Chapter 64 Twilight Beauty

This made Zhou Zhenghong completely shocked.

For Gu Ning's ability to gamble, he had no doubts. When she heard that she had her own skills, she felt that her ability should not be underestimated.

But what made him even more shocked was that Gu Ning actually handed the company over to him and gave him 20 percent of the shares.

She, will she trust herself to such a point?

What is more convincing than the ability to be recognized, the character is believed to be more convincing! Therefore, there is no doubt that Zhou Zhenghong is moving.

Wealth is second, and he doesn't like the life of inaction, which makes him feel white.

Almost no hesitation, Zhou Zhenghong immediately got up, looked at Gu Ning, and said solemnly: "Miss Gu, I am willing to follow you, Zhou Zhenghong will never betray."

At the same time, Zhou Zhenghong secretly made up his mind that he must make a big business with Gu Ning.

The location of the company has temporarily settled in G City. Why is it temporary? Because Gu Ning intends to move her company headquarters to Beijing when she is waiting for her to go to college.

Beijing is the place where she is familiar and wants to settle.

The jewellery brand is called "Twilight Beauty", and the company name is called "Twilight Beauty Jewelry Company", which is mainly used for jade jewelry.

Jewelry of other materials, such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc., will be covered in the future, but not for the time being.

Because Gu Ning's hand is the lowest in the middle of the jade, as well as the top grade, the best, so Gu Ning wants to create high-end products. In the top grade jade jewelry, one must be hundreds of thousands of, top grade jade jewelry, millions of tens of millions.

Although there are not many people to buy, if you sell one, you will earn a lot.

In the search for shops and processing factories in G City, the employment of designers, engravers, and employees, as well as the purchase of stone machines and processing machines, was solved by Zhou Zhenghong.

This thing Zhou Zhenghong knows better than Gu Ning, so Gu Ning is not too much.

Designer and engraver Zhou Zhenghong has been selected by some of his former men. After Zhou Fu Jewelry changed his boss, Zhou Zhenghong’s original people naturally could not stay.

Because Zhou Zhenghong's people are good, the relationship between these people and Zhou Zhenghong is still very good. After he went bankrupt, he also helped him.

Although their design and engraving are not top-level, they are not much worse than the so-called second- and third-level masters. They just lack the platform for development.

The initial registered capital of the company is one hundred million, and will be added later.

For the jewelry industry, the registered capital of 100 million is not too much, and it is still relatively small, because it will require a lot of money to buy jade raw materials. But Gu Ning doesn't need it, because she now has the supply, and it is worth 670 million.

Therefore, in terms of total funds, there are also 780 million yuan, which is considered a big industry.

After that, the supply will be the same as now, empty gloves and white wolves, so simply do not use this money to stockpile.

Gu Ning now has 200 million yuan in money, and after 100 million yuan in jewelry, there are still more than 100 million.

Later, I will release two top-grade jadeites to Zhao Yuefeng and Fu Laohou, and I will get another 70-80 million yuan.

Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong to help her to buy a single-decorated single-family apartment in the city near G city. When she came, she had a place to live, and she could not always stay at the hotel.

"Right, boss, the money from the hibiscus species." Zhou Zhenghong thinks about the wool they bought together, and half of Gu Ning's money! That is nine million.

"The nine million is used to buy an apartment, and some initial expenses!" Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning has not been kind enough to give away nine million in vain!

"Good" Zhou Zhenghong should be.

After eating a good meal, Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong said that they wanted to solve a few pieces of wool.

Gu Ning has solved a few jadeites today, so I don't want to solve the problem in the public. I am afraid that there will be big movements.

Zhou Zhenghong said that the wool shop can be rented by a stone machine and is available in a separate room.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong went to a woolen shop.

At this time, around an hour.

On the way, Gu Ning gave Zhao Yuefeng and Fu Lao a phone call and asked where they were, and they had a top-grade jade in their hands.

Although Zhao Yuefeng is not on the gambling stone street, but still in the antique street, Fu Lao has already gone home, but when he hears the top grade jade, he is anxious to come.

However, because it took time to solve the problem, Gu Ning let Zhao Yuefeng wait for her call.

And Fu Lao, Gu Ning also let him not worry, because she has to solve three pieces of wool, at least one and a half hours, so that Fu Lao also had to let him get around three and a half.

Gu Ning is deliberately letting Zhao Yuefeng and Fu Lao's time open, lest they have a dispute because they like the same jade.

Although Zhao Yuefeng was the first choice, it was unfair to Fu Lao, but Gu Ning could not manage so much. Anyway, it was top grade jade.

After the wool shop, Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong rented a machine to a separate room and began to solve the problem.

Gu Ning took out a football-like size, with top grade jade wool, two apple-sized pieces, all of which were top grade jade, one of which was the red jade that was almost first picked up by the foot.

This jade, Gu Ning is intended to create jewelry for Gu Man and Gu Qing.

After Gu Ning painted the big piece of wool, he made Zhou Zhenghong solve the problem.

And Gu Ning first gave the piece of wool that he wanted to use.

Although Zhou Zhenghong has already believed that Gu Ning's so-called unique gambling skills, she can almost all be green when she is fancy, but of course, when she sees green, she is still excited.

When I was soaring, I was even more excited.

Gu Ning saw it, but it was just a smile.

When Zhou Zhenghong cut out a big rise, Gu Ning was also outstanding.

Zhou Zhenghong glanced at him, and he took a breath and sighed, swallowing his mouth, and his voice trembled unconsciously: "That, is that red dragonfly?"

"Yes!" Gu Ning calmly responded.

To get the answer, Zhou Zhenghong almost bit his tongue, and the shock in his heart could not be dispersed.

Soon, the jadeite in the hands of Zhou Zhenghong was also solved. There are two adults who are superimposed on the palm of their hands.

Seeing the quality of the jade, Zhou Zhenghong shocked: "This is the glass of the top grade."

Because it is translucent, it is only the top grade, not the best.

At this time, Gu Ning's red dragonfly also revealed more than half, red bright and bright, jade fine and transparent, is the top of the cockscomb red.

Not yet from the glass of the top grade, Zhou Zhenghong was shocked by the top of the cockroach red, a dull, slower.

"Put the remaining piece of wool!" Because Gu Ning didn't have much time, he had to interrupt him.

Zhou Zhenghong reacted and hurriedly took the remaining piece of wool to grind it up.

Although Zhou Zhenghong knew that there was jade inside, when he smashed green, he couldn't help but be excited again, and took a breath.

(End of this chapter)

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