Chapter 53 Brother 053 gambling stone

As soon as I opened it, I saw that there were thousands of pieces of information on it, which made Gu Ning could not help but be surprised.

These people are too talkative!

Gu Ning looked at it, and some of them were concerned about her going to G City. I was curious about what she was going to do in G City.

There is speculation that she is coming to visit relatives. There is speculation that she is coming to see a friend, and she is still thinking about whether she is coming to see netizens and blind date, so that Gu Ning is quite speechless.

Gu Ning: I went to the hotel and everything was safe.

Hao Ran: Wow! The boss is out.

Chu Peihan: Boss, don't forget the gift! (gift picture)

Mu Ke: Don't forget the gift! (gift picture)

Qin Zixun: Don't forget the gift! (gift picture)

Zhang Tianping: Don't forget the gift! (gift picture)

Yu Mixi: Don't forget the gift! (gift picture)

Gu Ning sees it, can't smile, don't care about the gift so much!

She hasn't thought about it yet, what gift should she bring to them?

Gu Ning: I will not forget, well, not too early, I will rest first, there will be something tomorrow!

Chu Peihan: Ok! God is mysterious, it is really more and more curious.

Hao Ran: That is, the boss should not leave us to eat spicy and spicy!

Mu Ke: Get out, do you have a little spicy drink? (Kicking dynamic)

Qin Zixun, Zhang Tianping: That is (Kicking Dynamic)

Hao Ran: You bully silver (big crying expression)

Hao Ran: The boss asks for the tiger to touch (poor expression)

Gu Ning: Get out of the game

Everyone: Hahahaha (Laughter)

Hao Ran: You, you, I am not alive.·····(hematemesis)

Gu Ning: Well, my sister is doing big things. When the opportunity is ripe, I will tell you, good night.

Yu Mixi: Ningning Goodnight.

Everyone: Good night, good old man.

After interrupting the chat, Gu Ning immediately took the book and read it.

The gambling stone is also called gambling. It means that when the jade is mined, there is a layer of weathered leather wrapped around it. It is impossible to know the quality of it. It is necessary to cut the quality of the jade.

The original stone of jade is divided into two kinds, namely mountain material and seed material. As the name suggests, the mountain material refers to the mining from the mountain. There is no outer skin, and the mining is jade, but most of the jade quality is relatively poor quality!

The seed material is the raw material of the gambling stone that people often say. The seed material is formed in the riverbed. The surface of the seed material is weathered, so the outer shell is formed. The inside is not seen. It is only by experience to judge whether the interior is internal. Emerald is formed, and these seeds are called wool or wool.

The most profitable, most tempting, but also the most risky non-gambling stone.

There is a jargon in the jewelry world: gambling is like gambling. The gambling wins, earns ten times and becomes a millionaire overnight; gambling, everything loses. Compared with gambling trade, stocks, real estate and other risky transactions are warm and dwarfed.

The sale of jade stone is the most mysterious trade in the jewelry industry. Its mystery lies in the word "gambling", so the buyer has the saying of gambling jade and gambling.

Generally only from the appearance, and can not see at a glance the true face of "Lushan." Even today, when science is bright, there is no instrument that can quickly determine whether it is "Baoyu" or "Broken" through this shell. Therefore, the risk of buying and selling is very high, and it is also very "irritating", so it is called "gambling." The gambling wins a lot of profits, so this kind of trading has been going on for a long time since ancient times.

The gambling jade jade is also divided into layers, mainly depending on the species and color.

Besides, the quality of jade, mainly depends on three points, kind, color, water head!

The species refers to the variety of jadeite, which is high in hardness.

The grades are from high to low: old pit glass, ice, hail, alfalfa, bean, oil green, hibiscus, alfalfa, gold, and so on.

The image of "planting a good ugly" shows the importance of the jadeite species.

Color refers to the color of jade, there are many colors of jade, but the best jade is mainly green and green.

The color grades are from high to low: green (imperial green, positive green, apple green), red, yellow, purple.

Because the special color of the jade production is relatively small! This color must be combined with the green and good water of the jade, and it must be less cracked in order to be worthless.

The head, the transparency, refers to the ability of the jade to pass visible light.

The higher the permeability, the higher the quality, the best jade is like glass, and the jade world calls it the glass bottom.

After understanding the gambling stone, Gu Ning went to the computer to learn about the domestic jewelry brand, history, development, fame, reputation, founder and his family.

Regardless of whether it is a second, third or third line, or not on the line, Gu Ning has seen it all over.

Because of the limited time, Gu Ning did not look at foreign brands first, because Gu Ning has not developed so fast, she wants to be strong, but she also knows that it is too late.


At seven o'clock the next day, Gu Ning got up. The first thing was to call breakfast and then wash.

After twenty minutes, breakfast arrived.

Gu Ning is not in a hurry to go out because it is too early to go, afraid that the shops are not open.

So when it was half past eight, Gu Ning called the front desk and called the car.

The speed of the other party is very fast. When Gu Ning came to the first floor, the car was already waiting.

Antiques and gambling stones are all together, so Gu Ning directly lets drivers drive to the antique market.

From the urban area to the antique market, it is not very far. In the case of no traffic jam, it will take 40 minutes.

On the way, Gu Ning took out his mobile phone and saw the ‘Heavy the Family in the Family’ group and started talking again.

However, Gu Ning did not talk to them, and took a look at the phone.

When I arrived at the antique market, it was only a little past nine, but at this time, the antique market has begun to stir up.

Gu Ning knows that he will stay in the antique market for a long time. It is impossible for the driver to wait, so that the driver can leave first. When she leaves, she will call him in advance.

Entering the antique market, Gu Ning is in a state of excitement and nervous.

The antique market in G City is much larger than the F market and there are many more items.

However, because Gu Ning's aura is thin, Gu Ning does not intend to look at antiques first, but to go to gambling stones and absorb the aura.

Antiques and gambling stones are at the two ends of the street, and follow the signs, Gu Ningchao gambling stone street.

The closer to the gambling stone street, the more the Gu Ning's heart feels hot, as if I saw a strong aura and a lot of money waiting for her.

The market for gambling stones in G City is not very big, but it is only a dozen stores. However, there are still many people.

Gu Ning walked into the first store, the shop was not big, forty square meters, and there were piles of stones big and small on the ground and on the platform.

These are the gambling stones.

These wools are brushed by the boss, stacked in equal shares, and all marked with price.

(End of this chapter)

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