now growing up. He feels that Gu Man should have a companion, so after he has planned to wait for the conditions, he must let Gu Man find a man who loves her and have a good life for the rest of his life.

As for Gu Ning's father, Gu Man has never been willing to mention it, so even with his family, he does not know the specifics.

Gu Ning only knows that Gu Man was pregnant at the age of 19, when she was in the second semester of her freshman year. After pregnancy, Gu Man did not study and returned home.

At that time, Gu family was shocked when they knew about this matter. No one could think of it. The most well-behaved Gu Man in the family would actually do this kind of thing.

This is a shame for Gu Jia, so Gu’s family forced Gu Man to kill the child.

Gu Man did not want to, in order to keep the children, Gu Man left home, working outside the home, renting a house.

During that time, it was very bitter. Because of pregnancy, there was no need to go to work, and it was all thanks to Gu Qing.

Because Gu Ning's grandfather had not died at the time, and he loved the little daughter when he was young, he couldn't watch his daughter suffer, and then he took it home.

Before Gu Ning’s grandfather did not die, he was taking care of Gu Ning, while Gu Man went out to work to earn money.

Because living in the house of my parents, Gu Wen’s salary is used for household use.

Ten years ago, Gu Ning’s grandfather passed away, and Mrs. Gu moved to her home, Gu Qingxiang’s family.

Because Gu Qingxiang and Gu Qingyang couldn't get used to Gu Man, a daughter who occupied the house of her parents, she ignored the old lady's rent.

"Ningning, you go to bed and rest, Mom to cook, change the clothes, I will wash for a while." Gu Man said.

"Mom, then you cook, I come to wash clothes." Looking at the thin Gu Man, Gu Ning is somewhat unbearable, always thinking of the mother of the past life, so that Gu Ning does not want to do something for her.

"No, you are a patient." Gu Man refused.

"I am fine now." Gu Ning is a little dumbfounding.

"That doesn't work either." Gu Manyang is angry and refuses to compromise.

"That, okay!" Gu Ning no longer insisted, only compromise.

After half an hour, the food has been cooked.

Because of the conditions, Gu Man’s mother’s meal is very simple, and there are not a few meals on weekdays. However, because Gu Ning is a patient, Gu Man bought meat today.

When eating, Gu Man always gave Gu Ning a meat, but he did not clip himself.

Gu Ning's nose is sour, but Gu Man needs nutrition more than Gu Ning.

"Mom, so much meat, you eat a few more, this weather is so hot, if it is left to smell at night." Gu Ning immediately gave Gu Man a few pieces of meat.

Gu Man naturally knows Gu Ning's mind, and does not want to make her sad, she did not refuse.

In my heart, it is sour.

I blame myself and fail to give Ningning a better life.

After eating a good meal, Gu Man immediately rushed Gu Ning back to the room to rest, but Gu Ning did not want to rest, this is a weekend today, Gu Ning wants to go to the antique street.

Try her jade and see if I can make a mistake and make money.

Gu Ning took out only 500 private money and ID cards, and Gu Man said: "Mom, I went out and walked back."

However, Gu Ning was just discharged from the hospital, and Gu Man was relieved: "But, you are discharged from the hospital and need rest."

"Do not worry, Mom, I am fine, and go out for a walk, activities and activities, sun drying, better for the body!" Gu Ning spoiled.

"But ······" Gu Man is still not at ease.

"Mom, I am already an adult, not a child, I will pay attention, and, I am holding a mobile phone, if you are worried, you can call me occasionally!" Gu Ningdao.

(End of this chapter)

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