Chapter 56 is green again.

"Well, the little girl is good." Fu Lao praised, and immediately asked: "Do you want a check or transfer?"

"Transfer!" Gu Ning said, took his bank card out and gave him an old account.

“Good” Fu Lao Yingdao, immediately called to transfer money.

However, in a few minutes, Gu Ning received a text message, 30 million has already arrived, and Gu Ning gave the emerald to Fu Lao.

"This lady, do you still need to continue to solve the problem?" asked Shijie Master.

"Well, I want." Gu Ning responded, then took out the waste to understand the master.

Fu Lao, who got the emerald, was ready to leave, but once he heard that Gu Ning still had a woolen solution, he stopped and watched.

Because Gu Ning solved a piece of high-ice jade, everyone was excited about the next stone.

Although they all felt that Gu Ning could not have such good luck, they solved the jade again, but they couldn’t help but feel excited.

Undoubtedly, this piece is awkward, but everyone has not dispersed, because Gu Ning has the last piece!

Fang Cai, the two pieces she started are not embarrassing? But the third one has gone up, and no one can say that her last piece will go up!

Although, everyone thinks this is not very possible.

Because the last piece is not big, and Gu Ning knows that the skin is not thick, so he told me: "Master, this stone."

"Good" Jieshi master took over.

It takes more time to rub the stone than to cut it, but everyone is very patient.

After a while, a little green was revealed on the stone, and the stone-smelting master shouted for the first time: "It’s green, it’s green again..."

"Oh my God, this girl's luck is too bad! There are two out of five."

This time, the boss really has the urge to faint, do you really want to hit people!

Because it only reveals a small piece of green, it is impossible to judge what kind of variety.

Master Shi Jie continued to rub the stone. The more the wool was polished, the more excited the hearts of everyone!

When the epidermis has been wiped out by him, the variety of jade is already in use.

"God! No! It turned out to be a high ice."

High ice, second only to glass, is also the top jade, but it is above the glutinous rice.

This emerald crystal clear, full of water, is the old pit high ice, although the head is only one-third of the previous glutinous rice, but the price, but not much lower than that glutinous rice.

Gu Ning hastily absorbed the aura, and has already seen the aura in the space of the jade.

As long as Reiki Storage buys space, space will be expanded.

When the jade is completely solved, there is someone who can't wait to shout: "I am 20 million."

This is Fu Lao’s voice, and Fu Lao’s shouting has scared off many people. After all, there are not a few rich people here.

And the man who had not robbed Fu Lao before was anxious, and looked sad and crying: "I said Fu Lao, did you just say that there is a better waiting for me? How come out, you robbed it again! I am out of two thousand five million."

This high-altitude jadeite is indeed worth more than the glutinous rice variety, but because of the small size, the 25 million is almost the same. If the jewellery is sold, it can earn about 10 million. .

But if you call it online, you can’t make much money.

Fu Lao did not feel embarrassed at all, and he said of course: "The price is high, everyone has the power to bid!"

"You······" The man wants to cry without tears, but if Fu Lao calls again, he really can't follow.

"But it, this piece will be given to you!" Fu Lao is not a person who is not sensible, although good jade is rare, but he and Zhao Yuefeng still have a bit of friendship, there is no need to tear the face for a piece of jade.

When Zhao Yuefeng heard it, he suddenly smiled: "The younger generation will be more old."

Therefore, Zhao Yuefeng spent 25 million to buy this high ice.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning earned 55 million.

Although Gu Ning's surface is still a calm appearance, but my heart is already calm, I feel that my heartbeat can not withstand the acceleration of speed, speed up and speed up.

If it wasn't for the current situation, she thought she would scream out excitedly.

"Miss Gu, hello, I am the chairman of Furong Jewelry, called Zhao Yuefeng, this is my business card. If Miss Gu opens the top grade jade, I can buy it at a reasonable price, and please ask Miss Gu to give priority. "Zhao Yuefeng was convinced by Gu Ning. Whether it is luck or strength, it is really rare to see two high greens in five pieces of wool."

Last night, Gu Ning checked the domestic jewelry brand and its founder and family members online, so naturally knew Fu Rong jewelry.

Furong Jewelry Headquarters is not in G City, but there are stores all over the country. The total assets are also more than 2 billion. It belongs to the domestic third-line brand, and the family member Zhao Yuefeng is about forty years old.

Purchasing jade does not require Zhao Yuefeng to come in person. He only came to inspect the storefront of G City, and he just took a look at the gambling stone street.

Zhao Yuefeng and her take the initiative to make a good deal, she is too happy to have it!

Therefore, she will open the jade next time and will sell one or two pieces to Zhao Yuefeng.

Although they will be peers, their peers have always been competitive, but whoever says they can't cooperate!

Gu Ning readily took the business card and said: "Well, if I open the top grade jade, I will give priority to Mr. Zhao."

"Shantou, there are old men, you can also contact me, I will not bid less than Zhao Yuefeng." Fu Lao is not willing to show weakness, immediately took out his business card, directly into the hands of Gu Ning, made Gu Ning is a little bit smirking, but it is also delighted.

Although she did not know the identity of Fu, but he did not hesitate to bid, he knew that he was worthy.

Of course, Gu Ning is not so snobbish, fancy the other's net worth.

The other party is willing to buy her jade at a reasonable price, is her client, and is still a big customer, she has any reason to refuse it!

"Fu Lao, you are deliberate and I can't go!" For Fu Lao's move, Zhao Yuefeng felt sullen, but there was no real life, because he knew that he was not really unable to go with himself.

"Hey! Do you like the top grade jade, I don't want it!" Fu said childishly, then reminded Gu Ning: "Taro, don't forget!"

"Well, I will not forget Fu Lao." Gu Ning laughed.

Anyway, I am not only solving one or two jadeites, but selling a few pieces to Fu Lao, why not!

Get Gu Ning's answer, Fu Lao is satisfied.

Then, Gu Ning excused something, and he left.

Not long after Gu Ning left, the store solved two pieces of jadeites and was spread. Many people came here, and the business of this store has also risen.

It’s just that these people are not as lucky as Gu Ning.

(End of this chapter)

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