Chapter 67 flees

"What did you not touch, you didn't touch it, did my porcelain fall?" The other party said in a righteous manner.

"Oh! What do you do?" Gu Ning asked.

"This is the green bean glaze porcelain in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. The market price is more than 500,000! But if you are a little girl, let you have some, fifty will be fine." The man said.

"Oh," Gu Ning sneered, this man, really dare to speak!

"Well, I can compensate, but I can't rely on your side to say that this is the green bean glaze porcelain in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. So, I need to ask experts to identify, if it is more than 500,000, I will give you 500,000. You don't need to make a point." Gu Ning said.

When the man heard it, his eyes flashed a flustered tone, and he couldn’t help but soften a few points: "Where is it so troublesome! Please ask the appraiser, but also spend a lot of money! I have an identification certificate here. Prove that this porcelain is true."

Said, the man took out the so-called identification certificate, Gu Ning did not buy it: "No problem, how much money, I am out."

The man’s movements felt like he was facing a difficult person, but he was not afraid of her.

"Hey! I don't have time to spend with you. I still wait for the money to save my life! I will lose money soon, or I will call the police." The man threatened, and he immediately took out his mobile phone. The appearance of the call.

Gu Ning mouth Wei Yang, revealing the drama, where can not see the other party's psychological tactics!

So, without hesitation, said: "Okay! You report it!"

"You······" The man couldn’t think that Gu Ning was not afraid at all, but he was somewhat guilty.

However, at this moment, there was a man immediately to stop: "This big brother, excited! There is something to discuss. You see, the other party is just a little girl. If you really enter the police station, you will not be able to lift your head." Or, you want to let her some more."

It seems to be pleading for Gu Ning. In fact, this person is all the way with the person. It is to let the person have a step under the same time, but also want to use this to beat Gu Ning.

It’s a pity that their tricks, Gu Ning, are clear.

"What happened, what happened?" At this time, an old male voice came.

Along with the pedestrians entering the crowd, the heads are two old men around 70.

However, one of the old men was actually Fu Lao.

"Gu Yutou, how is it? What is going on?" Fu Laojian is Gu Ning, some accidents, and it seems that Gu Ning is on the stall.

However, when I saw the arrival, the face of the man who had to lose money from Gu Ning immediately changed.

Obviously, I recognize them.

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, Yan Lao, Fu Lao, all this is a misunderstanding..." Don't wait for Gu Ning to speak, then the man will speak out first, and the attitude is almost one hundred compared with before. A big turn of eighty degrees! The gesture is low.

Obviously, I am afraid of the two old men in front of me.

Yes! People who are often in the antique market, where do not know Yan Lao and Fu Lao! These two are unidentified people, not the flat people who can offend them.

Especially strict, except for the identity of the mayor of G City, he is still the master of the antiques industry, an absolute expert!

If this porcelain is seen by him, it can be seen as a fake.

They couldn’t think of it, this girl actually knew Fu Lao and Yan Lao.

And Fu Lao and Yan Lao looked at this posture, and there was a pile of porcelain in the ground, and immediately knew what was going on, and the face was not good to look at, especially Fu Lao.

Although it is not a rare thing to touch porcelain, but the other party is not good, but it is necessary to touch Gu Ning!

He regards Gu Ning as a friend and granddaughter, and naturally she is going to her and protect her.

So, the tone is very bad, ask: "Is it a misunderstanding?"

So asking, obviously do not believe it.

The man's head was cold and sweaty, and he couldn't stop shaking. He wanted to say yes, but it was obviously an irrational answer.

After all, the man still can't stand the pressure from Fu Lao, and admits wrong: "Fu Lao, I am wrong, I, I don't dare anymore..."

"The person you should apologize for is not me," Fu said.

When the man heard it, he immediately apologized to Gu Ning, and his posture was extremely low: "This lady, I am wrong, beg you to spare me!"

"Well, I will spare you this time, but I will let people stare here. If I find that you don't know how to repent, then you should let you taste the taste of the cell." Gu Ning did not pursue it, because even Investigate, their crimes, big deal, that is, they have been detained for a few days. After they come out, they will continue to blame.

Therefore, Gu Ning threatened them, let them have a taboo, and do less evil.

"Yes Yes Yes Yes······"

The two people heard Gu Ning's words, hurriedly and responsively, how low the posture would be, because their only thought was to leave and say.

Then, he fled and left.

"There are a lot of things like antique porcelain in the antique street. I have to be careful in the future." Fu Lao said, I am afraid that a little girl from Gu Ning is prone to losses. She also believes that if they are not good, Gu Ning will certainly suffer.

"Know, Grandpa Fu." Even though Gu Ning knew that he would not suffer, but for Fu Lao's concern, she was still well-behaved.

"Come here, I will introduce you to you. This is the president of the antique association, Yan Lao." Fu Lao introduced to Gu Ning.

“Yan Laohao” Gu Ning politely said hello.

"Well, Yan Lao is the same as his last name, very serious, especially for juniors.

Therefore, Gu Ning greeted him, he just sighed, but did not look down.

"Then I will not bother the two, and I will leave." Gu Ning said.

After Fu Lao nodded, Gu Ning left.

After leaving, Gu Ning still opened the jade and fired the surrounding objects.

Did not walk a few meters, and let her see a piece of aura, it is a side of the end, a strong aura.

Gu Ning immediately passed, after asking the price, I bought it directly, it is a refreshing!

Gu Ning spent five thousand and bought a real thing.

Fu Lao and Yan Lao were not willing to be behind Gu Ning, so the act of Gu Ning was seen in the eyes, and they were all scared by Gu Ning.

They don't know that Gu Ning doesn't understand antiques, but even if they understand it, they will buy it without identification. This is too casual!

"Shantou, you······" Fu Lao hurriedly walked toward Gu Ning, trying to stop, but it was too late, and the silver goods had been two sighs, and he could not help but sigh.

"Little girl knows antiques?" Yan Lao also followed, and asked, the tone is still serious.

Although Yan Lao did not agree with her actions, she did not give birth to her contempt. After all, how people love to buy is something for others.

(End of this chapter)

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