Counted in Chapter 69

Although he was rare in the Tang Dynasty wine cellar, he only got a slap in the face, and he will never rob the old man again!

"Strict old man, how much is this wine cellar?" Fu Lao asked.

"The few museums in the museum, which were taken 300,000 years ago, have been turned over ten times, that is, about three million," said Yan Lao.

Although this is not the royal object of the Emperor Wu, but it is actually a thing in the palace, and the quality is superior, but also used by people with low status, so the price is not low.

"Okay, then three million, Gu Yutou has no opinion!" Fu Lao asked Gu Ningdao.

"No opinion" Gu Ningdao.

After the transaction is completed, it is naturally a transfer. Without a contract, it will be considered.

The existence of the contract is just in case, and she believes that they are not the kind of people.

Besides, silver goods are two, even if things are fake, they can't get through the right path.

After the transaction was successful, Yan Lao and Fu Lao also responded to a question. The former asked: "This wine cellar is also what you just missed?"

"Yes!" Gu Ning is honest.

Although it has already been confirmed, when he heard Gu Ning's determination, Yan Lao and Fu Lao couldn't help but take a breath.

Not to mention how Gu Ning actually knows that these two things are true, just because she suddenly smashed two leaks, this luck is worth marveling.

It didn't take long for Gu Ning to leave.

Fu Lao originally invited Gu Ning to have dinner together, but Gu Ning refused because of something, and did not want to delay their time.

Before leaving, Yan Lao gave Gu Ning a business card: "Shantou, if you don't mind, just like calling you Grandpa Fu, call me a grandfather. This is my business card. If something happens in the future, I can't solve it." You can find me. Of course, if you miss it again, you can give it priority first, but if I look at it, I will!"

Obviously, Yan Lao is interested in making a good relationship with Gu Ning.

"Don't worry, Grandpa, if you miss it, you will find it first." Gu Ning took the business card from the good, said.

Because I don't have a business card, I took out the pen and paper directly and wrote my name and number to the strict old man.

"Hey! You can't just look for the old man! There is me! You can not only find me, but if you want to find the old man, you must find me." Fu Lao said unwillingly, he didn't want anything cheap. Yan old man!

"Definitely will" Gu Ning said with a smile, said old children and old children, the old man is sometimes like a child!

After Gu Ning left, Yan Lao couldn't help but admire: "This girl is not simple!"

"Yeah! In the morning, I solved three pieces of top grade jade, and I earned more than 100 million yuan at once!" Fu Lao could not help but admire.

"What? The gods are difficult to break the jade. She solved three pieces of jadeite in one morning. This is too bad!" This time, Yan is shocked. This kind of thing has never been encountered before. of.

Fu Lao did not say that Gu Ning wants to open a jewelry company. If he said it, he does not know how much shock Yan Lao will have!

Fu Lao knows what to say, what should not be said, and now Gu Ning's jewelry company has not yet registered, naturally it is not easy to say it.

Gu Ning had already called the driver when he was gambling on the street, so the driver had arrived more than half an hour ago. However, because Gu Ning encountered Fu Lao and Yan Lao on the way, he was delayed for an hour.

Gu Ning went out of the antique street and saw the familiar car. It passed.

However, when I opened the door and saw the driver, I found out that the driver had changed.

Waiting for Gu Ning to ask, the age is the first thing to say: "Miss Gu, hello, because the brother who had picked you up before had some physical condition, so I can do it for me."

Gu Ning did not doubt him, and he should get on the bus with a bang.

The car started the engine and then left.

After staying away from the antique room, the car didn't come back. It didn't wait for Gu Ning to ask, but the driver's little brother took the lead to explain: "Now it's the peak of work, there is traffic jam! This car is a block! I don't know if I can get back to the hotel in an hour. If I walk around the city road, I will be a little bit more, but it will arrive within an hour."

Gu Ning is not familiar with G City, but I also know that it is very blocked during the peak period, so I don't doubt him.

As the driver's little brother said, the road he took is not very blocked, and at most it is a short period of time.

However, after about twenty minutes, the environment was already cold, but the driver’s little brother suddenly drove the car into an alley, so that Gu Ning suddenly screamed badly and knew the plan.

Gu Ning immediately buckled the driver's brother's neck, cold: "parking"

The driver's little brother couldn't think of Gu Ning's reaction so fast, so strong, and felt the suffocation at the moment when the neck was buckled. The cold voice penetrated into the ear and let him subconsciously stop the car.

"Say, who sent you." Gu Ning asked.

The driver's little brother did not answer, and he did not wait for him to answer. Four or five men around him rushed toward the car and surrounded the place two meters away from the car.

Gu Ning's scorpion sinks, hands and hands fall, directly stunned the driver's brother.

"Big brother, the woman stunned the cat's head." The man standing in front of the car saw the picture in the car. Gu Ning was stunned. The driver's little brother was naturally looked at by him, so the man on the side of the car was surprised. Said.

"What?" The man who was called Big Brother heard the words and was very surprised. A little girl stunned a big man?

However, the man named Big Brother did not jealous of Gu Ning, but told him: "Go, pull the girl out."

Just waiting for someone to come forward, Gu Ning opened the door.

Now she has aura in her jade, full of strength, and the force has been greatly improved, so I am not afraid of these people outside.

When I saw Gu Ning opening the door, the person who was going to come forward and pull Gu Ning out did not move.

When I saw Gu Ning's appearance, several men's eyes were amazing.

A beautiful and pure girl!

Gu Ning glanced coldly at the four or five men in front of him. They were between the early 20s and the early 30s. The appearance of the singer was obviously not a serious citizen.

Also, if it is a citizen, this will not happen.

The man who is called Big Brother is in his early thirties, wearing a black sweater, loose casual pants, tall and strong, and a fierce temperament.

If the average person sees it, he will be afraid, but Gu Ning is not an ordinary person, and naturally he will not be afraid.

"It’s Li Zhenzhen who let you come!" This is a positive tone.

Because Gu Ning came to G City, the only thing that offended was Li Zhenzhen, so in addition to her, Gu Ning really didn't know who it was!

(End of this chapter)

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