Chapter 57 was almost the first to be

After Gu Ning left the store, she entered another family. Fortunately, she met a top grade jade and a piece of Chinese jade.

The top grade jade has a bigger apple, while the Chinese jade is slightly larger, half the size of a football.

This top-grade jade Gu Ning does not intend to unravel now, because it solves two top-grade jadeites, and then contacts them. This does not cause sensation, so it only solves the piece of jadeite.

Finally, the Chinese jadeite was sold at a price of 8 million.

Gu Ning continued to visit, after visiting five or six stores, the hand received seven or eight pieces of top grade jade, the size is different, of course, the value is not the same. Big, football is so big, small, as small as an apple.

In addition to seven or eight pieces of top grade jade, there are five or six pieces of middle and top grade jade.

As for the next product, Gu Ning is directly ignored.

In the middle, Gu Ning solved two pieces of Chinese products, and the larger jadeite, sold for 23 million.

However, the other, Gu Ning is no longer untied, because she is afraid of solving too much, causing a sensation, she still does not want to be famous!

So far, the jadeite that Gu Ning has solved has earned a total of 86 million.

Because the grade of these wool materials is expensive and expensive, the expensive tens of thousands of pounds, the cheap ones are a few hundred pounds, so Gu Ning bought a total of three million.

But these hairs come out, and the total value is between 600 million and 700 million.

Waiting for her to collect the jade wool, and then sell a few pieces of Fu Lao and Zhao Yuefeng.

Every time Gu Ning sells wool, he puts it in a backpack. After he comes out, he directly incomes into the space of the jade, so now Gu Ning is light.

Gu Ning went into a store again. This store is obviously much larger than the ones she went to, and there are many more people, and the wool is much more.

After listening to the arguments of others, Gu Ning only knows that this store has just entered a batch of fine wool, and the green is relatively high.

Of course, if you calculate the green height, you have to look at luck!

Gu Ning directly opened the perspective and swept the wool. I really saw several pieces of green, and one of them was still red.

Two green blocks are slightly smaller than football, one is as big as two apples, and the one is red, half as big as a football.

That red one, Gu Ning is like it at first glance.

So, hurriedly took the cart and walked over.

However, just when Gu Ninggang approached, the wool with red emerald was about 30 years old, and the woman wearing fashion took the first step and let Gu Ning feel tight.

However, she also knows the rules of gambling. As long as the wool is in the period of being watched, outsiders may not **** it. After this person decides not to do it, he can.

After receiving the lessons of the first step, Gu Ning quickly took the other two pieces to his own hands, so as not to be picked up again.

Gu Ning has been staring at the piece of red jade with wool, just waiting for the woman to let go, she immediately picks up.

"Sister, this hair is not good at all, it certainly won't be green." said a young man standing next to the woman.

"What do you know! The so-called people can't be seen, the wool is also the same, the appearance is not good, it does not mean that there will be no green inside." The woman said.

Wen Yan, Gu Ning stunned a bit, this woman said this, it is also representative of this wool.

Then I heard the woman say, "However, if you really want to buy it, you still need to think clearly."

After all, the woman put the wool down, and remembered the label of the wool secretly. Although she looked at the wool, she had not made up her mind.

As soon as the woman left, Gu Ning immediately went to pick up the piece of wool, and the dark road was dangerous.

Fortunately, this woman is more cautious, not easily decided, or else, I missed this rare jadeite, this is the silver of white flowers!

Gu Ning continued to sweep the wool with a perspective, and got two pieces of jade, which are two-thirds the size of football.

These pieces of jade are not enough, but Gu Ning intends to pay the money first, find a place to put the wool into the space and then come back.

Otherwise, she will have too many things and trouble.

Because these wool materials are the finest wool that has just come in, so it is more expensive, less, 10,000 yuan a pound, more, 20,000 yuan a pound, and Gu Ning's five pieces a total of 93 pounds, add up It costs 1.5 million.

After Gu Ning went out to collect the wool into the space, he came back again and pushed the cart to continue shopping.

Soon, Gu Ning found another piece of green jade, this time the block is relatively large, as big as two footballs.

Gu Ning immediately moved to his own cart. From the gravity received, it is estimated that this piece must have fifty pounds, and this piece of wool is 20,000 yuan a pound.

In other words, this piece of wool needs about one million.

Of course, Gu Ning doesn't care about this money. She knows that there is green, that is, 10 million, she will want it.

Because of the jade inside, the value is far more than 10 million.

Although Gu Ning can feel the fog of jade, that is, the concentration of aura, knowing whether it is top grade or middle grade, but the specific price, Gu Ning is only estimated to be an approximation, specifically to see other people's bids.

"Gu Ning"

Just when Gu Ninggang put the jade into the cart, I heard someone calling her name, and the voice was very familiar, so I didn’t see anyone, I knew who it was.

Gu Ning looked away, his eyes fell on Qin Yifan, who was surprised to see himself. He smiled friendlyly: "Qin Shao, it’s so good, you also come to see the wool!"

And Qin Yifan also had Li Zhenzhen, and a young man of about twenty-seven years old, his face was quite serious.

When Li Zhenzhen saw Gu Ning, the original good-looking face suddenly sank, and the eyes flashed through hostility, and my heart hated it. How did I come across this Gu Ning!

However, Gu Ning did not care.

"Yes! This shop was opened by an old acquaintance, because I just entered a batch of fine wool, so I will let me know. So I came here to G City to see the wool here, but I can’t think of you too. Qin Yifan said, his face couldn't help but rejoicing, and he didn't know if he felt too close to Gu Ning, or because Gu Ning also gambled, making him feel like-minded.

"I am also very interested in gambling, but it is just a novice, I don't understand." Gu Ningdao.

"If you don't understand anything, you can ask me," Qin Yifan said warmly.

"Okay!" Gu Ning did not reject Qin Yifan's kindness, just asking if he didn't ask, it was another matter.

Seeing that Qin Yifan was so hot to Gu Ning, Li Zhenzhen immediately came over and said: "The surface of the jade stone has a weathered leather shell, which makes people unable to see the jade inside. So many people think that the jade gambling stone is Luck, good luck can open a good material, and if you have bad luck, you can't open it. This is actually a wrong idea."

(End of this chapter)

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