Chapter 61 is too happy too early

At this time, "Mr. Gu", Zhou Zhenghong came back and stood directly next to Gu Ning. The face is darker than before, but now the spring breeze is full!

"Zhou Shu" Gu Ning responded with a cry, Zhou Zhenghong did not run away, which made Gu Ning satisfied with his sincere smile.

The second piece, Li Zhenzhen took the piece of jade, and Gu Ning naturally also had jade.

Although the block is not really big, but the variety of grades is killing Li Zhenzhen.

"My dermabrasion!" Because Gu Ning is a small piece, it is slightly larger than the average apple, and the skin is thin, so it can only be dermabrasion.

The dermabrasion did not cut quickly, so soon, Li Zhenzhen's wool was cut open, and a green color was revealed.

"Out of green"

Everyone is just a hot fire! This has just solved a piece of jade, and now it is green again.

Li Zhenzhen was very excited. He did not forget to cast a provocative look at Gu Ning. Qin Yifan’s eyes on Gu Ning were worried.

Gu Ning himself is extremely calm.

"It has risen, it has risen..."

“It’s a Chinese jade”

Li Zhenzhen broke the news of excitement. The most happy nature is Li Zhenzhen. Once again, he went to Gu Ning to provoke provocative and proud eyes.

Although it is a Chinese jade, but because the block is not small, it is worthwhile.

It’s just that Li Zhen’s smugness is still scattered. Gu Ning’s side is green, and Li’s true look is immediately frozen, and it looks very funny.

how come? how come? How can Gu Ning's wool material be green?

Li Zhenzhen couldn't accept it. He ran over and saw it. He did see the green, but he still couldn't see the variety.

Qin Yifan and Li Zhenyu were also very surprised. I don’t think that the wool from Gu Ningshun’s eyes would be green. However, Qin Yifan was relieved, and Li Zhenyu did sink his face. He naturally did not want Gu Ning to win.

Zhou Zhenghong is also very surprised, because I don’t know that Gu Ning’s wool is smooth, so after Gu Ning said that the wool has risen sharply, Zhou Zhenghong has determined that Gu Ning has real skills, so early Just looked at Gu Ning Gao a few points.

However, now it is green again, which makes him not only as simple as seeing Gu Ning, but admire.

Li Zhenzhen clenched his fists and his body was a little tight. He secretly prayed in his heart. Gu Ning only relied on leather green or low-grade jade, as long as it did not exceed her.

It’s a pity that things have gone wrong.

After Li Zhenzhen’s jadeite was solved, it was similar to the Hibiscus seed that Zhou Zhenghong had solved before.

When the emerald came out, the first reaction of the crowd was the bidding.

However, Li Zhenzhen is doing his own jewelry business, and naturally will not sell it.

So when someone just shouted, Li Qingyu stopped it: "I am sorry, everyone, this jadeite is not going to sell."

Although everyone is disappointed, but people don't sell, they can't sell it!

Therefore, everyone can only look forward to the jadeite of Gu Ning.

Since it is green, the chances of rising are big.

Li Zhenzhen was just out of jade, and the jade of Gu Ning came out. After cleaning with water, it revealed the original appearance of the jade.

The texture is fine, the transparency is high, the glass is lustrous, and the appearance of the jade body looks like glass.

"Glass species, turned out to be a glass species, and it is still the glass of the old pit." The stone-splitting master was shaking with the hand of the emerald.

It was said that everyone had taken a breath and then they were shocked.

Old pit glass, that is the best in jade! Suddenly, Li Zhenzhen’s Chinese products will be smashed into jade.

Li Zhen’s real face is so gray that he can’t believe this result.

And Gu Ning, the first reaction to do is to absorb the aura of jade.

Although there is still no solution in the last piece, Li Zhenzhen is extremely dangerous in the current situation. If she did not solve the jadeite that was higher than the old pit glass, then she would lose no doubt.

However, it is easy to solve the jadeite that is higher than the old pit glass.

Despite this, Li Zhenzhen did not give up until the last moment.

"Miss Gu, are you making this jade? I am going out of ten million."

"I am out of 15 million"

"20 million"


"Forty million"

This was what Li Qingyu shouted. When he shouted, he immediately became dissatisfied with Li Zhen: "Brother, do you want to buy her jade?"

Wen Yan, Li Qingyu's brow furrowed, his eyes were dissatisfied, and the warning tone said: "Green, don't forget, I am a businessman."

In terms of feelings, he maintains Li Zhenzhen, but it does not mean that he can ignore the family business.

Jewelry, the most lacking is the top grade jade, now it is difficult to meet, and he can give up for Li Zhenzheng emotions!

Li Zhenzhen is not reconciled, but he is helpless.

"60 million"

In the end, the price stopped when it reached 60 million, but it was almost the same.

However, the bid of 60 million is Qin Yifan.

He came to G City for the sake of jade, and now he has encountered such a top grade jade, how can it not compete?

Between Li Qingyu and the brothers, the brothers belong to the brothers, but the business is business, the price is high, and everyone is fair.

Therefore, Qin Yifan said that he bought the old glass of Gu Ning, but he had to wait for the bet to end the transfer and sign the contract.

"Miss Li, if your last piece did not solve the jade that exceeds the price of 60 million, then you will lose!" Gu Ning looked at Li Zhenzhen with a smile and said with a bit of provocation.


When Zhou Zhenghong heard this from Gu Ning, he realized that she and Li Zhenzhen were betting that Zhou Zhenghong once again admired Zhou Ning for such discouragement.

The last piece, Gu Ning took the wool with purple jade, the block is still not big, the two ordinary apples are so big, so they still use the dermabrasion.

And Li Zhenzhen, still cut.

"Z······" sounded, and Master Shijie cut a piece, and the stone skin slowly fell on the table, then revealed a large piece of green, and the green was more pure.

“It’s green, it’s green...·····”

"This is, old pit ice?"

It was another burst of excitement, and Li Zhenzhen, who did not report any hopes, was so excited that he was very excited.

The old pit ice species belongs to the jade top grade, which is second to the old pit glass, but if the head is big, then it is expected to win the Gu Ning.

Qin Yifan couldn't help but look at Gu Ning, even Zhou Zhenghong couldn't help but worry about Gu Ning, but Gu Ning still looks calm and calm, and she doesn't know if she is confident or not.

After all, Gu Ning has earned so much money, and 10 million is not able to get it out.

Gu Ning can only say that she is worried that her worry is too early, and she is too happy to be happy. This is not, even the final result has not come out yet!

(End of this chapter)

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