Chapter 52 Li Zhenzhen

However, at present, Qin Yifan only appreciates Gu Ning. I have to know that there are really few people who can appreciate him. Therefore, he is not blaming for Gu Ning's enthusiasm!

"I am also 7:30," Gu Ning laughed.

"That's really a coincidence. Now there is still time. Come and sit down! Let's go all the way." Qin Yifan warmly invited.

Gu Ning was also not polite, and Qin Yifan went to his position.

Qin Yifan’s gentleman gave Gu Ning a chair and saw that the woman’s look sank again.

"What do you want to drink?" Qin Yifan asked.

"Coffee" Gu Ning should be.

Qin Yifan heard the words and immediately called the waiter and gave Gu Ning a cup of coffee.

"Yes, don't you introduce me?" At this time, the woman sitting on the side of the voice made a noise, and that voice was particularly familiar, as if to express this emotion.

When I heard the woman’s words, Qin Yifan reacted and immediately introduced to the woman: “This is my friend, Gu Ning.”

Then I will introduce to Gu Ning: "Gu Ning, this is my daughter of Shibo, Li Zhenzhen."

"Miss Li, hello." Although I know that Li Zhenzhen is hostile to myself, the other party has no substantive malice on himself, so Gu Ning is still polite.

"Miss Gu is good" Although Li Zhenzhen is hostile to Gu Ning, she did not show rudeness when she did not know the relationship between Qin and Fan.

Then Li Zhenzhen looked to Qin Yifan and asked in a joke: "When Ms. Gu is only seventeen or eight years old, how do you know Ms. Gu and Ms. Gu!"

"I didn't tell you at noon? I bought a quail-sized emperor green from a female student. This female student is Gu Ning." Qin Yifan said that when he mentioned this, Qin Yifan could not help but Gu Ning feels good.

"It turned out to be like this!" Wen Yan, Li Zhenzhen was surprised at the same time, his face was somewhat unsightly, because she clearly saw that Qin Yifan appreciated the appearance of the girl.

She likes Qin Yifan and also volunteered to speak more than once or twice, but Qin Yifan said that she only regarded herself as her sister.

When Qin Yifan and her were together, they always looked like a light or serious look, but when they saw this Gu Ning, they were so excited and enthusiastic, which made Li Zhenzhen envy and hate.

"To Gu Ning, what are you going to in G City?" Qin Yifan asked.

"Just just go and play," Gu Ning said.

"Where did you live there?" Qin Yifan asked with concern.

“I booked a hotel in the city centre of the Huangdeng Hotel.” Gu Ningdao.

Huangdeng Hotel is a five-star hotel in G City. It costs two thousand in one night. Although it is very expensive, Gu Ning chooses there, and naturally has its own reasons.

Because there is a special car in the hotel, it is free for customers all day.

For unfamiliar cities, Gu Ning does not want to go too far to rent a car outside, and does not want to wait for a taxi to come and go. It is most convenient to have a full-time driver to wait at any time.

Moreover, she is not bad for this now.

"Exactly, I will pass the Huangdeng Hotel in a while, or I will send you a ride!" Qin Yifan said.

"Yi Fan······" Li Zhenzhen heard the words, even more unhappy, they simply did not pass through the Huangdeng Hotel, they all took a big circle!

It’s not too late to come to G City. It’s still half an hour to go to the house. If you go to the Huangdeng Hotel, it will be a waste of twenty minutes.

Of course, what she cares about is not a waste of time, but purely for Gu Ning. If the other party is a male friend of Qin Yifan, she will not mind if she wastes an hour.

Just not waiting for Li Zhenzhen to speak, Qin Yifan immediately stopped her with a look. Li Zhenzhen saw it and was even more angry, but in order to maintain his good image, it is not good to say anything.

Gu Ning naturally sees it, but even if it is really on the way, Gu Ning does not intend to send him, so refused: "No, the hotel has a special car to pick up."

"That's okay!" If Gu Ning said that he was taking a taxi, Qin Yifan would still insist on sending her, but if the hotel's special car transfer, he would not stick to it, and can't let the hotel's car run white!

"There will be how long you will come back. If you have time, you can find me. I can take you around. Anyway, I am still idle." Qin Yifan said with enthusiasm, completely neglecting that he was going to G City this time.

Li Zhenzhen really wanted to interrupt Qin Yifan’s words, but she did not wait for her interruption. Gu Ning said: “I am going to have something, and I will be back the day after tomorrow.”

So, there is no time!

Soon, the flight they were on started boarding, and both Gu Ning and Qin Yifan were in first class, which made Li Zhenzhen feel that the whole person is not good.

Because there is Gu Ning, Qin Yifan will talk to Gu Ning and ignore himself.

Gu Ning originally wanted to book the economy class, but because the time booking was too close to the departure time, the economy class had no tickets, so the first class was booked.

The position of Qin Yifan and Gu Ning is the second row. Gu Ning relies on the aisle. The original Qin Yifan’s position is by the window, but because of Gu Ning, he changed his position with Li Zhenzhen and sat in the aisle position. Gu Ning is closer.

Li Zhen was so angry that she almost didn't come up. If she didn't pay attention to the image, she thought she was already worried.

Gu Ning did not have so many words and Qin Yifan said, especially in the face of Li Zhen really hostile, she did not want to cause misunderstanding, causing unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, after the plane took off to the sky, Gu Ning took a rest and rested.

When Qin Yifan saw it, it was not good to disturb Gu Ning.

Of course, Gu Ning is not likely to close his eyes all the way, so it seems too deliberate.

An hour later, the plane landed at the G city airport, and Gu Ning and Qin Yifan walked out of the airport and then separated.

Gu Ning found the hotel's special car, after boarding the car, went straight to the hotel.

When I arrived at the hotel, it was already 9:40. Gu Ning went through the formalities and went upstairs.

Gu Ninggang entered the elevator on the right, the elevator door on the left opened, and several men came out.

The man headed by him is cold and young.

Because of a few seconds, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoyu missed it.

But even if you see it, there is nothing. After all, they have only seen strangers twice.

It can only be said that if it is seen, it is also a fate.

After Gu Ning arrived at the room, he called Gu Man to report peace.

I was afraid that Gu Man would ask Mu Ke or Mickey to answer the phone. Gu Ning did not say a few words with Gu Man. He used excuses to read the information and hung up the phone.

However, Gu Ning really wants to see the information. The books she bought about gambling stone jade have not been read yet! Hey, now have time to look at it.

However, before looking at the information, Gu Ning first opened WeChat and sent a message to the group of ‘Heavy the family.’

(End of this chapter)

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