Chapter 68 Fighting for the End

"Oh, don't understand." Gu Ning said.

"Don't understand? Don't understand that you bought this one and bought it so refreshingly?" Fu Laoluo hated iron and refused to be a steel accusation.

"Because of the eye and the hunch, it is better for me to ask the old man to drink tea, and the old man will help me with my palm?" Gu Ning said.

Yan Lao is an expert in antiques. He has this special feeling for antiques. It is natural to come to identify these things.

Just think that it is too much trouble and polite to go to tea, no need.

But seeing Gu Ning's confident appearance, it seems that this is a real thing, so that Yan Lao is more curious and eager, and the original serious look is also mild.

If this is true, it is really not suitable for identification here, so it should be said: "Good"

Then the group went to the teahouse on the side.

In the capacity of a few people, it is natural to have a private room.

Before he was seated, Yan Lao couldn’t wait to open his mouth: "Taro, fast, take the end."

Duan has been taken in the hands of Gu Ning, so Yan Yan opened his mouth and Gu Ning passed it directly.

After Yan Lao took over the shackles, he began to observe and forget.

Fu Lao and Gu Ning did not bother, drinking tea and so on.

Yan Lao looked and looked at it, touched it and touched it, wiped it and rubbed it. Finally, Yan Lao’s eyes gradually showed a happy color, then he hoped, and finally he was excited to be delighted: “It’s true, it’s true, This side is from the Qianlong period, the famous poet, book painter, Laizhou prefects Zhang Wentao, and this product is absolutely old pit."

"What?" Wen Yan, Fu Lao was also surprised, and excited.

Such a real thing was actually seen by Gu Ning, a little girl, which made Yan Lao more surprised and curious, and asked: "Shantou, is this really your eye and premonition?"

To be honest, Yan Lao does not want to believe, because her attitude is very confident, just like knowing that this is a real thing.

Gu Ning also knows that this reason can't be convinced, but she really doesn't understand antiques, and she only insists on saying: "Yes."

Yan Lao and Fu Lao still don't believe it, but the other party actually said that naturally, they don't want to say too much, so they don't ask too much.

Yan Lao looked at the end of the hand, the more excited, the look of Gu Ning became very eager: "Shantou, do you sell it at this end? If you sell it, I will give you the market price."

Yan Lao is not only an antique expert, but also a calligraphy expert. Naturally, he is also very fond of the four treasures of the study.

"This, this is a strict old man, Gu Yutou is my person, to sell, is also the first to sell to me, you, you are not allowed to grab." Fu Laoyi listened, suddenly could not sit, get up Go grab it.

Although Fu Lao is not so old-fashioned about antiques, he is also a fan.

Although he doesn't like to dance with ink, but old things, what is it? Mainly the meaning of this collection.

One of my people let Gu Ning's eyes linger and twitch a few times. How can I feel that this is not the right thing to listen to? Fortunately, the other party is an old man, otherwise it will really make a misunderstanding!

Of course, Gu Ning knows what Fu Lao means. It is undoubtedly that they know each other, so he has priority.

Yan Lao immediately immediately protects his arms in his arms and blows his beard to Fu Lao. He said: "Fu old man, you don't like dancing and ink, what to do with the end, it is just a waste."

"I don't like dancing and ink, but I like antiques!" Fu Laodao.

Yan Lao is really afraid of Gu Ning because he and Fu Lao know each other and give priority to him. He has to use the killer: "If you don't grab it, I will give you a decade of peach blossom."

Wen Yan, Fu Lao eyes bright, no longer fight, but, but still bargaining: "two altars"

The old brow is slightly wrinkled, obviously reluctant, not reconciled.

However, in order to end the shackles, or compromise, the meat is usually bitten, and it should be said: "Well, the two altars will be two altars."

This time, Fu Laoxi, sitting back to his position.

After fighting with Fu Lao, Yan Lao responded to this, and the little girl did not promise to sell it!

"That, Shantou, can you sell it to Yan Grandpa?" Yan Lao looked at Gu Ning with enthusiasm. Some of them were pitiful, as if the piece was a piece of meat on his body. If he took it back, it would be like cutting his flesh. .

The strict old man at the moment and the serious appearance before him are just two people!

The reason why Gu Ning makes Yan Laozhang’s eyes is also what he wants to buy.

Of course, she is not sure he will want, but she feels that since Yan is an antique expert, naturally he likes antiques very much. If you encounter real products, you should not miss it.

"Of course," Gu Ning said.

Yan Laoyi listened, and suddenly he was overjoyed: "Okay, good, Shantou, I don't marry you. This is the famous poet, painter, and Laizhou prefect, Zhang Wentao. It is about 5 million yuan. Give you five million, no one loses."

"Good" Gu Ning's quick response, in fact, does not care who loses, can accept it.

"Hey! Shantou, if you want to leak again next time, you must first give me the old man!" Although Fu Lao did not compete with Yan Lao, but still not convinced.

Gu Ning smiled and said: "Father Grandpa gave up the rush because of the two peach blossoms. I want to drink the bar! I have a wine cellar here. I wonder if Grandpa Fu is interested?"

Said, Gu Ning took the wine cellar that he had just picked up from his backpack.

Yan Lao and Fu Lao are all a glimpse, because there are things that are endless, so the first consciousness of both people is, it will not be leaked again!

If so, how lucky this gimmick is! Or, the ability.

Because Fu Lao was close to Gu Ning, when she took it out, she immediately reached for the past and grabbed it.

However, because he is a half-hanger, he can't see it, and immediately let Yan Lao look: "Strict old man, take a quick look."

Because there is doubt in the heart, Yan Lao has long been eager to wait, but it is not good to go with Fu Lao, and Fu Lao handed him, and Yan Lao immediately took over.

The wine cellar is round, straight, covered, and has a deep abdomen. It has a beast ring and three feet. It is the shape of the Tang Dynasty wine cellar.

Look at the materials and signs.

Fu Lao looked at Yan Lao’s appraisal in general, and wanted to ask questions several times, but he was afraid to disturb him.

Yan Lao looked more excited and eventually excited: "Yes, it was the Tang Dynasty, the court of the Wu Dynasty was the palace wine cellar..."

"What? Is it true?" Fu Laoyi listened and jumped excitedly.

When Gu Ning saw it, he couldn't help but squeeze a cold sweat for Fu Lao. I was afraid that he would fall!

"Yes, absolutely right, the museum also has several court wine cellars in the Tang Dynasty, I am very familiar." Yan Laodao.

"Ha ha ha ha! This time really appetite." Fu old excitedly laughed, afraid of strict old and he argued, grabbed the wine cellar, and looked at Gu Ning's crying, is strict, is also very speechless .

(End of this chapter)

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