Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 545: your mom? So young

Chapter 545 Your mother? So young

Tang Yunhang both hands and two suitcases, helped Gu Ning and Gu Man into the room, and then left.

Then, Gu Ning gave Gu Man the room, which was in the room opposite Gu Ning, and a study room and a second bedroom separated from Gu Ning's room.

Gu Ning deliberately cleaned up a room far from himself, for someone to come, not to be found. However, the room is also the only master bedroom, the largest, there is a separate cloakroom, but there is no big master bedroom.

At the same time as Gu Man cleaned up the room, Gu Ning also sent a positioning to Leng Shaoyu, saying: Dare to come?

At this time, Leng Shaolu is still in the hotel, is staring at the mobile phone, thinking about why Gu Ning does not contact himself.

He didn't expect to meet Gu Ning tonight, but he had to call and talk!

Of course, when I saw Gu Ning’s WeChat, Leng Shaozhen was almost alarmed and stood up from the sofa and immediately replied.

Cold and less: dare.

Gu Ning: I always think that the two of us are like stealing.

Cold and young: You can be bright and straight.

Gu Ning: Still forget, be careful my mom knows, say that you abducted her younger daughter and took the broom to sweep you out the door.

Cold Shaohao:······

Gu Ning: You have to be wronged for a while, come back later, my mother is still not sleeping.

Cold and cold: Good.

As long as you can see Gu Ning, later on, later, like stealing, stealing, love, he does not care.

Outside the villa, Cao Wenxin slammed his big red Lamborghini back to the villa. However, he saw that Gu Ning’s villa was lit with lights. Cao Wenxin sighed and wondered if he was wrong. However, she did not Wrong.

I went to class, Gu Ning, this gimmick came to the sea market and did not tell her, it was too unconscion.

Cao Wenxin quickly stopped the car, and went to the villa of Gu Ning, and he must learn this gimmick.

When I came to the gate, I rang the doorbell.

"Ningning, who will be!" Gu Man asked, wondering who would come so late!

"It is the daughter of Aunt Tang, Cao Wenxin. She lives in the villa next door. I want to see the lights on here. I know that I am coming, so I knocked on the door." Gu Ning did not have to guess, he knew that it was Cao Wenxin. It is.

Because when the car entered the yard, she heard the movement, and she only lived with Cao Wenxin, not who Cao Wenxin would be!

"Oh!" Gu Man should have a voice, with Gu Ning down the stairs.

Cao Wenxin turned out to be the daughter of Tang Yunrong. When she came to find Gu Ning, she naturally could not avoid it.

When the door opened, it was attacked by Cao Wenxin's impatience: "Well, you are a Gu Ning, and you will not say anything to me. If I didn't go back to the villa today, I still..." I don't know if you come. It!

When I hadn't finished talking, I saw Gu Man in the living room, and the sound suddenly stopped, and I was a little embarrassed.

"This is?" Cao Wenxin asked.

"This is my mother," Gu Ningdao.

"Ah! Your mother? It’s so young, it looks like it’s thirty years old!" Cao Wenxin heard the words, surprised and wide-eyed, this is not a nonsense, but really feels that Gu Man is young.

Women like to be boasted, so Gu Man was so boasted by Cao Wenxin, still very happy.

"Looking at you so young, the aunt's two words are really not called out, but you are the mother of Ningning, that is the elders, so you have to call you aunt." For the name of this, Cao Wenxin is somewhat entangled, but It’s a matter of generations, but you can’t stop calling aunt: “Auntie is good”

Cao Wenxin’s polite greetings, and the fierce attitude of Gu Ning’s question just now, is a far cry!

“Hello,” Gu Man responded politely, then greeted: “Sit”

Cao Wenxin did not sit down, but eagerly asked: "To the aunt, how do you maintain it! Tell me!"

Which woman does not love beauty! Although Cao Wenxin has always been like a boy, she is very embarrassed, but she is a woman, so she wants to be young and beautiful.

Gu Man has been running for four years. It seems that she is still around 30 years old. She also thinks that when she was 30 years old, she still looks like she is in her early 20s, so she played the secret recipe.

"I don't know this, I have to ask Ningning, it's all Ningning's credit." Gu Man smiled, she really didn't know it! She knew that Gu Ning had given her and Gu Qing some supplements, but she did not know what tonic.

"Okay! Gu Ning, there are so good secrets that I don't even tell me, I still don't treat me as a sister." Cao Wenxin heard the words and immediately told Gu Ningfa.

"Hey! I still think, waiting for my beauty products to be made, the first one for you, you are first to attack me." Gu Ning said a wounded appearance.

Cao Wenxin stunned and immediately lost a smile: "Hey, I am laughing, you will not be so stingy, give birth to me!"

Gu Ning gave her a blank eye, naturally it was not considered.

"You are sitting, I am going to pour water." Gu Man greeted, then turned and prepared to walk towards the kitchen, but was stopped by Gu Ning: "Mom, don't fall, her home is next door, she is thirsty." Go home and drink."

"You, this child, how to say it!" Gu Ning immediately screamed at the face, displeased and yelled, for her, the comer is OK, how can it be so unkind!

"Auntie, really don't need it, I only drank a big bottle, my stomach still swelled!" Although Cao Wenxin was unhappy about Gu Ning's unkindness, she did not want to drink water and stopped it.

Since Cao Wenxin said so, Gu Man would not fall, and did not bother them to chat with the two girls. They greeted them and went upstairs. The room was packed and the clothes were not packed yet!

After Gu Man left, Cao Wenxin thought that Gu Ning came and did not tell himself, then he asked the evil spirits: "When are you coming! Why don't you tell me?"

"Today, but there have been things before, just after I got home, I haven’t had time to say it!" Gu Ning was a serious and perfunctory, and listening to Cao Wenxin’s words, obviously did not know her going to Tang’s family, she did not know her and The relationship between the Tang family.

"Okay!" Cao Wenxin knew that Gu Ning was a busy man, so he also believed: "When are you going back?"

"I don't know yet!" Gu Ning said, thinking of this, Gu Ning feels that he has not taken the leave with the class teacher!

"Ah! You don't have to go to class?" Cao Wenxin was surprised, although she knew that Gu Ning was a busy man, but Gu Ning is still a student! And already a senior year, there will be a college entrance exam in a few months!

"No way, I have other things to do. I will discuss with the principal tomorrow, and I won’t go to class. I will go back to the exam when I go to the monthly and college entrance examinations." Gu Ning thinks that she is always not good at taking time. Simply wait until the college entrance examination to go to the exam, and she can do it anyway.

(End of this chapter)

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