Chapter 55 Bidding

This little girl does not understand, or does not care at all!

"Little girl, you bought this wool for 50,000. Although the wool cut a bit of green, but who knows if it is green? You said it is? If you rely on the green skin, then you will cut it, if it is If you sell it, you can earn 50,000 if you don't sell it. If you don't sell it, you can lose it." A middle-aged man in a suit and a little fat, about 50 years old said.

In the gambling stone, if the cut wool is green, it is called a window. If you don't want to gamble at this time, you can sell it.

Of course, the person who buys is naturally gambling, because it does not mean green, it will rise.

There are a lot of wools that are green, or the jade inside is very small.

However, the wool that has been opened through the window is much more expensive than the one that has not been opened. Just like Gu Ning, this wool has spent two thousand, and this man has a price of 50,000.

After all, this is green, and the chances of having jade are quite high.

If it is green, then even if it is jade, if you have jade, you will earn less and be bigger, then you will earn more.

This man is also looking at Gu Ning's young age, and concludes that she does not understand gambling stones, so she wants to fool her and scare her.

If this piece of wool is really green, only 50,000, he can afford it.

But if it rises, then he will earn.

Although Gu Ning still doesn't know much about gambling, he knows that there is a big increase in the wool, 50,000, which is afraid that even one percent can't afford it.

"Continue to gamble, after the solution, the high price is available." Gu Ning said.

The man was disappointed but could not stop because he did not have this right.

The gambling stone master continued to cut, and after a knife went down, it showed a piece of green, and the variety has already seen it.

"Up, up. ······" The stone sorcerer exclaimed excitedly.

"The color is slightly yellowish and the texture is delicate. This is the glutinous rice." The boss also came over and was very excited.

"Little girl, I am out of 500,000, how?" The man who had called the price was unable to speak.

"I am out of 800,000"

"I am out of a million"


"I am out of two million"

When the price is 2 million, no one will call again. After all, this jade has not been fully solved, and it does not know the size of it.

Gu Ning did not stop them from bidding, just waited for them to finish shouting, and then said: "I said, I will sell it after I completely solve it."

This jade is more than two million.

Gu Ning said that, of course, he can only continue to solve the problem.

First cut off the surrounding skin and then grind it.

Half an hour later, a half-foot-sized jadeite was released.

The glutinous rice variety is the top grade in the jade, and the value is naturally high.

What's more, this piece is not small.

"I am out of five million"

"I am out of six million"

"Seven million"

"I have 10 million!" A loud voice came and jumped directly over the middle of the three million.

With the sound falling, an old man who was about seventy years old came in, and his face was ruddy!

"It turned out to be Fu Lao, I haven't seen it for a long time. How come I have time to visit here today!" Seeing the arrival, a man immediately greeted him.

"At the beginning of the month, my great-grandson was born. I must have a grandson at home, but I have been uncomfortable at home for a long time. I just took a look at it. I just couldn’t think of it. Today, let me hit the big luck and actually touched it. When someone got out of the top jade, I wanted to buy it back and get a gift for my grandson!" Fu Lao said.

Fu Lao is mainly engaged in real estate business. Of course, there are many industries involved. He is worth eight billion yuan. In the second-tier cities like G City, it is a proper third-rate.

Although the giants are divided into one or two streams, there are not many ones, two or three streams, and only ten.

It is thought that only the top ten richest people in the city's rich list will be eligible to be included in the first, second and third generations.

And Fu Lao, this rich list is in seventh place.

Of course, in addition to the rich list of the rich list, there are also invisible giants.

"It seems that Fu Lao is very confident about this jadeite jade! But I like this jade in the next, so I have to fight with Fu Lao." Another man said, he shouted: "One million one million ”

Although his worth is not comparable to Fu Lao, even if you have money, you can't shout out the price outside the value of jade!

"The gambling stone is originally the highest price, then we are more than one, 15 million." Fu Laozhen is not a fortune, and he has raised four million at once.

"16 million"

"17 million"

"18 million"


"thirty million"

Jade has already called 30 million, which is called by Fu.

However, 30 million, already almost, will not lose, but definitely can not make much.

The boss is very complicated, excited and heartbroken.


Excited because someone solved the jade in his store, which is equivalent to advertising his store, which will bring a lot of business.

But the heartache is that the 50 million that originally belonged to me is so blindly watched as someone else's. If you know that this piece of wool is going up, he will definitely unravel it.

Of course, although the boss sighs in the heart, isn’t the gambling stone this way? So when he was doing this, he had already prepared himself.

Moreover, this kind of thing is not the first time, so he still sees it very open.

The man really didn't think that Fu Lao shouted so much, so he stopped talking: "Fu old is not rich and rich, and he admits defeat."

Even if he gives him 50 million, he will hesitate.

After all, he is a businessman, and he is seeking a big profit. If he is a small profiter, he really doesn't want to waste time!

"Ha ha ha ha! Xiao Zhao! You should not be discouraged, maybe there will be better waiting for you next time!" Fu Lao sounded comfort, but it was only comfort, but he did not want to be stunned by him. .

Yes, then the small jadeite of Gu Ning is much better than the jadeite of this glutinous rice.

"Then let's borrow Fu Laoji." The man smiled bitterly. If the top grade jade is so good, then it's good.

"Who is this jade?" Fu Lao asked.

Although Gu Ning knows that this glutinous rice variety is top grade jade, although it is far less than the emperor green, it is also very valuable. Her private estimate is also about 30 million, but when I heard 30 million, it was a bit embarrassing, and some were not really feeling.

Until Fu Lao asked, Gu Ning reacted and said in a hurry, not humble, but good attitude: "Fu old, hello, this jade is mine."

Fu Lao sees each other as a little girl, and is also surprised to open his eyes, especially when the other party sells 30 million yuan of high prices, even the face does not change color, calm and calm.

At a young age, there is such a discouragement, not bad.

Under the heart, the goodwill of Gu Ning was born from the heart.

(End of this chapter)

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